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Summertime...Roger Miller...New Projects

Jun 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s the only day of the year when the word “solstice” is used.



I spent some time with Gerald Smith on the banks of the Cumberland River…sort of.  You could see the river if you looked outside the windows from the air-conditioned publishing office we were in.  Too humid and hot to try and rhyme outdoors right now for sure.  It was one of those days when Gerald said something in the first few minutes of conversation that turned into our song yesterday.  Those are always pleasant surprises.



And since today is the first day of summer…my New York folks wanted a parody song about that so I took the hit song by Kenny Chesney that’s on the charts right now that I love “Get Along” and butchered that into “Get A Thong”.  Again…somebody gotta do it.



When the writing was over I met my long time radio friend Jim Mantel who flew into town for last night Country Radio Broadcaster Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Jim was inducted last year and I went for that…but had too much on my plate to see some other friends go in last night “Harmon and Evans”.  Congrats to those two guys!  And Steve Wariner also was awarded and Garth and Trisha were there for him.  Prettty cool club.


Jim retires from full time radio next week after a long career.  So we talked about that and his future, which will include a lot of voice over work.  His alarm clock will finally stop ringing at 3 in the morning.  Happy for my friend…especially since he’s convinced he won’t miss radio that way…and will have more time to travel and do some things he hasn’t been able to do.  Good seeing ya Jimmy.


Oh…and since he has one more week of making real money …I made him pay for lunch.



It’s National Selfie Day.  Yes…they named a day for our narcissistic self’s.  We just can’t help holding our arms out and snapping countless pictures of…us.  Sigh.  That’s why I like the song I wrote with Amanda Williams so much, “Get Over Your Selfie” that I sing on a lot of my shows…and we included it on the second “Hits & Grins” CD we recorded.


Everybody’s sick of the way

You keep click click clickin’ all day

Get a little self helpie

And get over your selfie


I feel like those lyrics you just read tucked into the chorus is my real contribution to “National Selfie Day”.  You’re welcome.



Dean MillerRoger Miller's son is producing a tribute album to his Father that will feature folks like Lyle Lovett, Dolly, Eric Church, Ringo Starr and even actor John Goodman who played the part of “Pap” in the Tony Award Winning show “Big River” that Roger Miller wrote the music for.



Roger is my favorite songwriter all time because not only could he write funny…he could rip your heart out with ballads too.


Can’t wait for this one.  He was capable of just letting his mind fly away and throw up some “how does one think of that” kind of lyrics?  Here’s just one EXAMPLE of his genius.  Can’t wait for the album.



Apparently sales for those Frappuccino’s at Starbucks?  They’re down.  Apparently…folks started reading the calorie-sugar content.  Those darn calorie boards ruin more good food and drinks!  I try not to look.


Even though I do know better…I just don’t ever see myself telling the barista…”gimme that green spinach blend” ya got. 



Interesting.  The “Han Solo” movie apparently disappointed more than a little bit.  So much so…there will be no more Star Wars spinoff movies.  That’s what they do say.  Frankly…I really enjoyed the spinoff myself…but I must be in the minority here.


Jurassic Park that some will see tonight…the latest installment is getting mixed reviews at best.  Will this be the last of those?


I did see this TRAILER for “Creed”…the latest Rocky spinoff.  Yes…Stallone is in it…and it looks like a winner.  Will it be? 



This had to happen.  If you go to enough baseball parks you have seen the hot dog cannon they use.  The mascot gets up on the dugout…stuffs a hot dog in a cannon and they go firing into the crowd. 





The Philly Phanatic launched one and it hit a woman in the eye.  She had an injured arm and could not raise them to grab the flying weenie so she caught it with here eyeball…and she has the bruise to prove it. 




To heck with gun control.  What this country needs is hot dog launcher control.  Look for a 30 day waiting period before you can buy a gun that shoots weenies.



A day of prepping for what’s coming and catching up on stuff.  Tomorrow I will be on WSM from 10-3 and then have a corporate show to do with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  I’ll be seeing a lot of the Opryland Hotel as both the WSM studios and our show will be at that location.


And then next week I’ll be living in recording studios recording new songs one day and then spending next Friday and Saturday working on the new Brent Burns as Brent hits town to record his new album that I’ll have several songs on that I wrote with him. And once again there’s a mixture of beach and funny going on that album which will be fun.


Have a great first day of summer!







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