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The Black Canyon...The Big Concert...Grammy Shop

Jul 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Morning from Montrose…on a plane back home this afternoon.



Well…it was a day for the memory books for sure.  We are in beautiful Montrose, Colorado with Operation song writing songs with veterans.  Wednesday we had the day open so we took a little trip to the Black Canyon near Gunnison.  Man it was pretty.


David Good our host picked us up in a big van and treated us to a great breakfast to fuel us for the day at a local breakfast place that was great.  One of the Veterans by the name of Van Booth who’s with us is walking across the country to say thank you to the rest of the Vets.  He’s walking across mountains for goodness sake.  He flew into Colorado to join us and even got up and sang his song about the troops last night at our concert.  More on that later.


After breakfast we take the ride down to the canyon where there’s a dam and water and a stream filled with lots of brown and rainbow trout that our friend and host David told us about.  He moved here for the trout and the beauty over 20 years ago and doesn’t regret it a bit.  If you look around at the amazing scenery you figure out why that’s so true.


When we got out of the van you could smell the heat coming off the radiator and or brakes.  Not good.  So as we stared back UP the mountain the van started to overheat and we pulled over to shut the motor down and let it cool.  At that point, some of our group decided…man let’s get out and walk and wait for the van to pick us up later.  So off we went.  Did I mention we were going UP a mountain?  And I’m walking with a guy who’s walking ACROSS the country right now.  Not fair!


At one point a young ranger in his Chevy Pick Up stops on the way down and says, “ya know that’s a 16% grade you’re getting ready to walk up”.  And then he reminded us to that there are bears and cougars.  Good grief.  One of the bears, blonde in color had been hanging at the waterfall we just left.  Great.


So we get up one more grade and luckily here comes the van with the Ranger leading them up the mountain.  He told them to turn the heat up to cool down the radiator.  Never heard that one before.  But it worked.  We got out…got back to our golf resort and have a good story to tell about the Black Canyon from now on.



Man…what a setting for our show last night.  They pulled in a flat bed trailer and put 5 stools up there for our songwriter show.  It was incredible and a heck of a crowd sat with the mountains at their back…so you can imagine the view from our stage.  Each songwriter once again sang the song about their veteran that we had written the day before.  All of those veterans and their families were there to hear them.  The drive up to the show?  It was line with American Flags waving in the Colorado wind…quite a site.  It was just a wonderful evening for everyone involved.  And I think to a person, we can’t wait to come back next year and do this all again.



We are taking a little trip over to Ridgeway Colorado where we’ll get to see the shop that makes the Grammy Awards. That should be cool.  And then it’s back to the Bridges Golf Resort to grab bags, guitars and head to the tiny airport in Montrose to catch a bird to Denver then another one home to Nashville. If we’re on time, we’ll be touching down in Music City around 9:30 this evening.


My thanks to my buddy Steve Dean and his pal Don Goodman for getting me involved with Operation Song.  I can’t wait to do more of this in the future.


Have a great Thursday!


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