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Rockin' The Studio...Spend Your Coins...Roadtrip Tomorrow

Jul 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man…we’re running out of July.  Wednesday morning…last hump day of the month.



I was in studio with Wil Nance laying down a song that I wrote with Wil and Brian WhiteIlya Toshinsky was our session leader who put together an incredible bunch of young musicians to play on our “rockin’” song…and I do mean rockin’.  Ilya was the guitar player-banjo and more player for a young Russian group called Bering Strait.  Really talented group that had a couple of small chart hits back around 2003.  So, first time I’ve been in studio with a Russian player for sure.  We could not have been happier with the outcome and a large part of that happiness comes from IIya and him really getting the song and then getting the best out of the players.  The song was then sent by e-mail to my friend Brady Seals who can open the file on his computer and sing the lead vocal over those tracks we produced.  This song is not the Shakespeare of lyrical content but it is timely and it’s a head bobbin’ thumper of a rockin’ song that all of us have high hopes for.  We’ll see what happens with it soon.  Man, it was truly fun to hear this song go down yesterday.



Some good news as a potential vaccine is in phase three of the trial run from the company Moderna.


At the same time there are signs showing that the virus may be slowing in Arizona, Texas and Florida. So double good news.


On the bad news front on study is suggesting that three quarters of those who contract the virus could have heart problems later.  Another sign I guess that we still have lots to learn about Covid-19.


And on the economic front McDonald’s will probably close some stores and their stock is down while Remington is declaring bankruptcy for a second time. You’d think folks would still be eating and shooting.  Maybe they are…but not as much.



New studies suggest that getting a flu and pneumonia shot may reduce the risk of one getting Alzheimer’s disease.  Wouldn’t that be a great thing?  It would be so nice to see that disease go away completely.



“Ecuador Navy On Alert As 260-Strong Chinese Fleet Nears Galapagos Island.  Wait, Ecuador has a Navy?



Taco Bell is now giving free food for those paying in coins.  A Chik fil A in Huntsville, Alabama recently gave away a free sandwich and $10 in CASH for any customer who brought in a Ten Dollar sleeve worth of coins.



The Emmy nominations came out yesterday. With the proliferation of cable, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney and more I find that I’ve seen fewer and fewer of the nominated shows.  For Best Reality Show?  I’ve seen one…”The Voice”.


Variety Talk series?  Not one have I seen.


For Comedy series…for the 8 nominated I’ve seen two.  “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Prime.


Drama Series?  One of 8…and that’s “The Mandalorian” on Prime.


Less and less regular network nominations. By far Netflix received the most nominations.  The time they are a changing.  You were right Mr. Dylan.



That shows big star Blake Shelton looks to be pretty danged happy with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani…and she with him.  If you don’t believe me what this video of their new single "Happy Anywhere".



That NASA balloon that’s a floating observatory that will go high enough to observe space is the size of a football field.  Now that’s a big balloon.  Wouldn’t ya love to go up in that bad boy?  Okay…I would.  I’ve flown on hot air balloons on three different occasions.  Man what a cool peaceful ride that is.  I’ve skipped water in a basket once.  I’ve broadcast “live” from one many years ago flying over the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. I’ve been inside the big ole Burger King hot air balloon watching the Captain blow hot air into the Whopper overhead.  If you’re not afraid of heights I would SO recommend doing this once.


FYI…NASA is 62 years old today.



Speaking of flying…and jumping. A guy jumps out of a plane (yes he had a parachute) and he was a double amputee.  When he jumped out the door one of his prosthetic legs fell off…gone.  Several days later in Vermont a farmer is walking in his soybean field and finds guess what?  Uh huh.  And he got the leg back to its rightful owner who was very happy to see it.  Good to hear.


I signed a soldier’s prosthetic leg once in Pensacola as Lisa Shaffer, Steve Dean and myself were playing at a military event where Moms were filling up boxes with goodies to send to their sons in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our “Hits & Grins” trio was asked to play music for them, and we were honored to do so.  When we finished the organizer introduced us to a solider in the back who had lost a leg in the war.  He took it off and ask the three of us to sign it.  Wow.  Still the weirdest honor I’ve ever had.  Thank you for service young man.  A hero in our books.



Someone just sold a Rembrandt self-portrait at auction in London.  The painting is only 46 inches. It sold for 18.7 MILLION dollars.  How much is that per square inch?  Wonder what my Elvis on velvet would go for right now?



Lots of folks hitting the lakes and ocean during this quarantine.  How bout renting a Party Pod?  Take a look.  It floats…you can party…and it sails with solar energy.  Folks can invent the dangdest things to help us carry on with the party. 



That Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson auditioned for the part of Willie Wonka in the movie?  Johnny Depp got the part instead.  Had Dwayne gotten the part I’m sure the script writers would have added a line, “Can ya smell what the Wonka is cooking”?  Right?



Weird times for sports.  I have no idea if baseball will make a full season as Covid has stopped the Marlins from playing.  Turns out some of the Marlin players went out on the town when they were in Atlanta.  And there ya go.


This PICTURE says a lot about the game.  The Philly Phanatic sitting all alone in the stands with no fans to interact with.  So weird. 


Meanwhile those who love Dodger dogs and the garlic fries that they sell at the games in LA can now have them delivered.  Ain’t none being sold in the park right now.  I’ve been to Dodger Stadium and tried the “famous” Dodger dog.  Didn’t do a thing for me.  I’ve seen a lot of parks and always have a hot dog when I go to one.  Best hot dog I’ve had?  The ones at old Texas Stadium in Arlington.  So good.  Before that?  I still remember the taste of the first grilled hot dog I ever ate as a Cub Scout at a Cardinal-Pirates game my Dad took me and brothers too at old Sportsman Park.  Stan Musial played that day…that tells ya how long ago that was.


Outside of those? My absolute favorite would be the Skyline Cheese Coney’s at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.  Desert on a bun.



Where SIX New England Patriots have opted out of playing for the team this year because of Covid fear.  And they’ve already lost Tom Brady.  Could be a very weird NFL season…if they play.



I’ve got a little voice over recording session this morning which won’t take long and then it’s time to change guitar strings and start pre-packing for a show in Toccoa, Georgia with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. “Our Evening In The Round” show will teach a class on Friday afternoon for aspiring local singers and or songwriters and then we’ll play a show at the historic Ritz Theatre.  It’s a first show for all three of us since March and the outbreak of the pandemic.  The theatre is selling every other row of seats, masking up and taking all the pre-cautions.  We’ll be doing the same obviously. And though I’m looking forward to playing “live” with my friends I’m packing Lysol and disinfectants, hand sanitizer and a couple of masks. Folks are obviously ready for “live” music as are we…we just want it to be “safe” music.


Have a great Wednesday!










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