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Square Dancin'...Second Life Career...Pickles

Jul 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How in the world can it possibly be Monday again?



Mine started Friday morning with a co-write with Darin & Brooke Aldridge the married couple bluegrass duo who are just so good.  I found out that Brooke when she was young got to dance on the Grand Ole Opry stage with a dance team from her High School.  Square dance…sort of and that got my attention as I called square dances once upon an eon ago for the Elsberry High FFA Barnwarming.  Now you’re impressed right?  Uh huh.  So that made for some memories and laughs before we started writing an idea I had jump started.  It’s a musical prayer and the song really does fit these two and it fits who they are in real life.  And I’m always pleased when the artists I’m writing get enthused about the finished project too.  Just a pleasure knowing and writing with these two.



One of the great media personalities Regis Philbin passed away at 88. I’m old enough I actually remember seeing Regis for the first time on TV in St. Louis…a little local show.  He went on to do bigger things, didn’t he? David Letterman tweeted this weekend that Regis was his favorite guest. He was just one of those guys that made you feel better and smile when you saw him on the tube.  And that’s a pretty good way to be remembered.  And he was a Navy veteran too boot.  Salute…and RIP.



I did watch a lot of baseball on TV this weekend…even though it is a tad different without a crowd in the stands.  Just so glad to have the game back even for a short season as this will be.


It was weird seeing the virtual crowd in the stands on the Fox broadcasts because sometimes they were there and many other times the stands were empty.  Odd.  But here’s an interesting tidbit.  Tom Hanks used to work in the stands in Oakland when he was young at the ballgames.  So, during some of their games on ESPN you might hear Tom’s voice yelling, “Peanuts…two bagger, bag o’ peanuts” Or, “Who wants a hotdog”. They are dubbing that into the crowd noise.  Pretty cool.  And because of Covid maybe they could get him to scream, “There’ no spitting in baseball”!!


I watched my Reds and was pleasantly surprised at how great it was to watch.  Even without fans in the stands the announcers were so good…and just as excited on home run calls and big moments as they would have been with 40,000 fans or more standing and cheering. That’s a tribute to those play by play guys and their skill set I think.


I tell people all the time if I had a second life and had to choose a job outside of music?  I would have learned to be a baseball announcer.  I got to call a game once for my alma mater the Central Missouri State University Mules baseball team.  Part of my Mass Media training allowed me to do that once with a great friend and we had an absolute blast.  The game was carried over the college radio station and I’m pretty sure outside of parents and really good friends of the players that there was zero audience. But still…I can’t tell you how much fun that was.


And one other time in Milwaukee I got invited by the Brewers to sit in for half an inning and do the play by play on a real Brewers TV broadcast alongside their color analyst. It was part of a media week deal where the Brewers invited a few media celebrities and on-air folks to do a half inning.  What a thrill.  Bob Uecker was one booth over and I got to pop my head in and say “hey”. 


Gosh, what’s a guy gotta do to get a second life?



Now experts are saying we have six DIFFERENT kinds of Covid virus out there.  Anyone else confused?  And Florida now has more cases than New York. 


Some schoolteachers are retiring.  They don’t want to risk their own lives in a classroom.  There is truly a trickle-down thing going on here.  Parents…some parents will keep their kids at home.  If you’re a two-income family that means one parent would have to give up their job…most likely.  And then they’ll still have to pay taxes to keep the schools open.  Someday there will be multiple movies about all of this.  Not right now of course because most won’t go to a Cinema to watch a movie.  Trickle-Down.   


In Nashville they shut down those party busses where tourists drink and party while they’re rolling down the streets. That would eliminate the hot tubs being pulled by tractors too I would think.  Not sure how the city will survive without those.


We may be getting another $1,200 stimulus in August.  At least it appears some will.  Maybe some will buy a car from Hertz who declared bankruptcy.  And in order to keep that company afloat they have to sell 182,00 cars from their fleet by 2021.  Might be some good deals there.


I guess there is a little good news.  We have hurricanes now to take some of our minds off the pandemic…so we’ve got that going for us.



This headline I saw this morning might cover some of that.  It read, Want To Buy A Kayak Or A Boat?  Good luck: “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It”.  Flying out of the stores and marinas.



I love the new Ford Bronco.  Awesome looking.  But even if I wanted to pony up the bucks to buy one I’d have to wait 18 months to get one.  That’s the reported wait time.  Guess I’ll have to order the Pinto instead.


Meanwhile the sticker price on the 2021 Ford F-150 4x2 pickup truck is $72,500!  For a dang truck!  As much as I’d like to have one, I can’t see me floating that kind of a loan to buy something that was designed to get dirty.



Taylor Swift surprised everyone and dropped a brand-new album last week titled “Folkore”.  Universally it’s being praised as her best by critics.  And fans must agree because they bout 1.2 million copies in the first 24 hours.  Considering how so little music really sells anymore?  That’s pretty astonishing. 



That great song from Don McClean will be 50 years old next year.  50!  To celebrate a documentary and Broadway Musical is being developed around that song Don wrote along with some others from his catalog. I’m in for that.  In fact, I’ll drive my Chevy to the levee to watch if needed. As popular as that song was and is?  This is still by far my favorite Don McLean SONG that I saw him perform "live" once at the Michigan State Fair in Detroit. Unforgettable.



So apparently one can buy a little device to help one get the corn off the cob.  To me?  Those folks are not real corn on the cob eaters.  Nope.  Butter…salt…hold it between your hands and gnaw until finished.  Same for those who carve out little squares of a watermelon and put it in a bowl.  No.  Bust one open…grab a piece…sit on the front porch and eat til you hit the rind all the while spitting out the seeds on the lawn.  Don’t embarrass yourself folks.  Eat the right way for cryin’ out loud.



So hot that a black bear jumped in a kiddie pool.  That’s hot.


“He’s several pickles shy of a picnic”.  That’s my favorite new phrase I discovered this weekend.  I’m just trying to figure out how that line might fit in a song.


Maybe I can fit that pickle line into a song today with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti when I write with the two of them online.  Wil and I will be in studio later this week to record tracks for a song we wrote with Brian White that my talented friend Brady Seals will sing the vocal over that we’re excited about.  And Lauren has been busy since her American Idol appearance.  She’s still nursing but managing to squeeze in interviews and do online shows promoting her single “God Made A Woman” that’s being added to some charts worldwide.  Hard to imagine she will want to write a song with that “pickle” line in it…but we’ll see.


Have a great Monday!



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