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Road Trip...Old Friends...Mustard Beer

Jul 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and the bags and guitar are packed an in the hallway for a Georgia trip that ends with a show tomorrow night.



I gathered for a bit with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  Lang helped me record a little short funny weather forecast to be used on a morning show segment on Radio Trop Rock to help another friend Eric Babin out. Eric and his wife Gina own Radio Trop Rock that you can listen to online…all beach music all the time.


With that done in short order we had a chance to visit, catch up and talk about our trip to Georgia today for a class and show tomorrow in Toccoa.  And we did radio interview with a station down there to promote the show.  Connie Gaines interviewed us on WNEG Radio and did a great job.  She’s been on the air there forever and rightfully so as her Father launched that radio station a long long time ago.  We appreciated here time.  Thanks for helping us promote the show Connie!


And yet another friend was staying at Lang and Linda’s…Jana Peterson who lives in Wisconsin and back in my radio days there Jana did some fill in work and we shared some studio time together.  She conducts a large music program for a large church up there and these days all of their services are virtual and online only.  It was interesting to hear her talk about how they do that.  How their congregation can come by in a little drive thru and pick up communion and then save it for the communion service they see on their computers. 


And here’s the connection for all of us.  Jana took Linda Davis place at the Sheraton piano bar in Nashville many years ago as Linda was leaving to do bigger things. So, they became fast friends and I found out about that when Jana worked with me on the radio. And then several years after that Lang and Linda and myself became family and started playing shows as “Evening In The Round”. Weird how the world works sometimes.  Really great seeing her yesterday too.



Then last night I watched my Reds hang on to beat the Cubs in Cincinnati but saw a very weird thing happen.  The Reds had the bases loaded and one of our guys hit into what the 3rd base umpire called a triple play. If you watch the VIDEO you’ll see the ball hit the dirt first.  The ump had forgotten to get Lasik  and missed the call.  Okay…cool…challenge the play and go to the replay in NYC right?  Nope.  Baseball will not allow a play on the infield to be challenged…just the outfield.  What?  Can’t imagine the uproar if this would happen in a close game or a playoff or World Series game.  I see a rule change in the future.  Weird.



Fauci is now warning 4 states to get their Covid act together before it gets worse. And of course, Tennessee would be one of those four.  I think I’ve finally figured out why the South in general has been so slow in adapting to masks.  It’s hard to eat a biscuit with one on.


In New York City folks hailing a cab?  Down 75%.  They’re in trouble.  Meanwhile Lyft and Uber have seen an increase in business.  I’ve not yet done Lyft or Uber.  I have taken a NYC cab a time or two.  It’s not a warm and fuzzy experience. And a lot of the time you need a translation app to understand what the drive is saying.  I get why folks are shifting away from that.


And yes…the virus is killing the entertainment industry.  Yesterday CAA which is the largest booking agency and all things entertainment furloughed 275 employees and let go 90 of their agents and Executives.  Ain’t nobody booking big music shows right now.


With that note I got word that our big tour for “Hits & Grins” starting in October is in jeopardy too.  Some theaters are canceling, and I would not be surprised if most if not all of our tour will be scrubbed.  Sigh.  But it means we would get to stay off planes wearing masks.  Stay tuned.



Scientists are suggesting the universe is 1.2 billion years younger than they thought it was. It was 13.8 billion years old.  Look how much younger it looks at 12.8 billion!  All that exercise and diet payed off.



Actor Sam Rockwell will play Merle Haggard in an upcoming biopic.  Merle’s 5th wife helped write the screen play and there’s lots to draw from.  From hopping freight trains, to being in jail and then becoming an iconic country star.  Rockwell will reportedly do his own singing which should be interesting.



And in other Country Music news Garth wants his name removed from consideration for “Entertainer of the Year”.  He feels others deserve to win it more.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen that.  Of course, Garth has a rack full of those trophies so it’s kind of cool what he’s doing. 



It is hurricane season as Jimmy Buffett once sang about trying to reason with. One rich dude in Miami had enough money to build a mansion that can withstand 275 mph winds!  It one ever came ashore with 200 mph winds the guy would have an impressive view as all the other houses would be gone.  Some of the folks who live in tornado alley might take note.



Kodak decided to get into the pharmaceutical business at the right time.  They got a lot of money from the government to do something other than print our pictures. The CEO of Kodak made over 200 million dollars in just two days from his stock.  Me?  I invested in the entertainment industry. My stocks have not done quite as well.



French’s has rolled out Mustard Beer?  Seriously.  So now one can just drink a bottle of that along with eating a hot dog…and they can leave the hot dog plain if they’d like. Yuk.  Still waiting on the Mac & Cheese beer myself.


And…don’t you really really want a “Back To The Future” Chia Pet?  You know you do.



We hit the road for Toccoa, GA this afternoon for our show tomorrow night at the Ritz Theatre. I have a master list of things to pack for road trips that hasn’t changed a lot through the past couple of years.  But today I will pack stuff I’ve never packed before.  Lysol wipes, gloves, mask, disinfectant.  Tomorrow’s blog coming from Toccoa. 


Have a great Thursday!

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