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Funny Signs...Ties...Branson Shows This Week

Jul 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday…start of another busy week with a road trip to Branson this Thursday.



Nothing really big.  Catch up work…loose ends that needed tying up but nothing huge.  My wife and I did finally sit on the couch and watch “I Can Only Imagine” the true story about the lead singer in the Christian Group “Mercy Me” and how he came to write one of the biggest songs in contemporary Christian history.  Dennis Quaid plays the abusive father and is terrific.  I kept hearing positive buzz on this little independent movie…several friends and my sister Vickie brought it up…so we took it in yesterday.


Even if you’re not a particularly religious person…I think you’ll like the movie.  We did.



How hot was it this weekend?  The picture of the USA weather map on Saturday was colored pink.  Pink over the entire country.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  So hot the map is pink.  It drove my walking that I like to do outdoors…indoors to the Y that was air-conditioned. 


Sunday morning though returning home from my early Starbucks run I got behind a car that had pretty much every inch of their back window covered up with logos and bumper stickers.  Ever seen those and wondered if the driver in front of you can see you behind them?  One of those.


There was one right in the middle that read…”Winter Is Coming”…it was right below a WWE wrestling sticker.  I don’t think winter is coming right away…and I noticed the driver as I passed was not “The Rock”…not by a long shot.



I love odd road signs.  Funny ones.  And I especially love businesses that combine like Nervous Nellie’s Fireworks and Liquor Stand just north of Nashville.


 Reggie Hamm…a great singer and writer in this town posted a picture of one he found advertising “Free Wrestling And Gospel Singing”.  Thanks for making me laugh. I guess the choir breaks into “Why Me Lord” when the loser taps out.  I guess.



72% of all women own 21 pair of shoes or more.  Ladies?  How many do you confess too?


I wrote a song with Karen Taylor Goode once titled “You Learn A Lot About Shoes When They Walk All Over You”.  I’m thinking we need to find a way to rack this song in all shoe stores.



Maybe the lingerie place needs to add a lot of shoes.  Apparently their sales are sagging big time.  And know…just because they sell bras does not mean I deliberately used the word “sagging”.  I’m above that…I think.



That would be the Mayor of Lancaster, California who is trying to mandate that it would be illegal to wear ties in his town.  Some studies are saying wearing a dang tie cuts off the blood flow to the brain.  And this Mayor is willing to step up and do the world a favor. 


How in the world did someone a long time ago convince us to wear a strip of cloth around our necks and knot it up?  I dunno.  But I have a bunch of those relics buried in my closet in case anyone wants one.



Another study is pointing out that those open office spaces?  Maybe not the great idea some Einstein thought they would be.  Turns out that most employees don’t like them and feel like they get less done because it’s easy to get distracted talking to other co-workers.  And…that they leave their desks looking for a little private space to get work done and shut out the noise.  I could not agree more.


I worked in a radio station that converted from offices to wide open spaces…my first experience with it.  Gotta say…hated it compared to having a room I could shut the door on and turn off every distraction.  Maybe that’s why the Dixie Chicks hit “Give Me Wide Open Spaces” is my least favorite song of theirs.



Bruce Willis the actor got roasted but good over the weekend by friends, his ex wife Demi Moore and comedians.  One comedian said of Bruce, “I can’t wait to see Die Hard 6: Natural Causes”.


Gotta have thick skin to agree to being roasted folks.  The Roast will be showing multiple times on the Comedy Central Network.



I’ll arrive in Branson on Thursday after driving in from Nashville and then will have three shows with Billy Yates and Lulu Roman at the Americana Theater as part of the “Billy Yates Songwriters In The Round” series.  I’m looking very forward to having fun with those two…and hopefully some folks I recognize will from my home state will be there to take in the fun too.



Off to write with Steve Dean and Daisy Mallory today…always a good duo to join at the writing table.


Have a great Monday!










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