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Studio Weekend...A Loss...On Air Today

Jul 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And it’s 4th of July week.  Unbottle the bottle rockets.  And somebody find my headphones.  I’m on air the next couple of days.



I spent all of Friday and Saturday in studio with my friend Brent Burns knocking out 8 songs for his next album…six of those being songs I helped him bring to life.  A mix of funny and beach tunes that will be a great addition to his growing rack of CD’s he sells to the tourists and Trop Rock crowd who follows Brent wherever he goes.


Certainly it was great fun working with Dave Francis the producer and Marv Treutel our engineer and the group of talented musicians who are all part of this project.  My guess is it will be available in a couple of months or so…and certainly by the end of September when the two of us tour Italy for a week with a busload of fans that we’ll entertain along the way.


Pretty sure “Midnight At Waffle House” could become a quick favorite.



Richard Bachschmidt died this weekend…a name you would not know.  He was just 43.  Richard was my producer for my morning show at WSM-FM for a little over a year.  So talented…funny…quick and certainly outrageous.  Over the last 10 years or more he has ruled the rock n roll airwaves in Charleston.  Police found him alone and dead in his car in a wooded area.  Obviously there was more going on with my friend that I understood.  He was just a great great talent and he made me laugh when I was around him.  Too short a life.  Too short a life and I’m still in shock at the news which reminds me how fleeting this life can be.


I posted some thoughts about my friend on my Facebook feed and this morning I received the nicest note within that thread from his Mother who said some really nice things after reading the post about her son.  I was touched…and I surely feel for her loss.  And there are ton of his fans feeling that loss in Charleston today too.  Just sad…really sad.



At the airport it won’t be enough to remove your socks, belt, cap…now they want your snacks too.  Apparently they’re worried about some kind of illegal substance being tucked into our Frito bag.  I’m sure within my lifetime the TSA will look like a nudist colony.  Sooner than later. 


That of course will take “pat downs” to a new level.



This had to happen.  A TV series about TV evangelists is on the way…finally.  John Goodman will star.  I’m betting there will be an episode where his character asks his flock of faithful to send him money for his private plane.  Man…I’d love to be a comedy writer on this show with so much material to choose from.



NBC will re-run the Elvis Special that aired in 1968 that re-launched the King’s career.  I actually remember seeing this the year I graduated High School (eons ago) and enjoyed it but had no idea what an iconic moment was unfolding in front of us.


They will re-run it August 16 which will be the 50th anniversary of that special…and it will mark 41 years since Elvis left the building for the last time. 



As big a baseball fan as I am…and as many times that I’ve stood for the 7th inning stretch at some baseball park and sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”…had no idea that the writers of that song Jack Norworth and Albert VonFilzer had NEVER seen a baseball game.  In fact…it was something like 20 years after the song launched before either of them ever did go to a ballgame.  One of the old rules of songwriting is “write what you know”.  Obviously…that’s not true all of the time.



First…you can now pay to go float in Epsom salt water.  Float therapy.  Don’t we all have bathtubs with water and Epsom salt?  I’m going to start charging.


And…you can now get armpit detox too.  And if that’s not your wellness thing…


There’s a masseuse you can make an appointment with who will BITE you to in her words, “help promote your blood flow”.  Uh huh.


I’ll stick to a wash basin and a bar of Lava soap.



My daughter and her husband give a “thumbs up” to the new Jurassic Park movie which owned the box office this past weekend.  They saw it at a drive in movie theater over the weekend.  Yes…there are still some of those.  And they also told me there will most surely be another one coming from the way this one ended.  More dinosaurs.



Another disturbing sign for those of us who make music for a living.  Best Buy is taking all of the CD’s out of their stores.  Sigh.  Less and less places one can buy those.  I’m already shopping at a vintage album-cd store here in Music City to find what I want on a playable form.  With CD players soon to leave cars I have no idea what we will be selling after we do shows.


Wonder if I sold a mood ring that played my music when you touch it would sell?  Someone a whole lot sharper than me is going to have to reinvent a wheel or two here.



The next two days you’ll find me on WSM Radio again.  4th of July time and some of the full timers are taking time off.  So…I’m on air 10-3 today and tomorrow.  Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Monday!









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