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Jul 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday early and it already feels like a sauna when you step outdoors in Nashville.



Monday started with writing a parody song about the Amazon Prime Days and all those bargains folks are online shopping for deals the next few days.  Apparently one of the bargains is on record players.  Yep.  Vinyl.  So if you kept your old albums…and you threw away or gave away your old record player like I once did…there’s a chance to go vintage and or current depending upon what you believe these days.


I kind of on the school of thought that record players-turntables are going to be the replacement for CD players which are going bye bye.  We’ll see.


I’d always thought if I ever recorded a third CD it would be indeed a CD.  Now I’m thinking…it very well could be a real album again.



After that was done I made the trip over to my friend Steve Dean’s house to write with him and Daisy Mallory who is out on the road these days with Lori Morgan playing guitar, singing harmonies and selling merch.  I’ve been writing with Daisy since she was like 15 or 16…now grown…married…got her own house.  A sweetheart of a person and talented.  Click on the link above and you can see and hear Daisy sing a song we wrote with Brady Seals


We THOUGHT we were going to write a new song when Steve mentioned he knew someone who’s looking for songs to place in TV show and movies…Christmas songs.  I remembered the three of us had written a funny Christmas song together a few years ago so we dug it up and decided to record a demo instead of writing something new.  So there in Steve’s home studio…we went Christmas in the middle of July.  And we laughed and had so much fun recording it.  We’ll see what happens or doesn’t happen with it now.


Steve also told me his Dad…Frank who lives in Little Rock is coming to town to see us play in a few weeks with his companion.  What a fun day that will be as Steve and I play the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that morning and then “Hits & Grins” has a show that night.  The date is Saturday August 11.  So to my friends that love Nashville and would like to catch a show…here’s a chance to catch two in two great venues on the same day.  Come down and join Mr. Dean!


I love this.  Tenille Townes is a young Canadian country music artist on a major label here in Nashville.  Her star is climbing.  Her hometown of Alberta supports her…big time.  She made her first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry recently and 140 people booked an entire plane and made the trip from Alberta to Nashville to cheer for her when she stepped in front of that microphone on the Opry stage for the first time.  Truly an amazing moment for that young lady.  Hats off to her hometown and family for showing her all that love and support.



I don’t know if these are part of Amazon Prime Days or not.  But Crocs now come in high heel form.  I’m looking of knee high Crocs next.  The things just will not die.



I did take in some of the Home Run Derby last night that took place at the Washington Nationals ballpark in DC.  Their boy Bryce Parker won with what is being described as a heck of an exciting finish that I missed…so I’m pulling that up on MLB in a bit to watch. The Derby has become a fan favorite and the stadium was sold out to watch big guys hit big drives over the walls.  I think a Scratch and Spit contest would draw fans too.


And the All Star game itself is tonight. 



I don’t fish or golf much anymore.  I used to do both a lot.  I think my guitar replaced both my fishing pole and golf clubs.  The chances of me being a great fisherman or golfer was not great to begin with so I’m sure I made the right career move.  And I saved a lot of innocent bystanders from getting hooked by me near a pond or on a golf course.


I bring that up because I read a little article that said the best way to teach a kid to fish is with a Zebco.  That’s how I learned with my brothers from my Dad.  A little Zebco 33.  Their idiot proof…easy to use…and you catch fish.


I’m pretty sure if I ever got interested in fishing again…I’d buy a Zebco 33.  And a Hula Popper, some Lucky 13’s and plastic worms.



Now…for lazy surfers…here ya go.  They’ve invented a surfboard that needs no waves to hang ten on.  It’s got a little electric motor underneath it to propel you through the water.  Sort of like electric bikes except without a basket or horn. 


I like the idea of that because as long as you can balance…you might be able to outrun the sharks chasing your board.



I’m off to write with Wyoming native Manon Ward today which is always fun.  And I’m starting to pre-pack for a trip to Branson this Thursday where I’m doing three songwriter shows this coming weekend.  You can’t beat a town where a group called the “Baldknobbers” are famous.


More on that tomorrow.


Have a great Tuesday!



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