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San Diego Ballpark

Jul 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from beautiful San Diego where the temp are in the mid-70's. 



So...I'm trying to see every ballpark in our country and as as I'm typing this I've got 7 remaining.  Yesterday the target was beautiful San Diego and their new ballpark Petco which has been high on my list.  I had the earliest flight out of Nashville as I'm fying standby which mean one has to have patience because paying customers take preference and you are just hoping there will be an empty seat.  And the chances of that happening increase if you have a connection as I did in Dallas yesterday...PLUS...kids are still out of school meaning the odds are more folks are flying.


Well...in Nashville no problem.  Got right on.  Dallas was another story and another lesson learned about flying for free and getting bumped and what can affect that.  Without knowing Dallas had a HUGE storm the night before which mean a lot of flights got cancelled and those folks were all coming back the next day trying to get to their destinations again.  Some had been on a plane late for a couple of hours waiting for diplaced crew to show up (because of the storm) and by the time they did the storm was so bad their flight cancelled out.  I heard that story a lot as I got bumped and bumped and bumped.  I've learned to have patience flying this way...my daughter's advice...and I needed it. 


I actually got on a seat once and a paying customer showed up at the last second and I had to give up my seat.  Close...but no San Diego. 


I had pretty much gotten to the point where I was sure I was going to be trying to catch a free ride back to Nashville as I sat at the last flight option of the day...but got lucky...got on.  Again...the crew was displaced by the storm meaning they had to be flown in from Charlotte to work our plane.  So it was an hour or more late departing.  The gist of it is...I got on.  But instead of being in San Diego by 11 AM or so...it was after 8 pm and the ballgame had started.  What to do?



And here comes another valuable tip.  I booked my room and car on Hotline.  I've used them a lot traveling for best rates and deals.  I always hope the rental car company will be at the airport but again..no luck.  Shuttle...and it too runs late.  Finally at  the counter after another long wait because they are short staffed for the amount of folks in line and the guy says "sir, you don't have a rental here".  What?  Turns out they had my car at a rental agency in downtown San Diego...miles away from the airport.  I guess you order up a cab to get there.  No clue.  So I wind up renting a car on the spot (higher rate of course) and have to call Hotline for them to take the other car off my bill...which they did...thank goodness.  What a day.



I drive straight to the ball park.  6th inning by the time I'm in my seat.  Don't care.  The park did not dissappoint.  Beautiful overlooking the city and Coronado Bridge and the water.  And someone on the hometeam (I forget who) hit one of the longest home runs I've seen in awhile.  I managed to grab one hot dog...and by the way...being honest...one of the worst ball park hot dogs I think I've ever had.  Heated...steamed...whatever.  Hot dogs should be grilled at ball parks.  THAT might have been the biggest disappointment of the day.



The great news is...I get to do it the right way today.  I'll go early to the ballpark and really explore it...and look for better food options.  And I've got the day free to go check out the beach or maybe the Midway Museum which is a great aircraft carrier one can tour.  Of course the San Diego Zoo is here...and more so we'll see what the day brings before I start the long journey home tomorrow early.  Hopefully...no storms in Dallas for my connection home.


It really was quiet a day.  I got to see another ballpark...and I got to really know DFW airport.  I do want to say that every gate agent I talked to (and there were plenty) could not have been nicer.  And they had a lot of folks they were dealing with from the night before who were tired and upset because they couldn't get to their destination.  Kudos to them.  I don't think that would be a job for me.


So hello San Diego...good to see ya finally.


Have a great Tuesday!

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