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Home Again...Singing On A Train and Rocky The Squirrel

Jul 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home from San Diego where the temperature here in Nashville is only about 30 degrees hotter than it was on the Pacific ocean.  Geez.



Well...my flight back home flying standby was far less adventurous than it was going out as described in a previous blog. I made the first flight from San Diego and got bumped only once in Dallas before getting home aboutt 4:30 yesterday and stepping back into a 100 degree sauna.  I'm sweating from places I didn't even know you can sweat.  I did get patted down not once...but twice...and I can now hit higher notes when I sing.  A bonus.


I had a great day and half in beautiful San Diego for sure.  I caught part of two games at Petco Park...home of the Padres which really is a nice baseball stadium.  Day two allowed me to get there early and see the entire park and their Hall Of Fame.  Who knew the Padres had a Hall of Fame?  Not a lot there...but cool to see what they did have.  Outside of the real deal in Cooperstown...if you want to see a great baseball team Hall of Fame...go see the one in Cincinnati right next to the ballpark.  Three stories worth and very impressive.  The one in San Diego?  One room.  You can walk through it in a blip.  Still...a great experience at their ball park for sure.






Certainly the USS Midway aircraft carrier was incredibly cool.  Read yesterday's blog for a description of that.  I did fail (I think) to menion how impressive it is that so many veterans work on that tour of the Midway.  Informative...eager to talk.  I sat in a group conducted by one of those guys on the flight deck where he showed film and showed us some of the nuances of how you land a jet on an aircraft carrier.  Another one farther down did a demonstration with film of the launch of those jets.  Fascinating.  One Vet sat in front of one of the jets and I asked him how many the ship would hold at capacity?  73 jets he told me with a smile.   Nice guys...every one of them.





The one thing that did hit me about San Diego that I had forgotten about...was how many homeless folks there are.  Warm weather.  And they were curled up in blankets everywhere as you walked around and past them to get to some of the ships and exhibits along the beautiful waterways there.  Sad really.  I always hate seeing that.  And yep...scares ya a little too...especially late at night. There are lots of them downtown and around the ballpark too.  It made me remember when I first started doing the morning show for WUBE in downtown Cincinnati.  I'd arrive before 4 AM...and some mornings...I literally would have to step over someone sleeping on a newspaper on concrete in front of the door I needed to get through.  You just wish everyone had a warm bed to get into when you witness that...and if nothing else...it makes you grateful for your own life and what you have.  I did think about that as I hit my driveway and looked at our home knowing I had a warm bed and family to come home to.



To my brother Gary Whyte in Pennsylvania today.  I think he may finally be older than me.  My brother learned how to retire...and is enjoying his life with his wife Kay.  They travel...and my brother chases a little white ball a lot.  I simply could not be happier for the great success he's had in his life nor the fact that he and his wife are able to enjoy the fruits of their success.  Earned...and deserved.  I'm lucky to have two great brothers and two wonderful sisters for sure.  Happy birthday Gary.  Don't throw your back out trying to blow out all those candles. 






So...even when you're gone just a couple of days...things stack up.  I did get some cool news when I got back that our "Hits & Grins" trio added a private corporate date in November aboard the General Jackson showboat here in Nashville.  So we'll get on board with guitars and pick and sing while we float down the Cumberland River with those folks.  That should be fun.  Our trio plays tomorrow night at Puckett's Grocery in downtown Murfreesboro, TN where they have great food.  So...if you're near...come see us.



And...I got a nice note from a musical friend in Arizona who has teed me up to talk to the Mayor out in Williams about possibly playing on board for the tourists on the Grand Canyon train that runs from Williams, AZ  right up to the canyon.  How cool would that be?  You dress up in garb from that period...and go car to car just singing tunes to the tourists on board the the train.  I know that at one point some outlaws jump onboard and try to rob everyone...so I think I'll take my cap gun and holster with me if it happens to protect me and my guitar.  I'll let ya know if this one comes about...and I'm really hoping it will.  Riding a train to the canyon...in one of my favorite parts of the country...northern Arizona.  That would be really tough duty huh?



Lots of folks love to cruise.   Okay.  Here's something to consider.  Apparently one Norwegian ship has built a Go Cart track on deck!  Now...in Nascar...guys will run you off the track.  I'm thinking...you won't want that to happen when the outside wall on a cruise ship is the Atlantic Ocean.  Nope.  Think I'll stick with bumper cars at the county fairs.



