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Radio Writing...Fireworks Already...Beach Album Time

Jun 28 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

For now the thunderstorms and lightning have quieted as I prepare to make a run to the airport to pick up my Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns.  As I like to say, there goes the neighborhood.



A day of catching up and getting ready for a couple of days in studio with Brent Burns as work on his new album begins.  Some beach songs...and some funny tunes are in the mix again for this one.


I also wrote a morning show funny song for a radio show in upstate New York yesterday as part of what I do for the syndication company I work for in New York City.  It’s a funny thing writing these little short parody jingles that they will use to open their radio shows or coming out of the news…and never meet the folks you’re writing about or for.  And for these kinds of custom projects…I rarely even hear the finished projects.  I just send the lyrics…they do the rest.  One a week of these will be added to my calendar now and I’m happy to do it.



And I also got to listen to a rough mix of one of the songs we recorded Wednesday that I blogged about co-written with Jimmy Fortune, Sydni Perry and Linda Davis that our friend Mike Rogers is producing for us.  He added Jeff Taylor who is an extraordinary keyboard-accordion player who plays weekly here in Nashville with the acclaimed Time Jumpers Band that features Vince Gill and a host of great studio players in this town.  So it was a real treat to hear that…and thanks to Linda for the idea. 


I write a lot of songs like most writers in town and every now and then you feel like one is really special.  Jimmy told me after hearing it that he thinks it’s the best love song he’s ever been a part of…and he’s been a part of several.  So that’s a great compliment to our little song I heard for the first time yesterday.


And now…we just have to find an artist who loves it half as much as we do.



This happens every year.  We don’t just celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks.  They’ve been going up every night already for the past several.  Once those tents pop up…folks rush in…buy a load…and then start firing them up over the course of a couple of weeks.  I’m betting some folks have none to toss up for the 4th from running out by firing so many so soon.  Every dog in the area is under the porch.



In Davidson County…our rich county south of Nashville housing now costs more than double most folks wages.  It’s getting expensive in this growing city.  So if you’re thinking about moving here…save up.



As hot as it gets in Nashville it’s nice to know there’s a cool spot to run to if you want…Antartica.  Rather a really COLD spot to run to.  Scientist now say they’ve recorded temperatures at minus 144 degrees which is lower than they predicted it could ever get there. 



Nashvillian’s did find out today that our NFL fan base for our Titans football team?  We are the worse.  Not winning is a big part of that.  Top 3 for fan support?  Dallas, New England and Philadelphia.  They can blame me I guess as I’ve only been to one Titan game in person the entire time I’ve lived here. 


To buy season tickets?  My guess is you need to be one of those living in Davidson County that I mentioned before.  Or have your lottery tickets pay off.  You pay a personal seat license…buy and expensive ticket…parking jabs you another 20-50 bucks in Nashville…a beer costs 10 bucks or so….


I’m not sure why they don’t have a Quick Loan place tucked amongst the refreshment stands at NFL stadiums.


This is why I spend my time watching naked bowling.  Much cheaper.



For those who are big fans of the TV series…a Walking Dead cruise is happening.  That should make for some really odd people watching while you’re floating out on the seas. 


I’ve not seen the show…but already know I don’t wanna float with the dead.



Quentin Tarantino’s new movie will star Leonardo DiCaprio AND Brad Pitt.  Tarantino says it’s the most dynamic actor pairing since Newman-Redford.  He may be right.  Just reading this though makes me want to watch “The Sting” and “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid” again just to watch that Newman-Redford chemistry.  I still laugh every time I watch those two jump off that cliff in “Butch Cassidy”.



The Best Selling Album the year I graduated came from Jimi Hendrix and was titled “Are You Experienced”?  And I never heard it.  That was pre-college and I was listening to Haggard and Jones and Cash while my classmates were into Hendrix, The Beatles, The Monkees etc.


What was the best selling album the year you were born?  It’s right HERE in ole Wikipedia. 



Off to the airport to pick up my friend to start a busy Thursday.  My buddy Steve Dean is coming over to write with Brent and myself this morning and then Brent’s session leader Dave Francis joins us this afternoon to listen to the tunes we will start recording in studio tomorrow and will chart out the songs for the musicians.  It’s going to be a busy but very fun couple of days in Music City.


Have a great Thursday!





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