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Writing...Recording...Fish Fry

Jul 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s already Friday?



A full Thursday with my friend and songwriter Gerald Smith.  Before we sat down to write Gerald mentioned that he thought a song of ours would be worth pitching to an artist who’s going in studio this weekend and is listening for the last time for songs today.


So...the two of us wrote a new song…and then got into a studio mid-afternoon to make a recording of the song that Gerald and I wrote with Paul Bogart and we’ll be able to get it on the right desk in time for them to at least listen and consider.  Our thanks to our studio friend Vaughn Lofstead for getting us in so quickly and making this happen.


And after all of that was finished Gerald’s publishing company had a fish fry going on the banks of the Cumberland River where we had been earlier so I swung by to enjoy that and meet the other writers in the company before getting home last night.  So a full full music day in Music City.



I got a couple of good news items yesterday.  My friend Jerry Salley’s new CD “Front Porch Philosophy” just hit number one on the Sirius Bluegrass Charts.  That’s great news because Jerry and I co-wrote the title track…and I helped him brainstorm the album cover with the old dog on the porch that you can see HERE.  Congrats to my friend Jerry…and thank you Kyle Cantrell at Sirius for liking it so much.


Kyle was the Operations Manager at WSM when I was there doing the morning show on the FM side of the building and now rules the bluegrass world at Sirius.  One of the really good guys in the industry.



My long time co-writer friend Ayla Brown  and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy are out east on a long concert run and contacted me to let me know they had been working on several songs we wrote and will be adding all of them to their “live” performances.  And…I’m hoping they will record an album of duets now that might include some of these. 


It’s always nice hearing from your creative friends that they like the songs this much.



Well that went well didn’t it?  “Build A Bear” had a one day promotion where you can build one of those fuzzy things and pay your age for it.  (This would have appealed to me more when I was in my 20’s)  The lines were so long they stopped…had to…out of control.  Folks do flock to cheap. 


Which makes me wonder why I can’t start a company called “Build A Beer”.  Surely that would catch on too right?



The ka-billionaire Jeff Bezos at Amazon is now saying he will have a space capsule that can launch you or me into space for the cheap price of $200,000.


Wonder what the cost will be for him to bring us back to earth?  Read the fine print before flying.



There is still ONE Blockbuster store open.  It’s in Alaska.  The owner refuses to close shop.  So…if you just really really wanna rent a VHS movie of Porky’s...you now know where to go.


I guess home electronics in Igloos just have not advance much in the frozen tundra.



I mentioned in this blog a couple of days ago how hotels go all out for luxury amenities.  Bathrooms being a big deal.  Some with a window view of the skylines while you soak and soak.  All shapes of bathtubs.


Folks who have tons of money are different…and like different.  So much so that I’d bet I could make them think that a galvanized tub with a bar of lava soap would be trendy. 


Anyone else grow up like I did in a large family where a galvanized tub sat in the kitchen floor and the water was heated on a wood burning kitchen stove and then poured in?  Old school. 



Driving down my little narrow curvy road early this morning I could not miss all the political signs in yards.  Vote for…you name it. 


My only thought (as I’m non political) is…will Roundup kill these if you spray?



Well I’m going to take advantage of not having anything on my calendar that’s significant today or the rest of the weekend and try to do a whole lotta nothing.  And that’s only because this will be the last open weekend maybe for the rest of the year as my calendar has just filled completely up.


Next weekend I’m in Branson, Missouri for three shows.  And the rest of the year will include musical trips to Gatlinburg, Pennsylvania,  Port St. Joe, Florida, Gulf Shores, Alabama, The Grand Canyon Railroad for a week, as well as a couple more Nashville gigs and a tour in Italy! 


I’m not sure how this happened exactly…but I’m grateful that these kinds of opportunities keep popping up.  I was texting with my sister Vickie out east a couple of days ago and we were talking about that.  I reminded her that I’m not doing one thing these days that I don’t wanna do.  Getting older gives one the option of saying “no” to some things and “yes” to the right things.  Blessed for sure.


Just go to my calendar at my website here at billwhytecomedy.com and find all the details on these and other musical trips I’ll be making.


Have yourself a great weekend!




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