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A Hot 4th...A New Patriotic Song...Road Ahead

Jul 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here’s hoping you had a great 4th of July.



Very uneventful 4th here at the Whyte House…although we heard lots of fireworks booming over Old Hickory Lake outside our windows last night.


Our July 4 apparently was the 3rd hottest on record reaching 99 degrees and with heat index?  There were as a lot of hillbilly sweatin’ going on for sure.  I can remember playing in a band on the 4th many times…and a lot of those events were outdoors.  Once we did a show with the late Don Gibson at a Fairgrounds somewhere.  I remember being on a concrete stage…no shade all dressed up in stage clothes and melting…literally melting.  Don should have been singing “Oh Sweaty Me” instead of his classic “Oh Lonesome Me”.  So my hats off to those that just go and celebrate despite the intense heat.


My sister Vickie kept texting me that she was wrapped up watching the PBS 4th of July special…and for good reason.  Both the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett played this time around.  That’s about as red white and blue as you can get for music.


Meanwhile the bikini just turned 72 years old today…and there were a lot of those being worn in and out of the water on the 4th.  Who knew two pieces of cloth would make so much money through the years?



The idiot that climbed up on the Statue of Liberty yesterday…or Joey Chestnut swallowing all those hot dogs to become champ again?  Vote early and vote often.



My young talented friend Laney Meredith up in Bowling Green, Kentucky who I’ve watched grow up…and have written with since she was 12 I think played a 4th of July event yesterday and chose to sing a couple of tunes that we wrote together.  Here’s ONE you can check out…and you’ll be able to hear that this young lady can really sing.  Thank you Laney for doing that.  It’s been a pleasure watching her and her talent grow up.


And my thanks to my friend Lang Scott who patiently sat with me yesterday and figured out how to re-load an re-launch my Pro Tools recording software which will allow me to start recording songs and do some voice over work.  I gave up on trying to fix it quite a long while ago…but my friend was determined to figure out what was wrong with it…and danged if he didn’t.  I get frustrated…not mad when things go wrong with my computer…his attitude is…”hmmm…I’m gonna figure this thing out”.  I’m wishing my brain worked more like that.


Lang and his wife Linda and their daughter Rylee Jean and my wife Kathy hit the road tomorrow morning for a couple of “Evening In The Round Shows”.  More on that at the end of the blog.



One big long standing rock n roll club in Nashville now says if you tattoo their name on your body you’ll be allowed in free for all concerts…unless they are sold out and then they’ll do their best to get you and your Exit/In tattoo in the building. 


WSM is inside the GAYLORD OPRYLAND HOTEL RESORT AND CONVENTION CENTER.  That’s a tad too long for me to be willing to ink my body to get in the place.  Thank goodness they are not offering that promotion up.



This is some good news.  The experts now say that they expect LESS hurricane activity this year after earlier predicting there could be many.  This is great news.  Anytime we see less of Jim Cantore…the better.



Their iconic dog had to be euthanized.  Sorry to hear.  I bring it up because I actually interviewed the dog once.  Well…okay…the owner did the talking but the dog was there.  A gentle soul for sure.  RIP Duke.


Pretty much proof that I’ve interview almost anything walking through the years…and that also includes Lassie.



64% of all millennials get their news from the social network.  That also means they’re getting a fair amount of “fake news” too.  You don’t see many of the new generation holding up a newspaper…ever.  And this is why some said years ago if you have “ink” on your hands you’re in a dying industry. 



Both China and Japan now claim they will have self driving buses on the roads next year.  No driver.  Climb on board…pay your fare…hope for the best.



Scientist say that dinosaurs when they roamed the planet were constantly fighting.  That of course means we’ve found the earliest form of politicians.



“How To Wear Skinny Jeans When You’re Not In Your 20’s.”  Without reading any of the article I already knew the answer to that.  Shoehorn and grease.



“Woman Loses Her Toenails Getting A Fish Pedicure”.  Uh huh.  You stick your feet in a pool full of little fish that come up and clean your feet.  Apparently a couple of those had a toenail fetish nobody knew about. 


I’d avoid the offer to get a crocodile foot massage too if I were you.



A little writing for my New York folks and then it’s packing time for the road and getting everything in order for that.  Tomorrow night I’m in Crossville, TN with “Evening In The Round” and on the trip taking I-40 East we will stop in Cookeville for a radio interview to promote our show.  Then Saturday morning we make our way to the Rabun Country Music Festival near Dillard, GA for another show.


I am so looking forward to being on stage again with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  And we do hope to see some of you out front in one of those two theaters will be playing in.


Have a great Thursday!





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