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Colorado...Lost Baggage...The Vets

Jul 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from gorgeous Colorado.



A group of songwriters and organizers with “Operation Song” boarded a plane early in Nashville and with one puddle jumper connection in Denver we arrived before noon yesterday in Montrose, a gorgeous small town that resides in the western part of the Keystone State.  A little over an hour to Grand Junction…and not a forever drive to beautiful Telluride.  A total of six songwriters including myself are here to write a Veterans story into a song early this morning.



The only fly in the ointment to our trip was that they made me take my laptop out of my bag and carry it on board the small connection plane from Denver to Montrose.  I did…the gate checked the bag and I slipped my Mac Book Pro into the sleeve in front of my seat.  Guess where yours truly left it?  Uh huh.  Pretty much panic when I opened my suitcase and realized what I had done.  And do hate how my life seems to be on electronic devices and losing one sends my blood pressure rate up significantly…I’m sure.


I called my daughter Heather who worked for the airlines for several years and she offered advice.  I called United’s help number and they told me it should be taken off and taken to the front counter at United…should being the operative word here.  But the guy responsible for bringing us all out here made one call and I get a number to call.  I do.  It’s the CAPTAIN of the plane that brought us here.  He tells me he’s got it…and is handing it off to the Captain of the next flight into Montrose from Denver.  SIGH.  What a nice man.


So David takes me back to the airport where all of the computers have crashed.  Pandemonium for gate agents as well as customers flying in and out.  So it too forever to talk to someone who did not know the status of that flight as the board read, “diverted”.  Turns out the boards were all putting out fake news too because of the glitch.  It was delayed…not diverted and about an hour later through another friend David our organizer knew who worked for United at the airport…here he comes with my laptop. My blood pressure slipped back to normal.


Thank you David, thank you to two Captains I don’t know, and thank you United for taking care of this.  Whew.



So, we’re staying at a place called the Bridges Country Club in Montrose.  Good grief…gorgeous.  Out every window you see snow-capped mountains and an 18 hole golf course framed by those peaks. It’s one of those places where you just wanna sit at the bar with your cold beer and stare at the scenery.


And of all things the bartender is from my home state of Missouri.  St. Charles to be exact.  Wil Nance is another writer with us…he too is from that area.  The world is small folks.



And last night we had dinner at a military type welcoming center here and met the veterans we’ll be writing with in just a few hours.  Great folks.  And at the end of dinner each songwriter got up and sang a song for the entertainment.  When we got done a Viet Nam Vet walked up to me and said, “I’d like you to write my song”.  So, I’m assigned to Terry today.  And I’m sure after talking to him that his story like so many other vets is going to be a powerful one.  I’m hoping I can do it justice.


Then later tonight we’ll all regroup and every songwriter will sing their veteran’s song with the veteran and his family and friends there to hear it.  I can’t tell you how rewarding, cool, moving, emotional all of that is.  I’m just truly happy to give a little something back to those who mean so much to all of us.


So that’s my Tuesday.  You have a good one yourself!

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