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Cowboy Jazz...My New Workout Program and Show Tonight In Murfreesboro

Jul 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well...some rain moved through which means it's going to feel about 10 degrees cooler today as we head into the weekend.  After the sauna we've been in...it will be a welcome relief for sure.



I had a great day on Music Row that started with a songwriting session with my friend Paul Bogart who I've blogged about quite a bit.  Paul's new album out in a few months now is titled "Leather" and I have three song on this that I wrote with Paul...and one of the three "All That Cowboy Jazz" we co-wrote with our talented friend and player of all stringed instruments Zach Runquist.  Paul has been out west touring with his band...and was anxious to give me some cool news yesterday...in fact a couple of pieces of good news.





First...they are turning "All That Cowboy Jazz" into a video that will be shot in Paul's home state of Oklahoma next weekend!  Very cool.  Cool enough that I would fly out and be part of it except I have prior traveling commitment next weekend.  I can't wait to see the end result of their filming of our song which is all about the cowboy way of life that Mr. Bogart lives.


And the second piece of good news he gave me was that his management team thinks the song we wrote "Buckaroo Lullabye" which was a last second add to this project should be turned into a children's book of some kind and they are kicking the tires hard on that idea too.  This song was inspired from Paul and his lovely wife singing to their young Buckaroo every night in bed.  I was grateful that Paul shared his idea with me one day...and read about a verse and a half that he had and I  knew right away I wanted to be a part of this thought and song.  Cowboy life or not...I think all parents can relate to this tune.


I always love hanging and creating with Paul who's become a good friend.  And when he passes out news like he did yesterday...I think I like him even more.



Finishing up Paul...I moved down the street a few blocks on Music Row at a publishing company that my "Hits & Grins" teammate Victoria Venier writes for.  The third part of our trio Steve Dean met us there and we filmed...in one take...our version of our song "Willin" that I wrote with Steve for a friend of ours in Little Rock who's getting married.  They are using the footage for their big day as the couple love this song about looking for someone who's not perfect...but willin'.  Wilin' to love each other for the rest of their lives.  I did say on camera that I was a LITTLE disappointed that they had not requested "Goin' Ugly Early".  Congrats to Jim and Susan!



Michael Johnson's name came up a couple of times in my day yesterday.  In fact...my friend Paul Bogart who I just mentioned?  When he first came to Nashville somehow Michael became aware of young Paul...and took Paul out to open about 10 sows on tour wih him. Michael passed away and was a great musician-singer-writer that a lot of the country may not know or remember.  But man...he was great.  "Bluer Than Blue" might be his most recognizable radio hit...but I love this SONG too.  Really sorry to hear of his passing. 



Yeah...I know.  I need to workout more often.  I'm not unlike millions of other who seem to start, stop, start, stop with different lose weight exercise deals.  I like to walk...but right now it's too hot to walk outdoors.  That may change because I just read where one of the new hot workout programs is the Britney Spears Bikini Workout program.  Pretty sure that's the one that will do the trick for me!



There's a guy in Munich, Germany who hates dealing with work traffic every day so bad that he now swims to work.  I guess the river takes him where he needs to be...and there are never any delays, construction work, wrecks or potholes along the way.  So it's 2 kilometers to work...2 kilometers back.  I have no idea if they make a water proof three piece suit and tie or not.  Different kind of traffic report he's listening too for sure.  "There's a log floating at the 1 mile marker this morning to be aware of...otherwise all clear".



You would think that we've been here on the planet now long enough to have discovered all there is to know about dinosaurs...but...not so.  They found a new one that they describe as an ostrich gone bad kinda dude.  It's something they call a "Corythoraptor Jacobi".  They dug it up somewhere in China...the country that really did build a wall.  If I were in charge of archaelogy, and science and specifically naming species of animals...they would have names like Al, or Susan, or Goober.  Something we could remember.  And a "Goober" would not be nearly as frightening as T-Rex.  Just saying.



For awhile yesterday...Jeff Bezos of Amazon supplanted Bill Gates as the richest human being on the planet.  But then the stock dropped a bit and Bill Gates went back to #1 richest.  My big idea for getting wealthy by buying a powerball ticket once every five years has not been nearly a good a plan as the plans Gates and Bezos made.  All I have to do is win the powerball about 100 consecutive weeks in a row and I'll be halfway to their status.  It could happen...right?



That' because of an interview she just did when a reporter goaded her about her political views and why she would not talk politics.  Miranda shot back her reasoning pretty quickly with, "because I'm a country singer damn it'.  Wonder if the Dixie Chicks who are from Texas like Miranda is read the interview?



So...everyone has stuff they want to do in their lives.  Late in life we start calling the things we have not done a "bucket list".  One couple has been to EVERY Cracker Barrel in the country (hundreds of them) except one.  They will click off the last one in Tullatin, Oregon soon.  Wow.  Hundreds and hundreds of meals at Cracker Barrel...and I'd bet the ranch they STILL can't beat that golf tee game.





I'm playing at the Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant in Murfreesboro at 8:30 pm with "Hit's & Grins".  It's been a few weeks since our trio has played so all three of us are looking forward to making music together tonight.  If you're close...and don't have anything big on your calendar...drop in and see us.


Have yourself a great weekend!


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