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A Room Of Grammy...Dolly Again...A Cruise Filling Up

Jun 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little lightning, thunder, rain all happening right now.  But…apparently that will clear and we’ll hit a heat index of 105 or so today.  The good news is…at least it’s humid too.



I was in studio yesterday recording songs with some talented good folks.  Linda Davis, Jimmy Fortune, Sydni Perry and myself all gathered at Mike Rogers’s home studio to lay down three original songs to get them in a form for pitching to artist.  Linda was our co-writer on one of these three so she was there and added some background vocals.  Linda’s husband and my “Evening In The Round” co-hort Lang Scott was there and it occurred to me that not only was I in a room full of folks I love…but extremely talented folks.


Jimmy of course was an integral part of the Statler Brothers for years and now is a successful solo artist-writer staying busy as all get out. Check out his TOUR SCHEDULE.  If he's ever near you...do yourself a favor and get a ticket.


Syndi is out touring with Carrie Underwood doing those HIGH harmonies over the top of Carrie and they are gearing up for a long tour that will cover England, New York, LA and Australia to name a few.  Sydni sang the lead on all our songs yesterday and as always just slayed them.


Linda and Lang and myself have some shows coming up starting next weekend with a run to Crossville, Tennessee and then on to a music festival in Georgia the next night.  And check out this great INTERVIEW the Crossville Chronicle just printed about Linda and our upcoming show there. 


And Mike Rogers our producer is a talented singer-picker himself who’s out on the road playing guitar for Craig Morgan.  Our thanks to Mike for making a little magic happen with our tunes yesterday.



Linda and Lang had a Grammy winning album of course a couple of years ago with “Love Remains” with their two daughters Hillary and Rylee.  Jimmy and Sydni and I co-wrote one of the songs that landed on this album “Safe Haven”…so there’s a Grammy connection that I think we all cherish.


And Linda won another Grammy for “Does He Love You” with Reba.  So as I mentioned before there was a LOT of talent in that little studio yesterday.  And yes…I consider myself very fortunate just to get to hang with folks like that.  What a fun day.



And there was still time for me to write a little “silly” between songs at the studio yesterday as New York needed a funny song about the danger of fireworks.  I passed several firework tents on my way to the studio yesterday so it was pretty easy to write a song called “No Hands” that they wanted.  I’m pretty sure there is a “Three Finger Fred” fireworks stand here in Tennessee somewhere.



Dolly Parton is getting ready to have a SECOND star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  She already has one for herself…but now there will be one added for “The Trio” that featured Dolly with Linda Rondstadt and Emmy Lou Harris.  In typical Dolly self effacing manner she said, “I like to do things in pairs if you know what I mean”.  Yes we do understand Dolly.


Years ago I did a broadcast in Hollywood covering the Academy Of Country Music Awards out there.  One of our guest was the so called Mayor Of Hollywood…the now late Johnny Grant.  His biggest job it seems was presiding over and emceeing all of those Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies and inductions.  Nice man who shared some great stories about his moments with the world’s biggest stars.



I saw where Prince Charles took out his sword and knighted Bee Gee Barry Gibbs yesterday.  If I’m ever up for knighting…I’m going to ask and see if the Prince or King has any anger issues before taking a knee and letting them unsheathe a sword.  Geez. #stayingalive



Is new again.  Proof?  The Kinks are recording a new album.  The Kinks!  Remember them?  Still love their songs every time I’m lucky enough to hear one coming out of the radio…, which is rare.  Including this ONE.  I’ll be curious to hear what the new stuff will sound like after all these years.


Now to be balanced as Fox News likes to shout and remind us…the Kinks did manage to come up with one of the worst album titles of all times.  It was, “The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society”.  What the heck do that mean?  The only redeeming thing about that is that Salt n Pepa had one worse than that when they named one of their albums “A Salt With A Deadly Pepa”.  Someone actually brainstormed that idea and it got through.



On pickle ice cream.  Nope.  Somebody is making it.  Again…someone stayed up all night and came up with that.



Out near LA they are offering up a WWII like bomber experience.  You get some training and go up in a vintage bomber and make a bomb run…learn to fire the guns.  $1,400 will get you up in the air for this experience.


I do love the history of World War II.  At the top of my bucket list still is finding a way to get to Normandy to see those beaches.  And I hear the World War II Museum in New Orleans is pretty special too.  Some day.



My Wednesday is mostly open…on purpose as I’m prepping for my friend Brent Burns to arrive tomorrow where we will be busy from the moment he gets here until he takes a plane home late Saturday afternoon.  Brent’s making a new album…with several of our co-writes to be included.  Tomorrow we’ll add our friend Steve Dean to one more co-writer…then chart the songs with our session leader Dave FrancIs before we all bury ourselves in the studio starting early Friday morning.  Busy but fun as always with a lot of laughs mixed in the process.



The Brent Burns tour that I’m on next July that’s a cruise down the Rhine River that starts in Amsterdam, with stops in Germany and Switzerland?  77 trips have already been booked!  Why not go with us?  This will be such a blast and Brent and I will entertain our group multiple times as we sail down the Rhine.  Complete info is HERE so check it out.  This price is only good until this month ends…and that’s soon!  We’d love to add you to what will be an unforgettable experience I’m sure.


Other than that…my Reds have an 11 AM game with the Braves on my TV today so don’t call between 11-3!


Have a great Wednesday!





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