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Goodbye San Diego

Airport city again today.



Well...I did get to San Diego...and did have a great time.  Short blog here as I am sitting at the airport flying standby again hoping to get back home today.  I caught two ballgames at Petco Park...absolutlely beautiful ball park.  So I have seven ballparks left to see before I can say that I've seen them all.


I did get a chance to tour the Midway Museum aircraft carrier yesterday too.  HUGE!  How they get something that big to float is beyond me.  The Midway of course was a World War II battle that changed the course of World War II for the Americans.  We were outnumbered and their pilots had a lot more combat time than ours.  But through determination and skill...our guys won that battle.


What really grabbed me about this tour was how many Japanese were onboard...much the same way they were when my wife and I visited Pearl Harbor years ago.  I wondered what they were thinking as they toured this mammoth ship?  There's a great 15 minute fillm on board that I took in explaining the history of that battle.  I was seated next to a Japanese couple who were talking quietly in Japanese through the entire film.  What were they say?  I'm betting they were thinking the same thing I was.  What a stupid senseless thing war is.  One commander on the film talked abou the brutality and horror that is war and said, "I thought we were civilized.  After witnessing this, I realize we have long ways to go"...or something close to that.  Couldn't agree more. 


Do take in this museum if you go to beautiful San Diego.  More tomorrow...but I've got a plane to catch.


Have a great Wednesday!

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