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Branson and The Grand Canyon...Bulls and Star Wars

Jul 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Sun is beaming over Old Hickory Lake early this morning and the ducks are already cooling off in the water.  Hot!



My Wednesday had nothing really big on it with the exception of taking care of my writing assignments for New York…but once that cleared the day got busier than I had expected.


Two brand new bookings came out of yesterday filling up the back end of my busy calendar even more.



For the first time ever I’m going to play Branson.  That’s in my home state of Missouri of course but for whatever reason…just never played there.


But…that changes next weekend as I will be part of Billy Yates songwriter round at the Americana Theater July 27, 28 and 29.  A 7:30pm show on the Friday…a late 10:30 show Saturday night and a matinees Sunday at 2 pm.  Hee Haw star Lulu Roman will be complete our round of three for these shows…so this should be great fun.


Billy is a Missouri native and wrote “Rockin’ Chair” and “Choices” for George Jones just to name a couple.  He’s put together a very successful “Country Vault Show” in Branson which is now entering it’s third season…but he’s also added this songwriter round where songwriters make the trip from Music City to the Table Rock Lake area to perform their original songs and tell the stories behind them.  Apparently Billy had a last second cancellation and someone put in a good word for me…so I’m on the way to Missouri next weekend.  


For my Missouri friends and family…c’mon down and catch one of the shows.  Complete details are on the calendar HERE as well as details on this next one.


FYI...Billy had a street named after him a few years ago in his hometown of Doniphan, Missouri which is really cool.  I'm hoping my hometown will someday name a pothole after me.



It’s a done deal.  I’m packing my cowboy clothes and hat and headed for Arizona again to play on the Grand Canyon Railway for another week starting on Monday September 17.  The Grand Canyon railroad leaves the station in Williams, Arizona every morning at 9:30 AM and returns around 5:30 pm or so after stopping for 3 hours or more at the canyon.


Thank you to my friend John Moore who’s in charge out there…a Missouri native…for calling and inviting me out to do this again.


It’s more than worth your effort to do this one time.  The train is so cool.  Food, beverage, scenic views, strolling entertainers car to car (me and others) a train robbery, and the incredible views of one top Wonders Of The World. 


Again…complete details are on my website but think about coming and jumping on our train!



That pop song recorded by Alan Thicke  and Pharell & TI,  “Blurred Lines”... got sued by the Marvin Gaye family because their song “Got To Give It Up” they felt was ripped off…copied.  After five years the courts agree with them and they won the case. 


That caught my attention because a few years ago Cledus T. Judd did a parody of that same song that I helped co-write with him and his producer Chris Clark and country rapper Colt Ford.  Who knew?  So we parodied a stolen song not knowing of course the lawsuit was coming from the Gaye family.  Thank goodness we just ripped off the original rippers.


If you’ve not heard this by the way….take a listen to our song “Luke Bryan”



Archeologist have dug up what they think is a fossil of the earliest GIGANTIC dinosaur ever.  One that was around 30 million years ago.  They uncovered it in Argentina and keep saying it’s the first gigantic dinosaur ever.  There was no Weight Watcher program back then…so all dinosaurs tipped the scales to the far right.  I’m pretty sure.



The “Running of the Bulls” is going on in Spain.  This is the event that has folks flying half way round the world so they can see if they can out run the bulls without getting gored, stomped on or killed.  Yesterday they reported only minor injuries. 


Too bad dinosaurs aren’t still around.  I’m sure some folks would try to outrun them too. 


For the record not once have I…or will I ever wake up saying, “ya know what sounds like fun?  Trying to outrun a bull.”  Gerbils maybe.  If they ever have a “Running Of The Gerbils”…I’m all in.



Kim Kardashian got paid half a million dollars to post ONCE on her Instagram account.  She was promoting a morning sickness pill.  I think I need one because I’m sick reading about this.



That IHop to IHob thing?  It was just to promote the fact they sell burgers now.  They taste awful with syrup I’m told.


Now they are back to IHOP once again.  All about creating talk…a buzz…and they did.


I’m praying they don’t go tell us they’re going into the brothel business and changing their name to IHOE for pub.



Joaquin Phoenix is going to do a movie on “The Joker”.  No Batman…all Joker.  I can see me checking that out.



Word is this morning that we may get TWO movies about the cave rescue in Thailand.  Everybody’s talking about it right now…and Hollywood has noticed.



And then there’s this.  Star Wars killed off Hans Solo (Harrison Ford) in the last episode.  Or did they?  Rumors are he may come back from the dead using some kind of Time Travel thing to turn back the clock and save his life.  Pretty sure that would get folks lined up 2 hours ahead of time dressed as Chewbacca to see that.



This caught my attention in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine this morning. 


The question was posed by one of the little animal characters, “What’s it like being dead”?  The answer came back as, “It’s like sleeping except you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to pee”.


Lots and lots of truth in humor boys and girls.



Off to write with my Georgia Quacker friend Gerald Smith which is always a pleasure.  I’m amazed we ever write a full song because we spend so much time laughing.


Have a great Thursday!


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