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Crossville Tennessee Show...Rabun Gap, Georgia...Flying Spiders

Jul 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The start of another week…here we go.



Our “Evening In The Round” trio had a great two concert run with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and their youngest daughter Rylee Jean who went and sang with us this weekend.  I can’t tell you how much fun we had together made even more enjoyable because my wife Kathy got to make this trip…and became our “Swag Hag” again…a long story for some other time.


Our trip started Friday with a stop in Cookeville, TN right off I-40 East for a radio interview on the “The Giant” country radio station.  Phillip Gibbons the mid-day host had us on air singing for almost an hour…a generous amount of time helping us promote our show that evening at the Palace Theater in Crossville, TN.  Thank you Phillip and to all the folks who rolled out the red carpet for us at the radio station.


The Palace Theater is one of those old theaters restored and it was a pleasure to play there.  A lot of friends showed up…and we surely made lots of new ones too.  In fact one lady came up and told me she was from Jonesburg, Missouri, which is not far from where I grew up.  Small world sometimes. 


It’s been awhile since we’ve done a show together but everyone fell right into it again.  Rylee Jean sang the song I helped co-write called “Safe Haven” that her older sister Hillary of Lady Antebellum sang on the family’s Grammy winning inspirational CD “Love Remains”.  So you can imagine what a thrill it was for me to sit there and hear her sing that with Lang and Linda chiming in with great harmony on a song we wrote about Rylee’s grandfather…Lang’s Father…who passed from concert.  It was a moment for sure.


We all added some new songs…kept some “winners” that we always perform “Does He Love You”,  “My Maria” “Retired” and others. 


It is just a true pleasure for me to be part of this little musical family.  And it never gets old.



It was about 4 hours from Crossville to the Rabun Gap County Music Festival where we played Saturday night at another beautiful theater as part of their Performance Series.  We followed the Atlanta Symphony!  We have two guitars and a piano.  They had what?  A hundred instruments?  Quite the difference. 


This could simply not have been a better audience.  They were totally into the show…and we had so many great conversations with folks who live in Northern Georgia where we played…in those beautiful mountains. 


As we closed the last of these two shows…Lang, Linda, and Rylee sang “Love Remains” and there was not a dry eye in the audience.


We got back mid-afternoon yesterday after driving alongside the Oconee River and passing views of white water rafters making a run where our Olympians train…and lunch in beautiful downtown Chattanooga.  Our hearts are full…and our heads are filled with wonderful memories of this trip. 


And I can also tell you…some of the best part of these trips is the trips themselves with this gang.  It’s a whole separate show going down the road.  Next trip?  Pennsylvania.



Evening In The Round will be in the Somerset, Pennsylvania area for a show September 9 for a show…in Jennersville actually.  Linda and I will both be doing separate workshops up there and you can sign up for both, either and or come to our show on that Sunday.  You can find all the details on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com


Our thanks already to Judy Ellich who interviewed Linda yesterday and myself just moments ago to help publicize these workshops and shows.  Come see us!



I found out this morning that spiders use electricity to fly.  They do.  When my wife finds out about this…I’m betting she will try to have all electricity shut off.  So…if you AC goes kaput today…you’ll know why.



There is now a psychology museum.  It’s in Akron.  What the heck is in there that would entice me to pull over?  Does one get a free head exam with admission?  Or do they have it examined because one just paid admission to get in?



49% of us would do a “live” conference on our phone with our Doctor if it’s cheaper.  I’m for that…if it’s cheaper.  Do we step on our own bathroom scale and take our own blood pressure before the conversation begins?



If you dress up like a cow tomorrow and walk into Chik Fila…you get free food.  Careful trying to get through the tight doors with your big udder Bessie.


And here’s my all time favorite cow story.


When I was the morning guy at WMIL in Milwaukee Garth Brooks was coming to the State Fair.  I was brand new on air…so to get attention we did a “What Would You Do For Garth”? contest.  The winner would receive front row seats and get to meet Garth back stage with the radio station and me.


The winner?  This kid dressed his Mom up as a Holstein cow.  He put her in the back of his pickup truck with a mock barn on the back and straw in the bed.   “Live” on air…he milked his Mom!  He had rigged the udder up to shoot milk out somehow when he squeezed in the right place.  They took a picture…and Garth signed it with a quizzical look on his face. 


Second place in case you’re wondering?  A big redneck dressed in a Speedo and Cowboy hat and sang a Garth song and then sawed an old car of his in half.  Second place.


You gotta love radio kids.  And cows.



Science now says that wearing a necktie can cut off the blood flow to the brain.  Now you have an excuse to dump every tie in your closet and wear something comfortable.  Thank you science.



I’m off to write with Irene Kelley for the first time.  Irene is a noted bluegrass artist and I saw her get up and sing with some friends of mine recently at the Station Inn.  I love what she does…so I’m hoping I have half of a decent idea to bring to the table today.


Have a great Monday!







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