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Songwriter Internet Show...Margaritaville...Fish Fry

Jul 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day Wednesday. 



I had an off day from any real appointments so I got a walk around the lake in, my ears lowered, picked up an audio of a program being aired right now on several radio stations here and across the country.  Randy C Moore hosts this show and they made me the featured songwriter this time around so I thank him and Ginny Foley for having me.  It sounds great.


Here’s the INFO on how to listen to that show if you’d like.


Randy is a songwriter-singer himself and he always chooses a song to sing at the end of his show that the featured writer wrote.  In my case, he chose “Hello London” which was sort of kind of written about my daughter Heather after she started flying for American Airlines.  She called from London early in that flying career and that’s how I answered the call when I saw it was her.  “Well…hello London”.  That stuck with me and friend Paul Bogart helped me finish it.  Randy’s version is pretty cool and it’s always fun to hear someone else interpret a song you wrote in their own way.



And my parody song assignment yesterday was to write a parody song about the story I mentioned here yesterday about how women’s bras are giving them a headache.  So I took the Toby Keith hit “Red Solo Cup” and turned that into “My Brassiere Cup”.  High art here folks. 



And you can find details of a songwriter round at this LINK that I’ll be part of at the end of July with Amanda Williams and Keesy Timmer in Nashville.  Yes…it’s open to the public and held in a very room at a place that Amanda owns.  Amanda wrote the Garth hit Beer Run to name one…and Keesy is a writer on the Kelsey Ballerini hit Yea Boy” that was a personal favorite song of Taylor Swifts for awhile.  If you’re in town…please come out for this fun show!



Best fish fry I’ve ever gone to belongs to my brother Gene back in Montgomery City that he no longer holds.  It had gotten HUGE with hundreds of folks coming for free fish.


I’m sure the Kid Rock Fish Fry is not a bad one either.  He’s holding that for the 4th year out at Fontanels…the old Barbara Mandrell property that now has restaurants, hiking trails, and performing venues. 


This year he’s holding the first “General Lee Hood Sliding” contest.  They’ve got a replica of the old General Lee from “Dukes Of Hazard” and some good ole boys will be going for their best hood slides.  That might make it worth going to all by itself.



Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville empire is doing well.  That escapism brand is now making 2 BILLION dollars per year.  Folks love the beach…me included.  And I guess they feel like they’re going to one when the go to a Margaritaville in Nebraska.  I guess.  Jimmy married the lifestyle he loves…and it’s continuing to pay off.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in that somewhere.



Coastal Living just listed the top 10 Islands to retire on and why.  Key West where Jimmy Buffett hung for years made the list.  If you’re curious about your island to retire on…here’s the ARTICLE.



The Thailand cave rescue caught the world’s attention.  Those boys are safe.  One Seal lost his life in the rescue.  Truly amazing.  And it’s no surprise that movie producers have already been there and a movie will be made about this true-life miracle that happened. 


Just about the time you think the world has gone to heck with political ugliness…something like this story is a wonderful reminder of how good the world can be. 



Workers are quitting at a record high percentage.  It’s at a 17 year high right now.  Experts think it’s because of the strong economy and that folks feel confident they can quit and find a better paying job…or a job they enjoy doing more.


Go with the job you enjoy most would be my advice.  Check that Jimmy Buffett story above. 



I kinda like this.  Lucky Charms has seen a 20% increase in sales.  Maybe some folks are sick of sticking kale and green yuk into blenders.  I dunno.  I just no it’s impossible not to like Lucky Charms.  And FYI…I eat all of it…not just the marshmallows.



The latest dumbest trend for folks who can’t help but snap countless Selfies?  Pretending they have a headache.  The fake it…take a selfie…and post it.  Fake News…Fake Migraines…why not?


My theory on anyone doing this is…these are the same folks that wondered aimlessly for hours playing Pokemon.


I’m so glad I got to co-write the song “Get Over Your Selfie” with Amanda Williams.  It’s more and more relevant each day.



My idea for getting rich?  I’m going to compete with Lucky Charms and invent Instagrams Cereal.  It should be easy to take it viral.  Everyone load up a bowl of Instagram Cereal and then post it on Instagram.  I don’t know why it took so long to think of it.



There’ are folks who pay great dollars to go see a tattoo artist in Munich.  His deal is different.  You don’t choose your tattoo.  He does.  Whatever he wants to ink on you…he do.  Wow. 


Remind me to be sober if I’m ever strolling the streets of Munich.



“6 Ways To Make Your Butt Look Awesome In A Bikini”.  Uh huh.  Don’t worry…I won’t be posting any pictures after completing the list. 



A little list of things to catch up on today including setting a possible new date to go back out to Northern Arizona to entertain on the Grand Canyon Railway for a second time. I’ll post those dates soon and then plant a seed that you should make a trip and ride the train with me to the South Rim and back one day.


Have a great Wednesday!




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