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Tragedy In Branson...Good Morning Viet Nam...3 Shows This Weekend

Jul 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Awake in Branson…and waking up to bad news here.



I’m in Branson for three shows at the Americana Theater starting later tonight and got into my hotel room mid afternoon yesterday after a long trip from Nashville.  About 7-8 pm a really bad storm blew through.  I was actually outside and could hardly stand up with an enormous wind gust blew threw up to 70-80 mph.  Unreal wind and ominous skies.


Then I kept hearing sirens…LOTS of sirens.  And this morning I know why with the news that 11 folks drowned on one of those Duck rides here on Table Rock Lake from the wind that capsized that floating boat near the big Branson Belle showboat.  That’s 11 and counting right now.  31 were onboard.  That’s just down the road from where I’m staying.  Certainly there will be lots of questions to come…but for now…my heart just goes out to all those families who’s loved ones came to Branson for a good time.



So I had a long 7 and half hour drive from Nashville and just took my time.  Back in my home state of Missouri I saw the corn is tall.  I’d forgotten how much corn grows in the Show Me State.  Lots.


I also slowed down when I saw a crop duster doing his thing over the Missouri fields.  That looks like a cool job.  Flying and dusting. 


I found a local radio station in Sikeston where the morning show guy was talking rebuilding tractors and realized I was home.  Who talks about tractors on the radio?  Loved hearing something that local on the radio


And…so you know…southern Missouri is hot this time of year.  Like 100…and don’t get me started on heat index.  I’m sure the heat had lots to do with that tragic storm I mentioned above.  Meanwhile up in Iowa…27 tornadoes yesterday!  Geez.  And we have more ominous weather predicted here today.


Good to be in Missouri again where they say the Elk population is growing.  Who knew?  We’ve got Elk!


I’m also reminded that Missouri surely must be the BILLBOARD CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!  Tons of billboards…everywhere…especially here in Branson advertising one attraction after another.  My favorite may be the “Samson” show.  And entire show built around Samson?  Wonder what that’s all about?



I see where Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson have been cast in roles for the upcoming movie of the hit Broadway show “Cats”.  I think Taylor’s role will be that of “Hairball Swift”…but I’m not sure.  Checking



Airman Adrian Cronauer passed at the age of 79.  He was the real guy portrayed by Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam”.  Click on the link to see a behind the scenes look at some of the brilliant improv work Robin did.  LOVED that movie...and so did Adrian but he told anyone who listened that it was mostly Hollywood fiction.  He did say “Good Morning Viet Nam"!!!   every time he started his show…but after that…a lot of Hollywood.  The movie portrayed him as being a bit anti-military.  In real life Adrian says he was not anti-military at all…he was anti-stupidity…and that there was a lot of stupidity in the military.  Lot of that going around in other occupations too.  RIP.



First…Lays is rolling out new flavors of chips.  A lobster roll flavor is coming.  I’m still waiting on the mac and cheese flavor Lays myself.


Aston Martin says it’s got a flying car that can go 200 mph.  Wonder if anyone other than James Bond will be able to handle that contraption?


Samsung says next year it will have a foldable smart phone.  Okay.  Isn’t that what those old flip phones were all about…sort of?


And…someone has invented liquid gel glasses that will supposedly keep you from having motion sickness.  However, considering how geeky they look…you’ll have to be able to stand people giving you odd remarks and looks. 



Getting ready for the first of 3 shows here with Billy Yates and LuLu Roman.  The first one is at 7:30 tonight.  Then a late 10:30 show tomorrow night and finally a matinee on Sunday.  The shows should be great fun…hopefully the weather will behave.


Have a great weekend!



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