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WSM...Evening In The Round...4th Of July

Jul 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Independence Day…let freedom ring.



I was on air again for WSM radio from 10-3 filling in for Mike Terry.  I found myself multi-tasking as my New York folks sent a request for another hot weather song to run at radio stations tomorrow after everyone…or at least some…go back to work after watching the fireworks go off.  So I got that done during the show as well as writing a jingle for a morning radio show in Albany, NY that’s now on my “to do” of writing once a week.


The mid-day show that I was on is music intensive…meaning sometimes it can be 15 minutes or more before I ever say a word on air.  So there’s plenty of time to multi-task.


My friend and co-writer Jimmy Fortune was on the road yesterday and was listening and was nice enough to call and say “hey”.  Jimmy gave me his copy of the Statler Brothers book that was more than interesting recently…and of course some of the book talks about Jimmy who was their high tenor singer before the Statler Brothers pulled the plug big time and totally retired.   Thanks for the call Jimmy.


And…I also got a nice call from John Moore…and ex-Missourian who went to my college at Central Missouri State University and now books the talent on the Grand Canyon Railroad that runs every day from Williams Arizona to the Grand Canyon and back.  I was one of the entertainers on the train last year, which is quite the experience to say the least.  John was calling to check on me and we’re looking at the calendar for me to go back out sometime this year and play the train again.  More than happy to do that and it will be great seeing John and some of the friends I made out there in beautiful northern Arizona last year.  Thanks for the invitation again John.



Then last night I gathered with my Evening In The Round trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.  We have a show this Friday night in Crossville, Tennessee, then Saturday night at the Rabun Music Festival in Georgia.  So we had a little rehearsal…went over a couple of new songs and worked on some harmony parts.  And…for those of you who bought tickets for either show…we have a little surprise coming.  Rylee Jean…their youngest daughter is making this trip with us and will sing a couple of songs too…including the one I helped write with Rylee’s older sister Hillary Scott who of course sings with Lady Antebellum.  It’s going to be very cool to hear Ryless sing “Safe Haven” the song we wrote about her now late grandfather. 


I sat there last night with my guitar singing along and smiling.  It’s just a true pleasure to be a little part of their family and this songwriter show. 


We don’t have a ton of dates on the books but we do have that run this weekend and then we also have Pennsylvania coming up as well as Gulf Shores, Alabama and Homestead, Florida next year.  Again to keep up with all the dates just check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com



We’ll do much of nothing for the holiday.  Feet up for the most part and do some catch up work.  We live with a little view of Old Hickory Lake outside our doors…and all we have to do is walk out on the lawn and we’ll see fireworks in the air at several different places around the lake.  Good enough for us.


Meanwhile…Hillary Scott who I mentioned about will play for 250,000 and more folks in downtown Nashville this evening before the fireworks go up over the Cumberland River.  Love Lady A…but I’ll take my small crowd on my lawn.


Out west because of wildfires…some communities are opting for something other than fireworks.  Aspen will have one of those drone shows like we saw at the Olympics in South Korea doing their synchronized light thing which is pretty cool.  If you’ve not see that…here’s a LOOK  at what that looks like.


Other western communities will do laser lights…anything other than fireworks which could set off more fires which they don’t need.



First…Universal Studios is now selling butter beer ice cream in the park.  I’m sure its in the Harry Potter part which my wife and I visited last year.  The butter beer drink in a mug is delicious and a park favorite.  Sort like a butterscotch thing…and I’m sure the ice cream is going to taste like that too.  Two thumbs up from me and Hagar.


And…Starbucks is getting ready to sell Avocado Frappuccino’s.  For whatever reason…avocados are in vogue.  It’s avocado everything it seems.  It’s green of course…so I have to pass.  I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to anything green.


“Hand Feeding A Shark Is A Terrible Idea”.  Yep.  A woman tried it recently.  She won’t be pointing fingers at anyone soon.  That would fall under, “Hey y’all…watch this!!!!”



I’ll be catching up on some stuff…but certainly like all Americans…I’ll take time to be thankful I do live in a country where folks have stepped up to keep us free.  We get to grill hot dogs and eat watermelon and watch fireworks and baseball games and lay out by the pool only because of the sacrifice of brave American men and women and their families.  Thank you for everything you do.


Happy 4th

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