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Puckett's...The Pentagon and Snake On My Face

Feels a tad like Fall this morning on the last day of July...and nobody is complaining here bout that.



Friday night I played a show at the Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant location in Murfreesboro, TN with my "Hits & Grins" trio that includes Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  It had been a few weeks since we've played a show so it was certainly fun getting to make music together again.  I think I enjoy playing music more these days than I ever have before.  I usually get to hang on stage with some other really talented folks and that's always a treat...and I really enjoy trying out original songs on audiences. 

When you play here in Music City...it usually means you are playing to lots of tourists...folks who are in town vacationing and enjoying our lifeblood here...country music.  Directly in front of me there were two couples who I could tell were really into the music.  When the show finished...I stepped off stage and said hello and thanked them for buying our CD's.  One of the gentlemen I found out was in the Pentagon on 9/11.  His wife brought that up after hearing me talk about being on the radio the day those planes obliterated our towers.  You can imagine how interesting that conversation was.  This guy was quiet...like a lot of men and women in the service I've talked to through the years.  His wife was the talkative one. But the man told me quietly he was just doing his job that day...and walked out of the building with soot and dust all over himself.  And if that were not enough...I then find out their son was sound asleep at Virginia Tech the day that massacre happened.  I've got no words.  How lucky are they?  Both the Dad and the son were okay...both in the middle to two different American tragedies.  Thank you for your service sir...it was a pleasure to visit with you Friday night for sure. 



Hard to miss the news that we are getting ready to have a total eclipse in August.  There's a story every day...and folks are finding ways to cash in.  Clarksville TN....home of Fort Campbell where my daughter's fiancee' is...will be one of the primo locations they say for witnessing the event.  Folks up there are renting their homes for viewing parties.  $500 bucks buys you a couch in one person's home near the big windows.  Don't know if that ticket price allows you to raid the fridge or not.  I think I might open my door..(maybe)...take a quick peek and exclaim, "man...it's really dark out tonight".



Hard to believe that Harry Potter is now 37 years old!  Seems like yesterday when my daughter went crazy over Harry.  Yes...we have all th books.  Yes...we've seen all the movies.  Yes...my wife and I recently went to Harry Potter land at Universal Studios in Orlando and had the Butterbeer.  For the record...that drink in the park?  Don't miss it.  Delish.  If you go...do ride the Hogswart train...my favorite part of it.



While sales of Harry Potter merchandise is still up...Barbie is fading.  Sales of Barbie dolls are down.  Don't know why.  Barbie has apparently lost some of her appeal after all of these years.  I think some are still upset that she divorced Ken and got his car and the Barbie house.  And I'm pretty sure Barbie spent some of that money on plastic surgery.



Paul McCartney has a new album on the way.  One of the tracks may be something that pokes a bit about our President.  Sir Paul is apparently not a big fan.  Happens.  Like him, tolerate him, or despise him, Trump has been an EASY target for comedy.  Most President's are because they are familiar to everyone and you never have to set up a joke...folks get it.  They don't always like or agree with the sentiment of the joke...or in Paul's case this song...but they get it quickly.   Donald Trump has more money than he'll ever be able to spend...but imagine how much richer he would be if every person who wrote a joke or used him in a sketch on TV, films, music...had to pay a royalty for that...for using his name in a commercial way?  And if they do impose that kind of royalty...I surely hope a lot of you will start poking fun of me too.



Yep...Shania Twain...with a new song and a new VIDEO.  The song takes a little poke at her ex-husband Mutt who left her for the help.  Shania has re-married and the song has a positive take..."Life's About To Get Good".  Check it out.  Will the new music do well in 2017?  Will she be able to sell out concerts like Garth has done since his return?  Stay tuned.



Police arrested a teen for stealing some chicken and biscuits.  Can't wait to hear the judge ask what the crime is.  "Your honor...he stole a biscuit."  If I'm in the court room for that...I'll be tossed out for snickering. 



A naked passenger delayed a flight in Las Vegas.  Uh huh.  Pretty sure they still want you to put your clothes on before you board the plane.  My daughter flies for American.  She should write a book about some of the things she's observed from human beings on her flights.  Every time I hear one I'm amazed the book will not be fiction.



Two really really weird headlines over the weekend and I don't know which is weirder.  You decide.


Weird headline #1.  "Teenager accepts dare to put a hammer in his mouth and it gets stuck".  (guessing it's the same kid who stuck his tongue to the frozen pole in that Christmas movie". 


Weird headline #2.  "Woman calls 911 to report a snake is stuck to her face."  Of COURSE the snake is her pet.  Warm cuddly poisonous pets.  Don't know why so many other people want a dog or cat when you can adopt a viper.



Full last day of July.  Off to write on Music Row today with Arkansas native Marcilee Morgan.  Her Dad runs a dinner theater I've played at a couple of times in Hot Springs...and through his connection...Marcilee and I have become friends.  It's been quite awhile since I've seen her...so I'm looking forward to writing and catching up today.


Then I have a little "Hits & Grins" business meeting that will pretty much fill up the rest of my Monday.


Have a great Monday yourself!

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