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Beach In The Studio...Hall Of Fame Show...Lots Of Wives

Jun 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

End of another week…end of yet another month.



Thursday began with a run to the airport to pick up my friend Brent Burns who’s in town to start work on his new Trop Rock Album.  We’ll have two long days in studio starting a few hours from now.  Yesterday was used to prepare for what’s coming.


It started with our friend Steve Dean coming over and we co-wrote a new beach song together that turned out so good Brent is going to put it on this new project.  That doesn’t happen a lot.  Write a song the day before you start recording and it winds up on the album.  Love that…and we had a blast writing it. 


I’ve been blessed to have that a couple of times.  Brady Seals and I wrote for the very first time and I brought a title he loved “Been There, Drunk That”.  His album he’d been working on was done…completely done.  But he went in almost the next day and recorded our song and they stopped the presses and put it on his album “Playtime”.  It became the second single…they did this great VIDEO and it got up to almost 30 or so on the big chart. 


And the other time was when I wrote “Buckaroo Lullabye” with Paul Bogart…a bedtime lullabye about Paul’s first little cowboy Jett that had the same result.  Paul called his producer and played it after we wrote it that day…and they went back in studio and included it on his latest CD “Lullabye”.  This is a business of ya just never know what will happen with a song when they’re finished.  But I’m surely grateful for all the good things that have happened with the three I just mentioned.



After Steve left Brent’s session leader Dave Francis came over and we listened down to all the songs we’re recording over the next two days…7 or 8…and charted out the songs for the musicians who will gather with us at about 9 am this morning to start the process.  Dave plays bass…guitar and more…and is terrific to work with in studio.  He’s played bass for a lot of folks you would know and we’re happy to have him onboard again for this beach ride we’re going on.



I will say my friend was wearing an attention getting baseball cap that he had to point out to me…Mr. Oblivious.  It reads “Guitars Not Guns”.  I’m not sure which is more dangerous to tell ya the truth. For some guitar players there should have been a longer waiting period to buy.  Sounds like a song idea to explore somewhere down the line.



I did add a really cool date to my calendar yesterday.  Steve Dean and I got confirmation that we will play at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum inside the beautiful Ford Theater Saturday morning August 11 as part of their songwriter series.  The show is free with museum admission that day and we play and take questions from the audience for 45 minutes.  I think this will be our fourth time getting to do this and it’s just a pleasure and honor every time to be in this hallowed place to play original songs. 


August 11 will be really busy because after that show we have a “Hits & Grins” show at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN at 8:30 that same night.  For more info on all my shows go to billwhytecomedy.com and click on the calendar.



I always know when a holiday is approaching…like July 4 when I pick up the paper and see multiple ads for mattress sales.  That happened this morning.  I have no idea how holidays and mattresses tie together…but somehow they do.  Must be some kind of weird law I’m not up on.



The average starting salary for a college graduate is now $50,390.  Uh…that’s quite a bit more than the salary I made out of college working for not much more than minimum wage at a small market radio station all those years ago.  Little did I know that for the most part a degree in Mass Media doesn’t carry a ton of weight.  It’s more about what can you do as opposed to what it says on a piece of paper.


This is why I always encourage kids in the music or media business to choose carefully where you intern.  Those kind of real connections open more doors in this business than the diploma does.


I received TWO diplomas at my college graduation.  The College went to University that year so I got one that reads Central Missouri State College and a second that reads Central Missouri State University.  You would think one’s salary would DOUBLE with two diplomas right?  Uh…no.



Only 23% of us get enough exercise.  I do consistently walk out of my little office to get my own coffee and go to the bathroom.  Will that put me in that 23%?



They arrested a polygamist yesterday.  True story.  This guy is married to 29 wives and has 160 kids by them.  As one comedian once wondered, “do polygamists get a group divorce discount”?



I just want to share this new song from three friends.  Darin & Brooke Aldridge have been great friends to me…recording 5 of my songs in their careers including their latest gospel-bluegrass single “I’m Going Under”.  Their new commercial single just released was recorded with another great friend I’ve blogged about many time…Jimmy Fortune.  The song is called “Every Time You Leave” and Jimmy adds his voice to the harmonies.  Click on and listen to my friends make some great music together here.



I’ll be buried in the studio until Sunday with Mr. Burns.  Let the fun begin.


Have a great weekend yourself. 





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