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CD Party...Songwriter Round...Emceeing An Awards Show

Jul 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last couple of days of July are on us.  Start of another week.



My wife and I went out to the City Winery to root on our friend Victoria Venier who is one third of my “Hits & Grins” trio…and Steve Dean…also a member went along with us.  Victoria is also part of a dynamic duo called “TnT” and they had a CD showcase last night and rocked the place a huge band.  Three piece horn section…4 background singers and more.  Huge sound.  And the song “In Memphis” that I co-wrote with Steve and Victoria that’s on their first album produced by the legendary Desmond Child was truly incredible to listen to with that massive sound that came off the stage.  Thank you Victoria and Tabitha for just slaying that last night.  What fun.



Saturday night I had a very fun songwriters round with my co-writing friend Amanda Williams and Keesy Timmer.  Amanda has built a very cool venue out on the west side of town…small and intimate and the three of us had a blast playing for a group of very nice folks. 


I had not seen Keesy in a while and he had the greatest story to tell me.  He was playing a songwriters round recently at the Listening Room and at one point he did a song about heartbreak and breaking up with your girl.  Some young man let out a shout.  So when the show was over Keesy bumped into him and asked the guy who was from Philadelphia visiting Nashville for the first time about what he had done since he came into Music City.  The young man said, “Well last night I went to a Sounds baseball game and met a guy named Bill Whyte”.  Keesy about flipped.  I had met that young man…a nurse who was a big baseball fan.  When he asked where he should go in town to hear music I suggested “The Listening Room” not knowing Keesy was going to be there.


And the real kicker is that Keesy told the young guy about his breakup that there were lots of girls in Nashville and that maybe he should just go “Ugly Early Tonight” totally forgetting I was a writer on that song.


It made for a very very fun moment on stage last night that made me and the audience laugh.  Great evening.




I heard from my parody song pal Cledus T. Judd who’s back doing what he does best…recording parody songs and making people laugh.  His current single is “Up Down” a parody of the Florida Georgia Line hit.  In this version Cledus jokes about the yo yo of weight…up and down…and he can relate.  Cledus has been on hiatus for a while so it’s good to see him back.  The two of us have been beating up an idea for a golf song parody.  Can’t say a lot about it now…but I’m happy to be beating up ideas with a funny guy.



Man…you can put cheese in everything it seems.  Someone in China has made cheese tea a thing. Tea, cream cheese with condensed milk.  Folks line up for in China and it’s coming to the US.  Hopefully they’ll avoid a spinoff of chees curd tea.  Don’t wanna see that floating in my drink.



Buying for women…finding something they really like?  Tough work.  I saw an article this weekend listing 67 gifts she’s GUARANTEED to love.  A lot of it is predictable.  Watches, perfume, bathrobes etc.  One on the list was a Fitbit.  Really.  I’m thinking if I get my wife a fitbit or piece of exercise equipment…I may need to build a doghouse at back. 


Dear baby…I love you…now put this on your wrist and go get some exercise for crying out loud.  Uh…no.  I think I’ll stick with flowers and a card.



After Facebook had a huge drop on the stock market…Twitter has a significant loss too.  They said they would explain it to us on Twitter but they don’t allow enough characters for an explanation.  So there’s that.



Betty White just turned 96.  And what did she say about being 96?  “I have no plans to retire”.  Good for her.  She still makes me laugh.



Target has already released it’s Halloween collection.  That’s how big a holiday Halloween is I guess. I’ve never gotten that.  Not a big Halloween guy.  In fact, I’d rather celebrate Arbor Day as opposed to Halloween.  Just not my thing but man it’s a huge business with lots of fan.


The only Halloween decoration I ever put up?  I set a can of Pumpkin Pie Filling with drawn on smiley face and a candle on top of the lid outside my front door step.  Must work…I see very few kids at the door with bags on Halloween night.



Supposedly…water beds may make a comeback.  Where did they go?  For about $2,000 you can purchase the new Afloat which has apparently redesigned the old water bed look.  I dunno.  I owned a waterbed once…true.  I always had to take Dramamine before trying to go to sleep on the dang thing.


It just doesn’t seem right to sleep on something that requires a water hose.



“Man In Canada Changes Gender To Save $1,000 On Car Insurance”.  It cost less for that if you’re a woman I suppose in Alberta where this guy lives.  Man…that Flo can be pretty persuasive.



I’m putting on yet another hat as I’m going downtown to emcee the Greater Nashville Hospitality Association’s Stars Of The Industry Awards.  They needed a guy with a radio voice I guess…so I’m off to be their guy for noontime luncheon and awards presentation downtown today. 


It should be fun getting to know some really hospitable folks who love Music City.


Have great Monday!






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