That would be Amazon.  They are having a job fair.  The goal is to hire 50,000 new people.  I might sign up if they let me fly one of those drones delivering packages.  Or maybe not.



I've not yet taken a Lyft or Uber ride.  I'm waiting on self driving Yugos.  However...Lyft announced today that have an app they will test in California that will allow you to ask your driver to take you to Taco Bell before your destination between the hours of 9 pm to 2 AM.  I don't think the Lyft drivers are thrilled with that idea.  So if you make your driver do that...at least have the decency to order him a Chalupa too.



You might not know that name off the top of your head.  But boy did you know here voice.  She was the voice of Rocky The Squirrel in the old Bullwinkle cartoons.  And Cindy Lou Who...and "Nell" in Dudley Do Right...and countless other voices through the years.  She died at the age of 99.  I interviewed her once in LA when I was out there broadcasting for the Academy of Country Music Awards one year at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Hollywood.  The old Roosevelt was the first site for an Academy Awards show...so a lot of history there...and a cool place to stay and visit for sure.  Anway...one of the stars who dropped by to visit was June Foray.  She could not have been more delightful or entertaining....and yes...she did the voices for us on air.  Surreal.  What a treat...and pleasure.  I still have an autographed picture of her somewhere.  RIP June.  Thank you for entertaining us for so long.





It's free tax weekend coming up.  Know what that means?  A lot of folks will be out this weekend buying back to school supplies to save some dought.  And that means school will be back in session shortly.  And that means...if you listen...you'll surely hear champagne corks popping from Mom's everywhere. 


That Wonder Woman movie?  You wonder why they've already announced there will be a Wonder Woman 2?  The first one has already raked in over 780 million dollars worldwide!  I'd make another one too.  And for the record...I really enjoyed this movie.  I still have not gotten my wife to wear that Wonder Woman outfit for me...but I'm an optimist.



Word is that "Dancing With The Stars" wants Sean Spicer to compete.  Wow.  I'm thinking as many people seem to be leaving the White House right now...they might be able to fill out the entire cast this year with ex-Trump employees.  Of course...the transgender employees will not be allowed to compete...but that's another topic someone else can jump into if they want to.



And now Angeleena Jolie has Bell's Palsy...and a lot more folks will become aware of it.  What a weird deal it is.  I've been struck with it 3 different times in my life.  Not fun.  It looks like it paralyzes a side of your face.  Your eye won't shut (mind didn't) and an entire side of your face sags.  Your smile is weird...crooked.  You can' make one side of your lip go up or down...paraylzed.  I couldn't hold liquid easiy in that side of my mouth.  They still arent' sure what causes it.  And for the most part...it just takes time for it to go away.  Sometimes a short amount of time...sometimes months.  I've endured it both ways.  It scared the holy heck out of me the first time I had it.  Hit me on a bandstand when I was singing and the drummer said, "dude, go look in the mirror.  Something is wrong with you".   I knew something was wrong because it sounded like the music from the band was pouding INSIDE my head.  And yep...when I looked in the mirror I was horrified.  Off to the hospital with my then girlfriend and now wife where the doctor explained what they knew about Bell's Palsey...which ain't a lot.  I still feel small effects of it from the last time it hit me.  Very very weird...but I was thankful to know it was not a stroke...and that a lot of folks deal with it during their lifetime.  It can avoid me the rest of my life...I'd be happy if it did.  So...who knew Angeleena and I had so much in common?



Weirdest event ever maybe.  They have a mosquito catching contest.  Norther part of Sweden bordering Finland...folks gather to run into bushes for so long...and the one who catches and kills the most skeeters is the winner.  Contestants are pretty easy to recognize on the streets later.  Look for the bite marks.  Hey...it's a cheaper way for the government to get rid of mosquitoes.  Instead of spraying them...convince some nut balls to go run after and kill them for you.  Hopefully it will be an Olympic event some day.



Off to write with my cowboy pal Paul Bogart today.  His new CD is done and out shortly...and he's off the road from a big western trip with is band.  So we'll catch up and write something new today.  Then this afternoon I'm gathering with my friend Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to record a video of a song Steve and I wrote called Willin' that our "Hits & Grins" trio has recorded as a duet with Steve and Victoria.  One of the more popular songs in our show...so much so that a great friend of ours down in Arkansas likes so much that he wants to run a video of us performing it at his upcoming wedding.  So we'll be taping a wedding gift for Jim Pollock later today.  Happy to do it.


Have a great Thursday!



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