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Mo Mo Still Lives...Grand Canyon Article...Branson Trip Today

Jul 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

On the road to Branson.



Sitting at a Mickey D’s in Clarksville to get some work done before making the rest of the long trip over to Branson for three shows this weekend blogging away when I overhear a woman say something to a man I don’t think I’ve ever heard before or will ever hear again.


Her words?  “Don’t come back…you’re affecting the rats”.  What?  I threw my sandwich away.



Wednesday started with writing a parody song for New York about Twitter dumping thousands and thousands of Twitter accounts…fake ones and more.  So that’s out there somewhere right now.


And then I spent the middle part of my day with talented Zach Runquist who plays almost every stringed instrument.  I hate the guy!  Zach brought a great summer song idea with him to the table so that made for a very fun co-write.  Always a pleasure writing with Zach and hearing him play!



My phone dinged yesterday and when I checked the text I looked and saw my friend Mike Thomas at KWRE in Warrenton, Missouri (near my birthplace) had sent me an article the St. Louis Post Dispatch had just printed.  The were reliving the story of Mo Mo The Missouri Monster that supposedly lived and roamed Star Hill in Louisiana, Missouri back in 1972.  Unreal.  Here’s the ARTICLE.


I recorded a song of course called “Mo Mo” that is still being played and it got a few spins over the past few days because of this newspaper story.  The supposed monster was totally a work of fiction from my friend Joe Lewis who I worked with at KPCR Radio back in the date and the late Paul Salois who was the owner.  Those two wrote the lyrics…I did the music and this little 45 RPM record has been held onto by the 1,000 folks who bought it and is still being played some.  It simply won’t die.


I’m pretty sure that despite writing more songs than I can count these days that when I go…it will be Mo Mo that’s tacked to my obituary.  Thank you Mike for sending me the article.



I also got a note from my friend Roger Naylor out in Cottonwood, Arizona who’s my favorite writer and hiker out there.  Roger is writing an article about the Grand Canyon Railway and wanted some quotes from me about my experience of singing on the train and why I wanted to do that.


Who wouldn’t want to ride a train that stops at the Grand Canyon every day?  I loved the experience so much that I’ll be back on board the week of September 15.  And I’ll get out a couple of days early to rendezvous with Roger and take a couple of hikes in beautiful Northern Arizona.


So I sent him some thoughts and pictures that he’ll use and print soon.  When I get a copy I’ll post it here.  Come join me on the train!



Apparently airplane bathrooms are getting smaller…and smaller.  I don’t see how much smaller they can get.  I’m going to Houdini school to figure out how to contort my body small enough to get in one of those bad boys.



Apparently those folks are now hiring experts in AI…Artificial Intelligence.  I have no idea what they’ll be doing with that kind of expertise.  And where does one get a degree in artificial intelligence?


I dunno.  I’m trying to buy a robot to talk to those kind of folks in the future.



A guy in England rushes into a store to try and buy a lotto ticket.  Time is running out.  And the woman in front of him lets him cut in line to buy one.  And of course this guys hits…wins a million dollars!  He’s trying to find that woman to say thank you. 


If I ever let anyone cut in line in front of me…I’m getting their phone number and e-mail just in case.



I just want to get this out to the world.  I am not or will not watch a TV show called “Dr. Pimple Popper”.  Nope.  I’d watch it but I’m squeezed for time. (rim shot please)



“Man Caught Driving A Car Sitting On A Metal Bucket And Steering With Pliers”.  Wow.  Nice to see they’ve brought the Yugo back.



I’ll be in Branson to sleep tonight then have three shows at the Americana Theater this weekend at the Billy Yates Songwriters In The Round show with Missouri native Billy Yates and Hee Haw star Lulu Roman.  A 7:30 pm show Friday night.  10:30 late show Saturday night.  And a 2 pm matinee Sunday.  This should be great fun…so come join us if ya can.


Have a great Thursday!





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