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Writing...MLB Here?...Branson Trip Tomorrow

Jul 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday…waking up with a little “what’s going on with my throat” feeling this morning.  Not good with 3 shows coming up this weekend in Branson.  Popping Vitamin C D E F and G already.



My parody song for New York yesterday was the Blake Shelton-Trace Adkins hit “Hillbilly Bone” because Blake Shelton took a tumble on stage the other night.  Popped back up and went on singing.  But this morning some radio stations are playing Blake hurt his “Hillbilly Bone”…the one down south.


After that I wrote with young Manon Ward who told me her entire family…Mom, Dad, siblings all moved into Nashville from Wyoming.  That’s a great show of love and support for their talented daughter or as Manon described it…it gets really cold in Wyoming.  So we got caught up and started a new song together from an idea that happened during our conversation…that happens more than one would think.  We’ll finish it at up in a couple of weeks.



I went to the ballpark to watch our Sounds…who won big over Omaha.  Grand Slam…always fun to see.  A young 24 year man sat down next to me.  He was in town to see Nashville for the first time and was taking it all in for a week…on his own.  Originally from India…his family relocated years ago…he was 3 when they came to America.  He’s now a nurse in Philly and I really enjoyed getting to know him and hear him talk about his profession and how much he loves it.  If I needed a nurse…I could do worse than having this young man be at my bedside.  Meeting him just made the game more pleasurable last night.


And…I found out while I was at our MINOR LEAGUE ballpark…that the Major League commissioner has listed Nashville on a short list of cities that could get an expansion team!  Please!  If we get major league baseball in this town…and Skyline Chili…this would be pretty much paradise for me.  Or as my wife said when I texted her that news from the ball yard…”OMG…I’ll never get you out of this town”.



Nashville’s opened its tallest hotels now to go with a ton of others popping up on the skyline.  You can get a room from between $400-600 per night.  Want a suite?  Sure thing.  That will cost you between $4,000-6000 per night.  It ain’t cheap visiting a town with so much hillbilly music anymore.  I continue to be amazed at how the hotels are just packed all the time at this price point. 


That was the headline of an article I read online this morning.  I grew up with hay.  I hauled hay.  Stacked hay.  Hot weather…sweaty…up in a loft…hated it.  So I’m more interested in reading an article titled “How Not To Make Hay”. 


Lifting wet hay on a wagon after it rained on the field…there’s some fun now.



Talk about popular.  Between January and June Ford sold 450,000 F-150 trucks.  Wow.  That’s one for every 35 seconds according to the article.  My Dad drove a Ford truck.  I thought they were cool then…still cool today obviously.


I actually learned to drive with my Dad in a Ford truck with a camper top on the back…down gravel road.  Stick shift on the column.  Cloud of dust out the back window.


So yea...if I ever bought a truck?  I’d be contributing to Ford’s growing wealth.



They had a glitch for their Amazon Prime Days.  Could not get stuff out fast enough apparently as orders are pouring in.


Two heavily discounted items you can find…and you need for sure.


Golden Girls Monopoly set.  Who knew they made those?  And…they’ve deeply discounted odor-eating underwear too.  So you can sit at a table with your friends wearing your odor eating underwear while you move the Estelle Getty piece around the monopoly board.  If you want to.  And please post that picture on Instagram when you do. 


That movie…number two…the sequel is out with great reviews.  The world can’t get enough Abba music I guess.  The new Denzel spinoff of the “Enforcer”?  Just the opposite.  Tepid reviews. 


The problem apparently with Denzel’s “Enforcer” is that his character keeps killing people who love Mama Mia movies.  I think.



“Woman Arrested After Her Pet Monkey Allegedly Attacks Store Workers”. 


First…who would want to own a pet monkey?  Second…why would you bring it in a store?  Third…who would want to own a pet monkey?



I’m off to write with my buddy Zach Runquist today who’s a multi-talented musician-producer-leather maker, road manager-songwriter-singer and more. And there’s me whose real talent is being good at playing Golden Girls Monopoly.  We’re a great team.


Then when I get back home it’s time to pack for Branson as I leave early for three shows starting Friday night at the Americana Theater with Billy Yates and Hee Haw star Lulu Roman. 


I’m very much looking forward to these shows with those two talented folks in my home state of Missouri.


And by the way…I got a Facebook note yesterday from someone back home telling a radio station they were listening too was playing my first record “Mo Mo” the Missouri Monster.  I had no idea that the song would just never stopped being played when I recorded it all those years ago. Amazing…but thanks for letting me know.  Long live Mo Mo.


Have a great Thursday.

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