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Temps...New Performance Dates and Beyonce Seats

Aug 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First hump day in August.  Here we go.



I had one writing assignment yesterday from my syndication folks in New York.  Normally I write most of their country parody songs for radio...but yesterday I was challenged to write a "fake" commercial for the all new "Drain The Swamp" temp agency the White House seems to be using right now.  Sooo...that was fun.  Considering how there's so much "fake" news...a "fake" temp agency ad did not take that long to write.  Again...somebody gotta do it.



Check out my performing calendar here on the website for new dates that have been added.  I just got my performing dates for the upcoming Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival coming up in a couple of weeks over in Gatlinburg.  It's going to be busy week that will include a group songwriting session with some writers from east Tennessee and other places who will sit down in a writing room at the historic Gatlinburg Inn where "Rocky Top" was written with me and Steve Dean a couple of times to write songs.  That happens on Wednesday and Thursday and then the music really starts all over Gatlinburg with a ton of great songwriters performing.  I'll be playing 3 times this year...once with my "Hits & Grins" trio.  Again...you can find out what venues and what time by checking out the calendar.



Also brand new on my website you'll notice under the "bookings" tab that you can find all the info you need about hosting a house concert-party-corporate gathering for you and your friends and associates.  I bring the guitar and the songs and the stories and the comedy...and you get a concert at your place.  These are very cool...and certainly I'd love to come and entertain you and your friends.  Click on "bookings" and find out more.







My gosh...everyone has a weight loss plan don't they?  Here's my new favorite.  Supposedly if you sleep 9 hours instead of six hours you can lose 1.2 inches off your waistline.  Now...THAT is my kind of workout.  Join the Nutri-Sleep program now!



Try the all new Starbucks with beef jerky sprinkled into the dark roast.  Uh huh.  I'm waiting for the Slim Jim latte' before I step up and order a Grande'.



A company in Wisconsin is installing chips into the hands of some of it's employees.  They won't have to wear a badge or sign into their work computers.  Scan the hand...you're in.  Hopefully by waving the hand at the check out line at your grocery store it will automatically tell the clerk your preference for plastic or paper.  Or...at the DMV...or check in at a Doctor's office...wave your hand and all the info they need for their 12 page document you've filled out before will become a thing of the past. 


Wonder if they can put that chip anywhere on the body you want?  Might make for some interesting sights.



I read where the first day of school has happened already for some middle Tennessee kids?  Wow.  Summer gets shorter all the time doesn't it kids?  That does explain why I saw a couple of Mom's smiling so much this morning at the coffee shop.  Put your feet up...spoil yourself a little Mom....you've earned it over the summer. 



Apparently Millennials prefer wine and weed over beer.  I know...sounds like a Bill Whyte song to me too.  I'm on it.  Wonder if college kids are playing Wine Pong on campuses now?



Hard to imagine.  Sears is closing 6,300 stores nationwide.  Wow.  I grew up with Sears.  Actually...Sears and Roebuck.  Looks like they should have never let ole Roebuck get away.  I have no idea how we'll get along without Sears Silvertone guitars where the strings are six inches off the neck.  First guitar I learned to play on.  A $19 Sears Silvertone guitar that my Mom ordered out of the catalog.  She gave up on it...but she got her money's worth when I learned to play...I think.



Justin Timberlake says of his marriage to actress Jessica Beal..."Yeah, I got married, but you still have to date each other".  That's really dead on isn't it?  I have found though after being married 34 years that when my wife and I date she tends to pay more now than when we were just boy and girlfriend.  Longevity does have it's benefits.



Well...that would apply to this headline this morning.  "Bride Arrested After Pulling A Gun Out Of Her Wedding Dress And Pointing It At The Groom".  Wow.  I guess when the preacher asked, "does anyone object"? that he was surprised by the answer he got.  I didn't read the story...I'm just happy with the headline.



I'm off to write on Music Row today with my longtime friend originally from Missouri like I am...Wil Nance.  Wil's had so many great songs of his recorded through the years including the number one song "She's Everything" by Brad Paisley.  I'm going to share one here with you that he wrote that was never a single...or a hit...but is surely a great song.  It's called "Where Have I Been All My Life" and George Strait did record it on one of his albums.  Another Missouri friend Steve Williams is also a writer on this as his my Aussie friend Sherie Austin.  Click on the link and listen...I think you'll thank me later.  Great song.  I'm hoping we get something half that good today.


Have a great Wednesday!

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