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Scotland...Eagles and Superman

Thinking I'm going to look great in a kilt.



Over the weekend I got a surprise invitation to go to Scotland with my great friend Brent Burns and a bunch of his fans.  I've never been across the pond...but that's about to end this October.  Here's a LINK to our trip which will last a week.  Brent, myself, and two other music friends of his on this trip will play for our group more than once...and we get to look for the Loch Ness Monster...step onto the hallowed golf grounds of St. Andrews, tour museums, castles...sample the food and whiskey and more.  It's pretty much sold out but if you have any serious interest in going...you could still grab one of the last seats available.  Again...all the details are provided on the link.  We leave October 2 and return October 9.


Turns out that a lot of my family heritage WHYTE is traced back to Scotland...so that will make the trip even more interesting.  Thanks for my friend Mr. Burns for inviting me along for the long ride.



I did a little writing.  On Friday I sat in a house that has both a recording studio and stripper pole and wrote once again with Jenny Tolman while her boyfriend Dave Brainard was esconced producing music in his studio.  No...I've not yet tried doing a workout on the pole although I'm told it's all the rage.  They are putting finishing touches on her new album right now and I'm glad to be a very small part of it for sure.


Jenny had already started an "out of the box" very fun idea for a song by the time I sat down with computer and guitar and I was happy to jump into the middle of that.  Very fun song...and I walked out humming it...and did that most of the way home.  Not a bad Friday.  Not a bad weekend period.



FYI...I've added some pretty cool links to today's blog starting wih his story.  Be sure to hit th links as you go along.

The Eagles...my favorite pop group of all time...and my favorite in person concert of all time re-banded in LA a couple of nights ago at Dodger Stadium with the Doobie Brothers, Bob Seeger and others for a huge concert.  Last night I pulled up all the video they just loaded on You Tube and was mesmerized again by their music.  What makes this so SPECIAL is the fact that they added Glen Frey's son to the band...two years after Glen passed.  And they didn't stop there.  Vince Gill was an Eagle too!  I'm so hoping the band with Vince and Deacon Frey will put together several concert dates.  Deacon sang his Dad's song "Take It Easy" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and Vince tackled "Take It To The Limit" to name one.  Awesome.  But the performance where they called up Bob Seeger to sing "HEARTACHE TONIGHT" was one of my favorite moments.  Long live Eagle's music and their harmony.



I have to take my daughter once again to the airport later this morning as she get ready to jet to her homebase down in Miami and then sit to wait and find out where they are sending her...if anywhere.  She's on "standby" this month which means she has to sit in the airport most of the day in case they need someone.  Last week it was Cuba.  That reminds me of the story I read about an airline attendant for Emirates who got in trouble when someone snapped a picture of her pouring champagne back into a bottle from a customer's glass.  Her she is saving the company money...and she's in trouble.  My Mom would have liked her.  I remember her frying...pretty much everything...and then taking the grease left in the skillet and pouring it into a can that sat on the back of the stove for re-using later.  We never turned her in.



The Viet Nam War?  Now 50 years old.  Wow.  My war...I didn't have to go.  God bless those that did and their families.  I can't wait for the Ken Burns documentary on that war to hit TV.  I'll be glued to that to find out what I didn't know about the conflict that left so many Americans dead.  Here's a sneek PEEK at what we'll see. 



Disney is bringing their "Tron Cycle" ride to Disney World.  It's been at one of their overseas parks...now we get to jump on this futuristic coaster.  At first glance it looks like a steroid version of "Space Mountain" which is still one of my favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom.  I'll be on this one for sure.



Man have they been busy.  The new Star Wars movie has a trailer out now...and it looks great.  Mary Poppins is coming back with Emily Blunt in the lead role.   Here's the TEASE for that.  She's a great choice for that iconic role Julie Andrews created me thinks.  AND Disney is moving on "live" action versions of "Dumbo", "Lion King" and "Aladdin".  Everything old Disney...will be new once again.  I'm going to need a frequent movie card for later this year.


And one other Disney thing.  They will build a Star Wars Hotel at the theme park.  And every one gets a Star Wars costume to wear in the hotel to react with other guests staying there.  I think they are calling it Hotel Geek...but I'm checking.



Over the weekend some guy put on a Superman outfit...and jumped to his death.  There's a great Guy Clark song I love called "The Cape" about this guy who kept jumping off the roof of his shed since he was a kid with a four sack cape tied around his neck.  The great conclusion in the song is "he did not know he could not fly, so he did".  The difference here is that he jumped from a very SMALL shed.  Judge your distance folks if you're going to make a leap of faith. 



That would be in August.  Big eclipse viewing parties will be going on.  Our baseball stadium here in Nashville will open up for those that want to order a hot dog and beer and watch it get dark.  My big idea promotion for it?  An "Eclipse Bikini Contest" for girls who are normally to shy to enter.  Being a judge is going to be tough...but I'm up for it.



That little run to the airport I mentioned earlier and then our little "Hits & Grins" trio is getting together to work a bit on all things "Hits & Grins". 


Have a great Monday!



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