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Ready For The Road...New Dates Added..."It's Hot"

Jul 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little rain and a little cooler here today…we’ll take the rain if it cools things down a bit!



A busy Thursday even though I cancelled my songwriting appointment in order to pack and get ready for the road trip today with Lang Scott and Linda Davis and our “Evening In The Round” show. 


Tonight we have a 7 pm show in Crossville, Tennessee at the PALACE THEATER and Saturday night we are at the Rabun Country Music Festival in this beautiful THEATER near Dillard, Georgia.


We’ll leave about 10 AM this morning and stop in Cookeville, TN on the way to Crossville for a radio interview with mid-day host Phillip Gibbon who’s been on “The Giant” there for many years…and we’ll sing a song or two “live’ on air.


This will be a very very fun road trip for sure.



I also added a couple of more dates on my calendar as my friend and co-writer Amanda Williams invited me to perform at her little venue Songwriter Salon out in east Tennessee on July 28.  And then next year in July I’ll teach a songwriter class focusing on radio for her group.  So thank you Amanda for those dates.  All that info will be on my online calendar soon.



Nobody knows what the stock market is going to do these days with the tariffs starting to set in.  There’s a song at the top of the charts titled “Up Down” that made for a perfect parody song yesterday that I sent to my New York folks that’s being played somewhere this morning.  That too was part of my morning on Thursday.



To my wife Kathy who is now officially a real estate agent.  Yes…I’ll be a kept man…and that don’t make me sad.  She got her license maybe a year ago…but just now activated it so she’ll be sticking her lovely toes into that water a bit.  She’s a pretty sharp cookie…and I know this because she chose me!  Anyone who uses her as his or her agent?  They’ll be pretty happy folks.



As Nashville grows and grows…more and more upscale hotels are being added to skyline downtown.  That means competition.


Some of our upscale amenities here include…a chef making meals for your pets.  Uh huh.  Massages of course.  Bathroom mirrors with a TV imbedded in them!  And my favorite?  One hotel here has a professional recording studio for all the music folks who choose to stay there. 


I’m just a simple man when it comes to hotels.  Clean room, mint on the pillow…and a Magic Fingers at the end of the bed and I’m good.



Did you know that On Star has folks who can help deliver your baby?  So if you’re on the interstate like my friend Paul Bogart was a couple of months ago and the baby is coming before you can get to the hospital…hit On Star and someone comes on to help you.  They’ve done it before.  Now THAT is an amenity.



Do you know what it is?  Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA.  A combination of badminton, ping pong and tennis they tell me.  Pickleball.  You can look it up.  And I thought “Nude Shuffleboard” was the fastest growing.



Take a look at THIS.  Pink inflatable water coffins are selling big time.  A recreational way of being buried at sea I suppose.  Order two along a with a thigh master and a mood ring and I’m betting you’ll get a great deal.



Some folks are taking “preventive botox” shots starting at the age of 21. I guess that means at my age it’s called “desperate botox”. 



Yesterday a guy was spotted walking naked in Burlington, Vermont.  When they picked him up and questioned him about his sanity he replied, “It’s very hot”. 



Off we go…on the road again.  I hope to see some friendly faces in Crossville, TN and Rabun, Georgia over the next couple of days.


Have a great weekend!

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