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Kitchen Table Writing...Notre Dame...More Honky Tonks

Jul 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…and it’s both "National Cow Appreciation Day" and "National Pina Colada" day.  Maybe if I have a couple of pina colada’s I’ll appreciate Holsteins a bit more.



I sat down for the first time with Irene Kelley a noted bluegrass/American artist/writer.  My friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge got her up to sing one night while I was at the Station Inn here in Nashville and loved what she did.  So yesterday we sat down at her kitchen table with guitars and laptops and in Irene’s case…a pen and a pad…old school, which I love.


First time writes are often spent getting to know each other, as it was the first time we actually sat down to talk.  Funny how that goes.


Irene is from Latrobe, Pennsylvania that I knew was the birthplace of Arnold Palmer…but did not know that it was also the birthplace of Fred Rogers.  In fact, Irene showed me a cool picture of her sitting with Mr. Rogers’s statue on a bench in Latrobe.


Irene has a talented singing daughter, a dog and a bird.  The bird and the dog and I hit it off…the daughter was not there.


So after breaking the ice a bit Irene strummed and sang about a line and a half of a gospel almost hymn like tune that had been running through her head and we wrote that.  Simple, plaintive…easy to sing for anyone…and I like it a lot.  And I really enjoyed the experience with Irene.  It won’t be our last writing sessions.



One great story about how songs find their way after working with Irene yesterday.  Irene has had many artists cut her songs.  But how she got her Alan Jackson cut on this song "Little Bluer Than That” is an example of how songs just seem to find their way.


The first time Irene sang on the Grand Ole Opry…she sang that song.  She later got a call from her publisher who told her Alan wanted to record that song.  She actually said, “Alan who”?  Turns out Alan Jackson was listening to the Opry that night when she sang it.  Ya gotta love that!


Just an enjoyable day in Music City…AND…I went home with a jar of jam!



Garth Brooks is going to be the first artist ever to play a concert at Notre Dame stadium.  They had a press conference here yesterday and guess who was with Garth to announce this news?  The legendary former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz.   Only in Nashville folks.


And here’s my Notre Dame story.


When I was part of the morning show at WFMS Radio in Indianapolis I spent an evening at the Indians minor league ballpark…Victory Field.  I started chatting with the guy next to me who was obviously a baseball nut like I was.  Turns out he was the manager for the minor league team in South Bend…the city where you’ll find “Rudy” and Notre Dame.  He invited me to come up and see the ballpark and take a personal tour with him.  I could not pass that up.


So a few weeks later I go…and I go early because I wanted to drive by the Notre Dame campus and lay eyes on the stadium, the Golden Dome and “Touchdown Jesus”.  So I stop at a Burger King and ask for directions to Notre Dame.  Nobody at Burger King that day seemed to know exactly where it was.  How can you live in South Bend and not know that?!  I gave up…never saw it.


But I did get the tour of the baseball park.



And now Luke Bryan will have his own bar opening on Lower Broadway.  Pretty soon…anyone who’s ever had a number one song will have a honky tonk here.  Good grief.  Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, John Rich, Dierks Bentley, Alan Jackson, Florida Georgia Line and now Luke Bryan.


Lower Broadway Nashville has turned into Bourbon Street-Beale Street.  The only difference is that so far not a lot of blues are played there…and nobody is tossing beads…yet.



Birds eat 550 million TONS of bugs every year.  Wow.  I’m starting to like birds…a lot.  No wonder Irene Kelley owns one.



MSN printed that article today…50 worst in their opinion.  I figured for sure that I would have seen several on their list.  But no…I didn’t see one of these.  What are the odds?  I’ve seen a lot of BAD movies…but somehow…not one on their list.  How bout you?  Here’s the LIST…check it out.



Here’s a cool idea.  Someone has made a tent that floats.  Put it out on the water…climb in the tent…and you’ve got whatever water view you want.  And…no bears will get in!


I’m not sure how much the add on for an inflatable bathroom will be but I guess they’ll figure that out.  For now…don’t drink downstream from the tent.



I swear I read this ladies.  A headline that says, “Your Bra Could Be Giving You Headaches”.  However, when my wife complained of having one recently and I told her to take off her bra…uh…that didn’t go well.  Be advised.



“The Moment A Crazed Woman Hit Me In The Head With Her Ax”.  I’m betting that will turn into movie and make the list for 50 worst all time shortly after it hits the big screen.



Nothing big on the calendar.  A little writing for my folks in New York and then I’ll try to do a little catching up on the big pile of “catch up” stuff on my desk.


Have a great Tuesday!



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