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Dive Bars...Bluegrass...Show Tonight In Nashville

Jul 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day again…already.



I got tired of lying around with this cold I’ve been hanging onto so I just jumped in and had full day trying to ignore it.  Sometimes if ya throw yourself into enough stuff it seems to make it more tolerable…at least to me.  And it is getting mucho better thank goodness.


So my Tuesday had me writing a parody song about Garth Brooks releasing a schedule of “Dive Bar” dates he’s going to play…one of those being at Bobby Mackey’s nightclub in Wilder, Kentucky that I’ve played a few times right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.  Bobby’s place is like stepping back into one of those Urban Cowboy rooms like we saw in the movie with John Travolta complete with mechanical bull and mechanical punching bags.  Bobby and his band have been there more years that I can count playing “traditional” country music.  And Bobby has somehow made that work.  The place is packed on Friday and Saturday night with a LOT of young people who have made the old all new again.  It’s very cool.  So I was glad for my friend to see that Garth chose his place as one of those he’ll be playing on this tour.  The parody song I wrote?   “I’ve Got Friend In Dive Bar Places”. 



Then I spent some time trying to navigate our huge airport hear BNA as I applied to get a TSA fast pass that allows one to get in a faster security line for a fee.  Our airport is getting bigger and bigger and there’s lots of construction that reminds you of that if you visit.  There is no short term parking apparently and I had to catch an $18 shuttle just to get to the terminal and back.  The process itself is easy…no I wait to see if they approve me or not by mail.  The fee is $85 and does NOT include international flights.  Apparently if you want that it’s a higher fee and a different process for that approval.  Sigh.  The pass is good for 5 years if you’re approved and one can be turned down for any flight…all stuff I didn’t know.  But after spending all that time there in 100 degree heat getting back and forth and paying $18 for an hour of parking…I let them take my fingerprints and mug-shot.  I refused to turn left and cough.



Yesterday I got to rhyme at the kitchen table again with my bluegrass buddy Irene Kelley who’s had a lot of success and acclaim for her current album “Benny’s TV Repair” that she dedicated to the memory of her late Father Benny who ran a TV repair shop in his basement as Irene was growing up near Latrobe, PA.  Kyle Cantrell our mutual friend who was just inducted into the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame a few weeks ago is THE man at the Bluegrass Junction Channel on Sirius-XM and he’s going to feature this album playing every song off the record with Irene in as his special guest.  So both of our songs will get some national exposure “Faster Than Angels Can Fly” and "Walk With Me Today".  Thank you Kyle.  And in a couple of weeks the publication "Bluegrass Today" is going to do a feature article on it.  Way to go Irene!


And thanks to Irene for her creative time again yesterday as we touched up one song and wrote a new one to add to our growing little catalog.



And then last night I did catch a fair amount of the All Star Baseball game that was in Cleveland.  The American League won again 4-3 this time.  They’ve won like 19 out of the last 22 or so.  What’s going on NL?


There’s lots of discussion about the baseball being juiced this year with so many balls leaving the park.  MLB denies it…who knows?  Athletes are a lot stronger so there’s that.  But balls do seem to go further.  Golf balls too.  Better equipment…and for sure more sculpted athletes playing that game.


Par 5’s may get longer and longer to try and help make up for some of that ridiculously long driving off the tee.  One course has an over 700-yard par 5 I read overseas.  Wow.  I should be able to get there in 20…if I can find my ball enough times.



Okay…so even though I’m participating and promoting stuff on my social networks I don’t really understand how some make SO much money on posting stuff.  But I know I need to understand Instagram better, which has become a “get rich” place for some folks who can influence others with what they post.


For instance.  The Bachelorette this year because of her exposure on ABC has 1.4 million followers.  If you have 1 million or more followers you can make as much as $10,000 per post.  Uh huh.  Reality TV stars in general they say will average $1,000 to $5,000 per posting on Instagram. I’m putting in my application to “Big Brother” right now.



Burger King just rolled out a $1 Taco.  I don’t know if they still give you a gold paper crown for spending just 1 buck but there’s some cheap eating for you.


It is funny how we’re programmed though.  I would never order a burger at Taco Bell…and I’m pretty sure I’d never order a Taco from Burger King.  But if either place offered Mac and Cheese…



Bankrate.com just released their list of best states to retire in.  Number one?  Not Florida.  It’s Nebraska!  The Cornhusker state is followed by Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota then Florida at #5.


Wellness, affordability, low crime were some of the yardstick measures they used.  And in the top 4 cities…you will get a lot of corn…and snow and cold weather.


Worst places to retire?  Number one worst is Maryland followed by New York, Alaska, Illinois and Washington.  And now ya know.



The “live” action Aladdin movie with Will Smith that was just out got mixed reviews from the critics.  The new Lion King “live action” movie which had some showings last night is getting almost universal raves from the same folks.  Beyoncé has a new song in it and it does look to be fun.  Here’s a sneak peek if you’re interested.  And the good news is that yes they are using the booming voice of James Earl Jones again for Mufasa.  Hakuna dang matata.



I’ve got a little show tonight in town I’ll be preparing for.  I’m sitting in with my friends “Brassfield” a talented trio made up of two brothers and the wife of one of those brothers who’s father just turns out to be J. P. Pennington of the hit group Exile.  It will be a pleasure to hear their harmony again tonight at the Opry Backstage Grill just off Music Valley Drive near the Opryland Hotel.  I’m their songwriter guest tonight and I’ll be on stage around 7:45 pm or so.  Come grab dinner and some music if you’re in town.


Have a great Hump Day.












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