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WSM...Baseball Great...More Shows

Jun 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Last week of June starts today.  Already.



A full weekend that started with a radio shift at WSM on Friday that ran from 10-3 as I filled in for Mike Terry.  It was a day of being tucked inside the Opryland Hotel as I finished that shift then ran home to change into stage clothes so that I could turn around and go right back to the hotel.



I did make a mental note to myself not to pick my nose while I’m on air after seeing our new big screen security monitor where a camera has every angle of the studio covered…meaning whomever is on air is also on camera…ALL the time.  Geez. You’d think you’d be conscious of that but if you do anything long enough you get relaxed…much like contestants on reality TV shows I guess and forget about it. 


Because the radio studios are in the middle of the mammoth hotel…I have folks ask “aren’t you nervous with fans WATCHING you as they pass by and press their noses to the glass”?  You’d think so…but you get used to it very quickly and I never think about being in a glass bubble.  Folks snap pictures; bang on the glass to wave at you but so far nobody has “mooned” me while I’m on air…so I’m good.



That happened because our “Hits & Grins” trio had a corporate show for the Mechanical Contractors of Indiana and they held that at the hotel too.  What a great bunch of folks those were.  I’ve played several corporate shows through the years that hire entertainment and sometimes they listen…sometimes not so much.  But this group was more like playing for a theater crowd as they sat and stayed and sang along…maybe my favorite corporate gig ever.  After living in Indianapolis for a couple of years it was easy for me to relate to those folks.  Some came up afterwards and told me they remember listening when I was part of the morning show on WFMS in Indy. 


Really a great Friday night that I wish would have lasted a little longer.  Our thanks to “Destination Nashville” for making this show happen.



So Saturday night I’m at our Nashville Sounds ballpark to watch them play Round Rock…the Texas Rangers AAA team.  A guy behind me…while the Sounds were batting asked me if that was Ricky Henderson at first base…the Oakland A’s Hall of Famer?  I said “no way”.  But I kept looking at him and finally realized it was Ricky who apparently comes down and works with the A’s minor league teams from time to time.  I had no idea he would show up on the field and coach though.  Very cool.  An extra bonus for hanging at the ball yard.


I kept wishing they would put him in as a pinch runner to watch him steal another base.


It was a pretty good baseball weekend period for yours truly as all of a sudden my anemic Reds have gone a 7 game winning streak after sweeping the Cubs 4 straight!  What took ya so long?



Our Evening In The Round trio with Grammy winners Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me have added a show in January with our friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We’ll be playing at the auditorium the Methodist Church owns that we played at several years ago.  Ticket info and more details coming soon…but we all look forward to this.  The show date is Thursday night January 24.


And…Brent and I will be doing one of our two man shows in February with a date to be locked in soon.  It’s the middle of Snowbird Season so we look forward to seeing a bunch of you who escape the cold at both of those show down on the Gulf!



You Tube says they have 1.9 BILLION viewers per month.  No wonder Instagram…owned by Facebook is going to start adding videos up to 10 minutes and provide some competition for our video watching habits.


I will say…if for some reason you have not yet watched the Car Pool Karaoke thing with James Corden and Paul McCartney driving around Paul’s old haunts and surprising people…take time to do so.  Best video…certainly the most entertaining that I’ve seen in a long long while.  Sir Paul is still too cool.


It just hit me maybe those singing competitions have burnt out a bit at least as far as launching stars after the fact.  Can anyone name the winner of this year’s American Idol OR The Voice?  Yea..me neither.



That was proved by a woman who put hot dog juice into a glass container and then had several folks trying to buy it online thinking it was healthy.  I was a joke…but made a point.  She sold some bottle of wiener water for $28 a pop before letting everyone know it was a joke.   


A while back Whole Foods tired to sell Asparagus Water.  It’s not longer on the shelves.  If you just put “healthy” on the label…it can sell I guess.



The legalized marijuana companies apparently are on a big hiring spree as they can’t keep up with demand.  The great thing is if you do take one of those jobs and you have anger issues?  It should help mellow you out.



Those would be our millenials.  At least some of them according to new statistics.  Up to 18% don’t tip the drivers of Uber or Lyft.  And many tip 2/3rd’s below standard at restaurants and other places.  That seems a tad odd to me since a lot of that generation holds or have held jobs where they were hoping to make tips.


I dunno.  But I know in Ireland…there was not tipping.  We tried at one restaurant and our server thought we were crazy.   It would be nice if we could figure out how to make that work here maybe.



This had to happen…the Chinese apparently are first.  They are disguising their drones as birds.  They look like pigeons or whatever…but they’re drones.  USA?  Let’s go smaller.  How bout a swarm of skeeter drones?



MSN released their list of cheapest places to live…so cheap one hardly has to work.  Good luck on pronouncing the names of these six cities.


Mayasa, Nicaragua


Minsk, Belsarus


Guanajuato, Mexico


Uberlandia, Brazil


Chang Mai, Thailand


Pedasi, Panama


Rent for a two bedroom per month is $300 per month or less.  Pack your bags.  But check the glob first to see if you can find any of these places.



Deep Fried Oreos are coming to your store shelf.  No longer will you have to go to a State Fair to get some of these bad boys ad they are rolling them out commercially.  I’ve said it before…there is nothing one can not deep fry.



Today I’m writing for New York, then have a songwriting appointment with my talented play every instrument friend Zach Runquist.  Right now I’m “blogging”.  I’ve discovered that I have to write something every day.  It serves a purpose.  Since I no longer do a morning radio show full time where I’d write a LOT…this stuff has to go somewhere.  And doing it keeps the tools in the shed sharp. 


For any wanna be writer (and all of us have something we SHOULD write about) this may be the best advice about that discipline that I ever read from writer E.B. White who says, “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper”.  Amen.


So I’ve sorta kinda put my words on paper here this morning…and hope you get a smile, some info or something to make ya think. 


Have a great Monday!






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