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Oreo Fried...Fame...Studio Time

Jun 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

At 5 AM this morning it was like stepping into a sauna the minute you walk outdoors.  Windows fogged up from the humidity already.



My morning started with an assignment to write a song about Deep Fried Oreo cookies now hitting grocery shelves.  Defibrillator extra.  So we took the Zac Brown hit “Chicken Fried” and turned that into “Cookie Fried” for the folks in New York who then sent it to their country stations this morning.  Somewhere some listener is now thinking…”I have got to get me some of those”.



And right after that I was on Music Row polishing and finishing a song with my friend Zach Runquist who I hate because Zach can literally play anything with strings…extremely well.  Zach co-wrote an amazing song called “Jealous Of The Angels” that Irish artist Donna Taggart took and made her own in a big way.  Her version of the song has had like 15 million hits…and took her from being a name not many knew…into a big European tour of theaters all on the strength of this great song Zach helped write.  Take a look and listen for yourself.


Zach and I are pitching songs to her right now as she’s looking towards her next album in hopes that we might land a song there that will have even half the impact this song has had.  Gotta love how one great song can change a life.



Thanks to my Missouri friend Becky Denton Blackaby and her husband Will…a great drummer.  They sent me a note yesterday letting me know they are recording a song the three of us wrote quite awhile back.  Those are always fun surprises.  I had kind of forgotten about that little song…but apparently they did not.  Thanks for recording it guys!



The “Old Man” died from Pawn Shop.  Richard Harrison.  I don’t watch the show much these days…but used to.  And his demeanor always made me laugh.  Thanks for that Old Man.



I’m sure the “Old Man” could not take a step outside of his Pawn Shop in Vegas without being approached by fans for pictures.  My wife saw Mike Wolfe from “American Pickers” yesterday sitting in his car as his wife and child got out to do some shopping.  They resisted approaching him or them…but another guy noticed and it was all over.  He asked the wife if Mike would talk to him and his moment of being oblivious disappeared.  The price for fame.  I’ve always liked radio AND writing for the anonymity for the most part it provides.  A little TV time?  Everybody knows you.  Or thinks they know you.


For the record…he was gracious.  Mike makes his home in Nashville and is seen frequently in a town full of stars.  Because of that…for the most part…the locals leave them alone.  Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are spotted out all the time doing normal things as is Tim and Faith.  No wonder so many other celebs outside of country music are buying property here.



Jay Cutler…the former NFL QB who played here at Vandy is offering his home up for sale that he shares with his actress wife Kristen Cavallari.  It’s just 7.9 million if you’re interested in moving to Music City.  7 car garage, seven bathrooms and a free GPS device to help you from getting lost in the place.



That would be the folks who lay down $2 MILLION bucks for an 18K gold plated Monopoly game.  And then are some who plunk down 5 million or more for diamond encrusted chess sets too.


I’m waiting for the gold Pick Up sticks to be released before I break out my check book.



NBC is getting ready to start covering the NASCAR races now that I rarely watch anymore like a large section of fans that seem to have lost interest.  For the past three years Blake Shelton has sung the opening song for those telecasts…but this year NBC is switching to a song from the late Tom Petty.  To make that makes good sense.  A PETTY for the NASCAR racing song?  Duh.



I’ve always liked the old Volkswagen mini bus.  It was part of my era of being young when a fair amount of kids had one.  Woodstock…college…friends in the back.  Flower power.  Now they are rolling it out again…a modern version of the classic.  Everything old is new again.  Wonder how many baby boomers will buy one?



Survey says…58% of us do not understand how to use all the technology available in our cars.  Guilty as charged.  This is why I love voice activation.  Siri…play Alan Jackson.  Siri…how much pressure is in my tires?  Etc.  I don’t have Siri activation in my vehicle which now has a ton of miles on it so I ask my wife these questions instead.  She loves me for that. 



This week is full of studio time that starts with a session this morning as Syndi Perry, Jimmy Fortune and myself record three new songs so that we have them in a form to pitch to artists.  And one of the three was co-written with Linda Davis so not only will we be working at that…but I’m sure we’ll have a great time catching up on each other’s lives.  Hard to call that work.


Then Thursday my Trop Rock Gulf Shores friend Brent Burns invades Nashville and we’ll be locked in a studio working on his new album that I’ll have several songs on.  I’m pretty sure our new song “I’m Resistable” is going to make a lot of folks laugh in the future.


Full day.  Have yourself a great Tuesday!




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