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Wil and Mo...Dow And Beanies and House Concerts

Aug 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I want to address the elephant in the room right off the bat.  I did NOT say the WHYTE HOUSE is a dump.  And I sure hope my wife is reading this.  The futon is not comfortable to sleep on.



I actually did have to address the story-rumor-fact-fake news that Donald Trump said the White House is a dump by writing a parody song about it for my New York folks.  Hopefully some folks are laughing at that somewhere in the country this morning.  The thought certainly occured to me that after living in Trump Towers in might be a step down in luxury...dunno for sure.  In my world...at least when I was younger growing up in Missouri... it would equate to how I would have felt if I had to go back to a single wide after living in a double wide.  THAT would have been tough.




I spent a fair amount of the day writing with my longtime Missouri friend Wil Nance at Curb yesterday on Music Row.  I brought a fun idea with me that we tore into that made both of us smile as we wrote it.  Wil is great with word play and always has a line or two that makes m grin.  All I can tell you is that "Willie" made it into the title and "hoot and holler" made it into one of the verses.


One of the great things about hanging and creating on Music Row is that you never know who you're going to bump into.  Mo Pitney stuck his head into our writing room yesterday...one of the great new "traditional" country singers who is impossible not to like.  Great kid...and he's headed to Europe for a tour in a couple of weeks he told us.  Wil has written with Mo numerous times...and certainly I'd love to as I love what Mo does a ton. 


I'll share one Wil-Mo song that was the first thing Mo Pitney ever sang on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  It brought the house down as you'll see when you listen and watch this great song the two of them wrote "Clean Up On Aisle 5".  Real country here folks.  And FYI...that's Mo's talented sister singing the "spot on" harmony with him.



The rest of the day was busy too...and late into the evening I was up pitching songs to a producer for an Australian artist...hoping they will find something that I sent them enough to put it on the record they are working on.  We'll see.  I've learned through doing this now several years that the easiest part of songwriting is the writing itself.  The hardest part is getting someone to listen and then love the song enough to record it.  Always always an adventure and a challenge.  I think that's why writers in this town celebrate even the smallest success because they've learned how hard it is to make that happen.



Who knew?  Spiders got here by floating across the danged ocean according to those who should know.  Shortly after that sales skyrocketed for footwear with heavy heels for stomping. 



Scientists are saying we close to being able to freeze our bodies and wake up in the future.  I can't make up my mind if I'd have any interest in waking up in the future.  And do they just open our package and let us thaw...or do they hit "time defrost" on some huge microwave?  Too much for my tiny mind to contemplate. I may just open the freezer tonight though and fall asleep between to bags of frozen peas and see what century I wake up in.



Believe it or not they are making a full length Barbie movie.  Anne Hathaway is one of the names mentioned for the lead role.  (I just sent in my resume to play Ken).  Now..forgive me...but my first thought was...when Anne Hathaway plays Barbie will they allow her to keep her real "headlights" or will they require a wax set for realism?  These kinds of thoughts keep me up all night folks.



Gosh...the Dow is over 22,000 now and they say it could go to 25,000 by 2018.  Are you in in the market or did you invest your fortune in Beanie Babies when your kid was little?  FYI...if you'd like one or two or three or four...reach out to me.  I'm trying to liquidate some of my portfolio.












Mike Fisher...the Captain of our Nashville Predators announced his retirement from the NHL yesterday.  He's 37 and all he has to look forward to now is getting to spend more time with his wife Carrie Underwood.  I feel badly for him...but thanks for the great hockey highlights Mike.



Some of the women golfers on the pro circuit are actually being fined for wearing attire they deem to skimpy or not appropriate for golf.  This is why when I rarely play golf...I stick to cheap public courses.  To my knowledge...no one playing in a foursome behind me has ever complained about my red Speedo that says "fore" on the butt end of it when I'm playing.  It's either that or they've just really been polite.



Apparently...Frontier Airline is getting ready to start a price war with really low fares to fly.  I'm all for it.  Of course...the bad part is you are required to bring your own seat on those flights.  I still think Lazy Boy should start an airline.



Okay...an MSN article this morning was titled "8 Good Reasons Not To Let Your Cat Sleep In Your Bed".  I didn't have to read the article.  Without reading it I'm guessing the number one reason for most guys is, "because I said so"!!



"Man Sells Fake Drugs To Police And Tells Them He's Doing God's Work".  Well...I might have believed that excuse more if he'd been out selling fake fish and loaves.  Maybe.



I'm off to write with young Jenny Tolman today who just got back from performing at the Ohio State Fair.  I'm hoping she brought back a corn dog for me.  We'll see.


Oh...I should be on WSM Radio multiple times next week.  I should have that schedule to announce here tomorrow.


Have a great Thursday!


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