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WSM...Awards Show...New Songs Being Recorded

Jul 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last weekend of July.  I swear the clock is on caffeine.



An eventful Thursday that started with an air shift on WSM radio from 10-3.  I was filling in for Mike Terry yesterday who was on a golf course with country artist Mark Wills as part of a regular promotion that Mike has where and Mark play golf with some of our listeners.  I’m on air…he’s playing golf and calling in to talk about it on air.  Guess who had the better of that deal yesterday?



I performed at a private party where I helped present radio host Randy Moore with an award for the show he hosts “Neon Legacy”.  Very interesting as we had not met…and there I am giving him an award.  I’m Randy’s guest this month on his radio show that’s been airing around the world but I taped all of my parts at a different location so we met face to face last night in the basement of a beautiful home with musical guests-songwriters there to perform and surprise him.  I think we did that. 


Now…I say basement…but this basement had a little stage area with a sound system set up that was pretty darned cool.  Beside me and the host singing some of our songs folks like Dallas Frazier, Glenn Douglas Tubb (nephew of Ernest), Jim Parker, Judy Rodman, Jimmy Payne and Jerry Foster all took turns singing their hits.


Now…you may not recognize all those names but you’ll know the songs they wrote that include:


Two Story House for George Jones

Chicken Truck for John Anderson

Woman Woman for Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Elvira for The Oak Ridge Boys

Middle Age Crazy for Jerry Lee Lewis

Skip A Rope for Henson Cargill

Someone To Give My Love To for Johnny Paycheck


And the list goes on and on and on.  It was another one of those nights that had me asking myself, “how the heck did I get there”?  My thanks to Ginny Foley for asking me.



That show I’m on right now that I just talked about has obviously had some folks checking out my music.  I know this because I have had a flood of “friend requests” from all over the world since it started airing.  Amazing to me.


But here’s the greatest contact with a new fan that happened just yesterday while I was on air at WSM.  I saw I had a message on my Instagram account and it was a guy who was listening from the Netherlands who knew I was going to be on air.  When I told him I’m taking a cruise down the Rhine that leaves from Amsterdam with my friend Brent Burns next July…he ask for a link with the info…and I think he’s going to sign up and join us on the European float and concert we’ll be having with stops in Germany and Switzerland.  Very cool.



If you want to go with us…here’s the LINK with all the info to sign up.



I think we still have two slots open…and that’s it for our tour of Italy in October.  Here’s the LINK for that if you’re interested. 



I got a wonderful text from bluegrass-Americana artist Irene Kelley who I’ve started writing with lately.  I mentioned Irene here yesterday.  We’ve written two songs over the past month getting to know each other and she was texting me to let me know her producer loves both songs enough that she will be putting them on her new album they start recording August 1!  How cool is that?  One is a beautiful “grassy” traditional gospel tune…and the other is an up-tempo bluegrass song that talks about the dangers and excitement of being young just once in your life.


Thank you Irene for letting me sit at your kitchen table and create with you.  Can’t wait to hear the tunes.



And my friend Brent Burns sent me some mixes of the stuff he recorded a few weeks ago.  Six of our co-writes will be on his new CD out in a couple of months.  There’s a guest star that appears on one of the songs that I promise you is hysterical.  I almost spit in my cup while I was broadcasting yesterday and listening to it on my computer.  I won’t say who it is yet…but I will soon.  This is going to be a very fun album once again full of beach and comedy songs from my friend Mr. Burns.


Monday I’ll put on my host-emcee hat and will host an awards show for the “Nashville Hospitality Awards”.  The head person for the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival coming up in mid-August suggested me to these folks…so I’ll try to put on some nice clothes and show up at a swanky new hotel in downtown Nashville at noon this Monday and pass out some awards to folks I don’t know.  Every day is different it seems.  But I’m happy to do it.



I read that facial yoga will make your face look younger.  I have no idea what that is.  I know if you do yoga and let a goat walk on your face though you’ll have hoof prints near your nose you can show off to your friends…so there’s that.



Facebook went down in flames yesterday.  Record loss on Wall Street. Like 100 BILLION in loss.  Wow.  Starbucks also took a hit with slower growth reported.  But…Chipotle went up.  I’m pretty sure that’s because my daughter is hooked on that place and has contributed to their stock prices rising. 


So sell your Facebook and buy a bean bowl.


And look for Mark Zuckerberg to ask if you’d like brown or white rice with your bowl.



It’s fair season now boys and girls.  Every weekend we have a fair in Tennessee.  Can’t remember the last time I’ve been to one actually.  I did the Wisconsin State Fair every year when we lived in Milwaukee.  Worth going for the cream puff factory alone…famous up there.  Delicious.


And I did the Indiana State Fair when I worked radio there…flew over it in a hot air balloon once while broadcasting “live” on our morning show at WFMS.  Very very cool.


I think I’m overdue to go to another.  Somebody point me to the elephant ear stand.



I saw an article today that was titled, “What’s The Weather Like In Portland” that made me smile.  For the record they have 144 sunny days and the average temperature is 71.  Here’s the bad news.  They have 164 rainy days! 


Here’s why that article made me laugh.


Years ago a radio station in Portland tried to hire me away from my job in Cincinnati.  It was the first out of town offer I ever had so it was flattering to say the least.  They flew me out and their Program Director…a great guy gave me the tour of the city and the radio station and then they made a really nice offer to entice me and my wife to move out there and take the job.  During the “hang time” with the PD I ask him what the weather was really like in Portland?


He downplayed it and said the city gets too much attention when it came to rain…that it was overplayed.  And indeed…it was beautiful day that day in Portland.  Long story short…the radio station I worked at in Cincinnati countered that offer and we declined the job.  But I stayed in touch with that Program Director who was really a nice man.


Fast forward a year and I see him at the Radio Convention in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel and we sat down and had coffee and I ask, “Was that really true what you told me about the Portland weather”?


He looked up and said, “rains all the damn time”. 


I laugh at that moment every time I see the word Portland.



I’m of to write with my young talented friend Jenny Tolman again…always a treat.  And then I’m doing some back and forth writing with my old funny friend Cledus T. Judd who working on a golf parody song that I’ll be able to tell you more about later.


Cledus recorded the very first song I ever had recorded in Nashville.  Check this SONG out.  I’m glad to hear he’s back at it again.



Tomorrow night I have a songwriters show west of Nashville with my friends Amanda Williams and Keesy Timmer…a 6 pm start.  Details of that show are on my “calendar” at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great weekend yourself!





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