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Gene Watson...Amish Country...Montana Show Friday

Jul 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Pennsylvania where a bird is ready in Philadelphia to fly our “Evening In The Round” trio home just before we jump on another set of wings to fly to Montana.



What a great time in Amish Country as our trio played the beautiful American Theatre in the heard of Lancaster.  Yes…we saw buggies…and Amish stores.  Yes, I sang “I’ll Join The Amish”…and yep…sure enough they have a great sense of humor.


The big theater was pretty packed down below and up in the balcony for our 45 minute set featuring Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself as we opened for a country legend Gene Watson.  Man did 45 minutes fly. Folks were so nice to us, the staff and sound and light guys all so professional it was just a pleasure to work with them.  And then getting to sit out front and hear Gene and his band (all nice folks) belt out one hit after another.  I surely hope we’ll have more chances to work with those guys.  At 75 Gene can still croon hits like 14 Karat Mind, Should I Come Home Or Should I Go Crazy, and Farewell Party to name just a few. 


My brother Gary from Dover, PA and my sister Vickie from Virginia both came to this show and we head dinner at an Amish Smorgasbord later and that made the entire trip even more fun.  Always good to see family on the road.


We can’t wait to come back again somewhere down the road.



I’ve done quite a bit of flying recently with more to come.  The show dates have just sort of kind of stacked up altogether for some reason.


I could not help but notice how BUSY our airport is these days.  If you catch an early flight and return home on a later flight be prepared to wait for your ride to come pick you up.  The line now looks like that last scene in the “Field of Dreams” movie where the car lights go on for miles with folks waiting to get to that ballpark in cornfield.  And now I know why.


The latest report shows this is the 6th straight year of record traffic at our airport.  17 million flights in and out of Music City every year now.  Folks do love to come and catch some hillbilly music.  The growth of this city continues to amaze me.



The hotel we stayed in was modernistic.  So much so that I could not FIGURE OUT how to get soap out of the dispenser they had in the shower.  I’m surprised they didn’t hear me scream naked “Bring Me A Bar Of Zest”!!!  It read, “Squeeze softly”.  I was squeezing the bottom of the tube and not the tube itself.  Getting clean should not be so much of an adventure.



Cracker Barrel was established her just a little ways from where I live…in Lebanon, Tennessee.  They preserved that very first store that opened with biscuits and gravy and checkers you could choke on in September of 1969.  They are going to save it by moving it to the Wilson County Fairgrounds where folks can visit every time they go that Fair that draws more people than our State Fair draws.  Wonder if they’ll have an Uncle Herschel sitting and rocking on the porch out front?



Been blazing HOT everywhere I’ve been over the past few weeks.  Every city we saw in Europe, Colorado, home in Tennessee and here in Pennsylvania too.  And the Amish are wearing heavy black clothing!  Geez.  And I don’t think the buggies have any AC either. 


Someone said this weekend “it’s too hot for ice cream”.  Uh…no…not for me.  Hot weather comes…cold beer and ice cream are two staples to go to help cool off.  Why there is no Michelob Ultra Vanilla I do not know.



“How Much Do You Know”?  That was the headline.  For me?  I think we live in an age where it’s not how much I know…it’s how much my smart phone knows.  He Siri…why can’t I get soap out of this newfangled tube in my shower”?  I got a smart aleck response.  You don’t wanna know.



Time to head for the plane.  Home in Nashville later this afternoon but then our “Evening In The Round” trio will board another plane early Wednesday morning for a show in Livingston, Montana for a show in the mountains on Friday night.  Check out this cool VENUE we'll be at.   More on that later.


Have a great Monday!




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