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Drone Spray...Museums...Chicken Crocs

Jul 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man…we’re running out of July.  Tuesday morning…last one in the month.



I wrote online with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti which is always fun.  And this time Lauren brought the fun idea we wrote together. Shawn Camp, Lauren’s fiancé’ poked his head into the write a couple of times.  Wil told him how much he loved Blake Shelton’s cut on his song “Nobody But Me”.  Blake cut the song early in his career…back in his mullet days and did a great job with it.  But I’ll take Shawn’s version myself.  Here’s the songwriter version…compare yourself.  It was fun to see all of them yesterday.



I do want to say a belated “Happy Birthday” to my younger brother up in PA Gary Whyte who celebrated still being one year younger than me.  My brother is a retired Air Force Vet and he and his wife Kay are living a pretty good quarantined retirement life out in the Pennsylvania countryside. Happy Birthday bro.



Some good news as a potential vaccine is in phase three of the trial run from the company Moderna.


At the same time there are signs showing that the virus may be slowing in Arizona, Texas and Florida. So double good news.


Planet Fitness will now require you to sweat with a mask on.  That’s okay.  I don’t want other folks to recognize the out of shape guy doing two crunches next to them.


Target joins Wal Mart by declaring they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day too.  Gonna have to write that song, “Black Fridays Matter”….gotta.


The Texas Rangers have opened a brand-new ballpark this year.  They are disinfecting it with drones.  Yep.  Fly over…spray.  I’d like to equip a drone with a loudspeaker so that I can fly it over my Cincinnati Reds team right now so they can hear me scream, “Start hitting”!



They too are hurting.  Pandemic, and nobody wants to pony up dollars to walk in and look at paintings or sculptures.  Word is that over a third of all museums will close and never return when the pandemic ends.  Gonna be some real fancy yard sales in the future.


I’m not much of an art museum guy admittedly.  Now, when we toured Italy…that was a different story. The Vatican, Michelangelo’s ceiling, and the huge sculpture of David?  Pretty incredible. Outside of that though…not so much.


The museums I would visit or have visited more than once are usually no art related.  Off the top of my head some of my faves would be:


The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. 

House on the Rock in Wisconsin. (Hard to explain but so cool)

Any Air and Space Museum

The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis (if you have kids)


On my list of museums, I do want to see is the World War II museum in New Orleans that I hear is great. In fact it's the number one attraction in New Orleans.   And did you know that there is a World War 1 Museum?  Yep.  It’s in Kansas City.  Who knew?



The US Mint is now saying to please, “spend your coins”!  They need our nickels and dimes and pennies.  Grandma ya need to stop hoarding.  Go drop some in casino slot machine.


And meanwhile Gold is surging again…record highs.  Gonna be some gold tooth removal going on soon if this keeps up.


And maybe some folks will start selling their collectibles they’ve held onto. I know I wish I had my old box of baseball cards I had when I was a kid. The hot new baseball card right now is of Dr. Fauci throwing out that first pitch the other day.  Topps issued 51,512 in the first release…a record for them.  Those who nabbed one?  Put that bad boy away for several years.  Your kids should be able to cash that in later…big time.



Demi Lovato’s engagement ring that she’s sporting is worth $2 million.  Hopefully she took out an insurance policy on her finger with Lloyd’s of London.


How did I miss this.  It was bodypainting day in NYC July 24…and I’m just now hearing about it. And I was so going to do that.  I was going to request the artist paint my entire body to look like a mask.



New studies suggest that getting a flu and pneumonia shot may reduce the risk of one getting Alzheimer’s disease.  Wouldn’t that be a great thing?  It would be so nice to see that disease go away completely.



Tomorrow at Crocs.com you can buy a pair of KFC scented crocs.  Yes…the shoes…the plastic shoes.  Your feet will smell finger lickin’ good.  Some things you just can’t make up.



I’m online writing today with Brent Baxter in Missouri and my buddy Nathan Woodard here in Nashville.  Brent has had some luck with Alan Jackson as Alan cut his song “Monday Morning Church” several years ago that Brent wrote with Erin Enderlin.  And apparently Alan Jackson is looking for songs again.  So, guess what our theme will be today?  Uh huh. 


Have a great Wednesday!



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