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More Radio...Rehearsal Time...Happy Folks

Jul 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s 4th of July Eve.  And the weather proves it.  96 tomorrow for the holiday here in Nashville.  Break out the hot dogs and watermelon and turn up the AC.



It’s all Fourth of July requests now from the folks I write parody songs for in New York.  So another “three fingered” fireworks song is being played somewhere over the Independence Day holiday.


Once that was finished I made the trip to the Opryland Hotel and hung out on the air from 10-3 filling in for Mike Terry on WSM Radio.  I’ll be there again today…same hours.  Do tune in if ya can worldwide at wsmonline.com


Pedestrian deaths have leaped over the last year.  I know they say walking is good for you…but not if you’re walking in the middle of the road.  Make a note.


However…if you read the latest study on coffee…drink up…you’ll live longer.  Coffee drinking and how it relates to your health is the biggest back and forth ever I think.  One article claims it’s good…next one…not so much.  I’m going with the first report. 



Apparently that state of Ben & Jerry’s and Maple Syrup and colorful leaves in the Fall is offering up $10,000 for folks to move and live in the state…and work.  They’ve already had over 1,800 inquire.  Why they have so much trouble getting folks to live there…I dunno.  But now that I think about it…Vermont is one of only a handful of states that I’ve never been too. 



In St. Louis…after a 5 year rebuild and clean up…the Arch is back open.  I always look forward to seeing it come into view as I near the Mississippi River every time I head back home.  And what’s really weird about that is…all those years I was there…played in St. Louis…hung around…I never once went up the tram in the Arch.  One more thing on the “to do” list…some day.



Amazon Prime Day is coming up July 16.  Lots of bargains delivered to your door for free.  I think I’d better check my credit card maximum in case my girls get wind of this. 


Amazon will deliver by drone they say which does make me wonder…if I order a drone…does another drone deliver it?  Hmmm.  I could drone on about this forever…but won’t.



7 Best Fanny Packs for guys.  I just don’t see me wearing one.  I think that’s just one more reason Brent Burns and I wrote this SONG.



“Get Stronger…Lift Less”.  I’m surprised I don’t already look like “The Rock” with my shirt off. 



Lots of articles from experts on that subject.  I scanned through an article addressing that this morning…17 or 18 points covered and most of it is just common sense.  My favorite?  “Hang Out With Happy People”.  The half cup full folks are a lot more fun to be with and never drag ya down.  Sounds simple I know…but some were apparently born to be unhappy and drag down the happy folks. 


There was a great song by the late Bob Luman… that was titled “Ain’t Got Time To Be Unhappy”.  That pretty much sums it up for me. 



Off to WSM as I mentioned…10-3.  And then I have a rehearsal with “Evening In The Round” as Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself hit the road for two shows this Friday and Saturday.  Friday evening we’re in Crossville, Tennessee at the Palace Theater.  Saturday we’ll be in Dillard Georgia a beautiful theater there as part of their annual music festival.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to play together…and we are all looking forward to this weekend.  Complete details of both shows can be found on my calendar on my website at billwhytecomedy.com


Have a great Tuesday!



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