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Licking...Gig Last Night...Garth and Blake

Jul 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Already the 11th of July!  How many shopping days til Christmas?



It was all about ice cream licking yesterday.  That big story about idiots licking the ice cream in stores?  That one.  I wrote a parody of that to start my Wednesday for my New York folks.  Blue Bell was the ice cream violated and that made me think about my songwriter friend Aaron Barker who’s written some huge hits like this ONE for George Strait just to name one. But he also wrote and sings the Blue Bell Ice Cream jingle he wrote that helps keeps money showing up in his mailbox forever.  Wondering how Aaron is feeling about that story?


And you just know because of this that in the future opening a tub of ice cream will be like trying to solve a Rubik Cube.



I sat in with the trio Brassfield at the Backstage Opry Grill last night.  Man those two brothers and the one brother’s wife Jessie can really sing.  Chadley, Bradley and Jessie.  I did about 30 minutes of original music for them in the middle of their set as their guest songwriter and was happy to do so.  The best part of it truly was getting to hear their three-part harmony again.  Thanks for having me guys.



Tennessee is HOT…hey…it’s the middle of July so it’s supposed to be right?  I’ll take hot and dry over the flooding waters down in New Orleans that could see another hurricane developing.  Not what anyone wants to hear in New Orleans.  Hopefully they won’t have to test those new levees they built after the devastation of the last one. 


I played just off of Bourbon Street last year for a big ole Parrot Head multi-day gathering called Pardis Gras that was so much fun.  And the best part was not noticing anything different down the Quarter.  Here’s hoping the really bad stuff steers clear of the Crescent City.



I spotted this great fun story in the Tennessean this morning about the new Garth Brooks collaboration with Blake Shelton on a song called “Dive Bar”.  One of the really great things about the Nashville newspaper is they print a lot of behind the scenes music story.  Check out this ARTICLE and get a glimpse of how these two Okies got together on this fun song.



With all the different kind of workout programs available now…Yoga, Peloton, on and on an on.  It makes me think back to my first workout program.  Elsberry High PE class.  Girls wore blue bloomers.  That’ll take you back.  I remember Squat Thrusts being a biggie.  I never hear of anyone squat thrusting anymore.  Do you?  It do sound like a song though so I’m grateful for all the time I spent squat thrusting for that reason alone.



In the near future…and in the UK first…they are equipping Alexa to give you all the health advice you’d ever need just by asking.  Cool…but somehow I’m not comfortable talking to her about having to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom.  Maybe if I have a headache I’ll talk to her.



Pabst Blue Ribbon has just started making “Hard Coffee”.  Hard lemonade so why not hard coffee?  Pabst almost went under until a rich investor came in and saved the Milwaukee Beer.  But now they offer something that will give you a jolt and get you drunk all at the same time for your morning commute.  There ya go.



Well…I’m a big baseball fan so it did catch my attention that there’s an app now where one can buy a small interest in the most expensive baseball card in history…the Honus Wagner baseball card.  Right now it’s value is $3 million dollars.  (I know…I cry every time I think about throwing away my baseball card collection when I was a kid too)  Will the price continue to go up where one would make a little money on that card in the future?  I dunno.  But it would be kinda cool to say you own part of that to any other baseball nerd out there.



Taylor Swift could buy that Honus Wagner card.  She was just named the richest entertainer in the world.  At last count her net worth is $360 million bucks and counting. She’s all of 29 years of age.  Taylor…do the right thing.  Buy the card and give it to me!



It’s all about “Hits & Grins” today as our little songwriting trio is getting together today to start rehearsing for a big showcase in Nashville where buyer from theaters all over the country fly in to listen to acts and then decide who they want to put into their Performance Series in 2021.  We did this maybe five years ago and that little showcase took us to California, Wyoming, Washington, North Carolina, Missouri and other parts of the country.  So the work for that showcase that takes place the first of August begins today in earnest. 


Speaking of traveling.  I’m entering a stretch of being on airplanes a bunch with shows in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Montana all coming up over the next two and a half weeks!  If you’re curious about where I’ll be, just go to my calendar here on my website.


Have a great Thursday!


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