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Yesterday Movie...Vets...Show Tomorrow Night

Jul 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the 5th of July which means we’re only two weeks away from folks sending up fireworks in their backyard every night…maybe.



We did a little belated birthday celebration for my wife Kathy as my daughter and I took her for lunch and a movie.  Low key…like we like our birthday celebrations.  We saw “Yesterday” "The Beatles" themed movie that was really fun to watch.  Thumbs up.  Just to hear all those great songs again made the price of the ticket so worth it.  Gosh could those young guys write songs.  I’m not sure anyone will ever touch the genius of their work. 



No fireworks.  But I heard some popping out our windows.  My sister Vicky texted me about a band of Wounded Warriors performing on the Capitol Celebration on TV last night and I flipped over and saw those guys tackling “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band.  Kind of cool seeing a guy in uniform sawing on a fiddle and another in a wheel chair thumping on a bass.  Good for those heroes.  It was surely nice to see them recognized that way.


I’ve had the pleasure of playing before a group of Wounded Warriors in Texas.  Spent quite a bit of time with them and that was truly an honor.  In fact, one soldier gave me his “honor” coin after my performance that moved me.


I never turn down opportunities to play for or work with our Vets.  I’ll never forget playing with “Hits & Grins” years ago in Florida for a songwriter festival and we were asked to play an event for the Gold Star Moms who were packing care packages for their kids serving overseas.  When we got done, a soldier requested to see us in the back of the room. He was seated with a prosthetic leg and told us how much he loved our music and would we please autograph his leg?  I’ve should have asked for his autograph. 


And these days I get to work with the Operation Song group I’ve blogged about before.  Next weekend I’ll jump on plane for Colorado with six other songwriters and we’ll end up in Montrose, Colorado for a few days to write the stories of more veterans into their songs.  I feel very blessed to give back a little in that way for these men and women who serve. 


BEST SONGS           

USA Today just listed the “Best Songs About Every State”.  At least…these are their opinions.  For my home state of Missouri they chose the song “Kansas City” by Wilbert Harrison.  For Tennessee where I now live the choice is a choice I’ve never heard of.  “Tennessee Love” by Yelawolf.  Uh huh. 


They apparently based their choices on airplay, and in particular airplay on Spotify.  If your curious about your state just click on the link for all the choices. 


Some Samsung owners who bought those waterproof phones are a tad unhappy.  Turns out they’re not so waterproof after all.  Something about “truth in advertising” may show up in the courtroom.  Even if I bought a Samsung phone that they promised was waterproof I still wound not choose to go deep sea diving with it tucked in my pocket.  And if I did I would surely put it on silent.



Some genius folks in Canada have built a home using over 600,000 recycled plastic water bottles that they claim is hurricane proof.  Able to withstand wind gusts of over 300 mph.  I live in Tennessee.  I’m hoping plastic tornado proof is next on their agenda!


And you know for sure those in California right now would take an earthquake proof home made out of that.



Around the world there are apparently some really WEIRD wedding traditions.  In China they shoot the bride!  In China’s Yugar culture (I dunno)…grooms shoot their future brides with bow and arrowheads three times!  The arrowheads are removed and when the shooting is done the groom breaks the arrows to ensure they will stay married forever.  Sounds like a TV show waiting to happen to me.



In France a rooster is on trial.  Seriously.  His crowing is waking up the neighbors.  His owners are being accused of “noise pollution”.  Hey…but they’re never late for work anymore!



How can you not read a story with that headline?  Me personally?  I learned that the door of a microwave can be reflective like a mirror.  So I just fry in a pan now on a stove.  You’re welcome.



Well…nursing a bit of a cold today so staying in and popping vitamins because I have to sing tomorrow night down in Duck River, Tennessee at the Duck River Country Store with my friend Bobby Tomberlin.  It’s the second time both of us have played this great little General Store type atmosphere…but the first time we’ve done it together so this will be great fun if my throat and voice will cooperate.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great weekend!





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