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Music Monday...Naked Songs and Sam

And hello August. 



Monday was a creative start to the week.  I wrote with a new friend Marcee Williams for the first time.  She and her husband, family and friends had me out to their beautiful home and property east of Nashville a few months ago for a house concert.  That was truly a wonderful evening of music and making new friends.  Marcee asked to write with me...and told me that she writes lyrics and poems.  So yesterday we sat down and wrote one of her ideas.  Years ago her sister...14 at the time died in a car crash and she wrote her thoughts and lines down on paper and shared it with me.  Since my mother also died in a car crash many years ago I could relate.  Hopefully Marcee is happy with the song that turned out.  I'm pretty sure that at least subletly there's some of her sister in this song and there's some of my Mom too. 



I did write one other song yesterday...quite the opposite of the serious tune I just mentioned.  My New York folks needed a parody song about that guy delaying a flight in Las Vegas on Spirit because when he got on board the plane he decided to take his clothes off.  Yea...I know.  They said put your TRAY in the upright position sir!  So...I had great fun turning the Dierks Bentley hit "Getting Drunk On A Plane" into "Getting Nude On A Plane".  Hey...it's a semi-living.



And Monday concluded with a sit down over beverages pool side.  Our "Hits & Grins" trio of Victoria Venier, Steve Dean and myself gathered at Victoria's place north of town along with our booking agent Dan Mann and charted out a course for the future that will hopefully include a lot more performing dates for the trio.  Dan runs the booking agency "Live Arts and Attractions" and when you click on the link you'll see that our trio is part of a roster that includes the likes of Steve Wariner, Mandy Barnett, Maureen McGovern and others.  So...we kicked around ideas and plans that might help generate more shows for "Hits & Grins" in the future and all of us as a team are looking forward to that.



FYI...I discovered a new fave kind of beer yesterday at our pool side meeting...for you brew drinkers.  Victoria rolled out some Leinenkugel offerings that included a Shandy-Orange that was awesome.  Now...I'm pretty much a PLAIN everything kind of eater-drinker...and I'm not one to try much of anything new for fear that I'll hate it and spit it out.  That's just me.  As I've stated here before...if I would ever open a food place it would be called "Plain".  If you want anything at all on your sandwich...you'll have to tell the clerk.  Otherwise it's coming out the window plain!


Anyway...I love the Shandy...and I see myself shopping for a six pack to put in the fridge a little later today.  Victoria got on the Leinenkugel kick I think after we did a show in upstate Ohio in the Fall a couple of years ago.  We stopped to eat...order drinks and the waiter recommended the Fall Harvest Leinenkugel that we took a chance on.  The twist the rim of the glass into a cinnamon-sugar combo and it's so good that it's become my favorite beer...all time.  It only comes out in the Fall...but the good news is...Fall is right around the corner!






So a really fun-busy-fruitful last day of July for me yesterday.



My calendar of appearances is constantly being updated on my refurbished website here at billwhytecomedy.com.  If you haven't explored the sight yet...do so...there's some new stuff.  The "Credits" page has just been tweaked...and new dates as well as deleted dates will be on the calendar later today.  Of the deleted dates...I had to take my Scotland trip off the board with my friend Brent Burns  (which I hate) because a corporate show that popped up for "Hits & Grins" that falls right in the middle of what we had planned for Scotland.  So...you won't see me standing on the tee at St. Andrews wearing a kilt laddies.  Some other time I hope.

Added to the calendar...my venues for the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival coming up in mid August.  There's one "Hits & Grins" date and then I'll have two other shows with other writers as well as a two day write for the Festival with my buddy Steve Dean and a host of east Tennessee writers who will join us as part of a "group write" that the Festival provides every year for new writers who are learning the craft.  So check the calendar.


And...look for a page on the website soon about House Concerts and how you can bring me to your place for an evening of original music for you and your friends. 



The actor-playwright passed away at 73.  I had no idea the amount of plays that Sam Shepard wrote.  And he won a Pulitzer for his writing.  I love Sam Sheppard on screen...but when his name comes up...the first and only image I see is of him playing Chuck Yeager in the film "All The Right Stuff" that I've seen at least a dozen times.  RIP Sam and thanks for the wonderful iconic image you cast on screen.







Is it ironic that we've hit the first of August...when the worst heat hits...and football camps open up?  Yikes.  Buy stock in Gatorade and smelling salts folks.



And this figure makes you shake your head for sure.  It looks like we'll have a record amount of hot car deaths this year.  The average is around 37 per year.  Despite all the warnings and education...parents leave their kids and pets for hours in a locked up cars in the heat.  You can only file that under things we'll never ever understand.



Well look what's having a surge of interest.  Board games.  Not the ones you play on your phone or computer.  The kind where people sit down and play.  Sales are up for Monopoly, Sorry, Risk, Clue, Life...the old classics by 21%.  And in some places where folks move their game pieces they may be listening to music from a vinyl record spinning on a turntable.  Maybe.  Some bars are catering to it.  There's one in Burbank called Story Tavern that packs people in to play those old games.  Kind of refreshing really.  Now...I don't know if folks are sitting around the game table wearing hot pants or Men's Club jackets or not...but it's still kind of cool.  Everything old is new again.



A Senior can get a yearly State Park pass for just $10.  One of the great bargains in the USA.  A lot of Seniors are rushing to their nearest State Parks to re-up their yearly because they are going to raise that fee from $10 to $80 by the end of the month!  Pretty healthy jump.  I can see more Seniors making less visits or none an sitting down to play Monopoly instead.



If you've been on a plane lately and flew economy like the rest of us...you'll wonder if it's your imagination or...are the seats smaller?  It's not your imagination.  And the FAA is getting involved.  Weird deal there.  As a country we're fat...so to help with that the airlines shrink the seat sizes.  That makes sense right?  I flew middle seat on a couple of legs to San Diego last week.  You get too familiar with the folks sitting on either side of you.  Larger seats would be a very very good thing.



If you take a fork to a gun battle...you will lose.  Take it to the bank.  Guy gets mad...tries to stab another guy with his cutlery.  The other guy reached for his Glock on a nearby table.  That fight ended in the first round.  And some poor guy at the dinner table had to request a new fork.



It's a list of catch up things today as I have no major out of the house appointments.  It's funny how your busiest days can be the one's where you have nothing big on your calendar. 


Have a great Tuesday!


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