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Celebrating With Solo...Harper Valley and New Dates

Jun 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in Nashville and you can’t swing a guitar without hitting a country music fan.



Well…my wife and I had a quiet little celebration of our wedding anniversary.  Kind of a “Roses & Solo” day.  She got flowers…I got to see the “Hans Solo” movie with my girl.  The movie?  Pretty darned good…especially if you’re a Star Wars fan.  Ron Howard produced this prequel and I really liked it and thought it kind of teed up what comes after that we’ve seen.


But the real treat to the day of course was just getting to do something together like we’ve done for a long time now.  For the record…nobody needs to tell me I’m a lucky man…I know.



And thanks to all who sent little notes and thumbs up yesterday on my Facebook Page.  Quite a deal to see Jeannie C. Riley on there.


My wife and I got to know the Harper Valley PTA artist at a little house concert gathering that happens every now and then…and yes we heard her sing that iconic song that Tom T. Hall wrote in a living room.  Pretty special.  Thanks Jeannie.








Our movie theater we now go to has Lazy Boy like recliner seats that my wife loves.  So next anniversary…I know what I’m getting her.  It’s no wonder people fall asleep halfway through movies they just paid out the nose for.  Now if I can just get a button on my seat to hit “pause” on the feature film while I make the bathroom trip…that would really rock.


Dolly Parton is producing her own series now on Netflix.  Each movie will be based around a song that Dolly wrote and or recorded.  Lots of great choices.  Already “Coat Of Many Colors” and “9 To Five” have been used.


But I can see “Joshua”, “Jolene” “Applejack” and others being used.  I’m going to have to figure out how to access Netflix on my Smart TV now.


And incidentally…I think one should have to pass an IQ test of some kind before they actually let you purchase a Smart TV.  If you go by that…I’d still have a small black and white with an antennae and three channels.



I’ve added a couple of dates to my calendar…both in town.  Next Tuesday night I’ll be playing an 8:30 pm show at the Listening Room Café as a guest of Tamara Stewart my Aussie friend and co-writer who is hosting that round.  Thanks for the invite.  Tamara will be on the air with me tomorrow on WSM Radio to preview her new single just out “Birds In Cages”.  Listen in at wsmonline.com  5:30-10 AM tomorrow morning.










And then next Wednesday night I’ll be in Printers Alley at Alley Taps with an old Cincinnati radio friend writer Dave Lenahan for a 30 minute set.  Come out if you can…and check my online calendar at billwhytecomedy.com for details.



Okay…it’s green…and I like it.  I call it my veggie.  Love watermelon.  And it’s hard to know how to get a good ripe one.  Thumping is used by some but I never know if that really works or not.


Growing up in Missouri we had a garden…a really BIG garden.  At the end of the season there were lots of watermelons that never got picked off the vines.  So my brothers and I could go out there and just bust em’ open.  If the first one you bit into wasn’t great…bust open another one.  THAT is the best way to get a good one in my book.  Grow a garden.


Some of that went into this song I wrote with my friend Steve Dean “Living Out In The Country” that’s on our first “Hits & Grins” CD.  Write what ya know.








Apple is now worth almost a TRILLION dollars.  Steve Jobs sorta kinda knew what he was doing.  The book on him is and incredible read.  Thumbs up from me.  A complicated genius of a life exposed.



And since I didn’t buy stock in Apple…I still work some.  Apparently I ain’t the only baby boomer still fooling around in the work force.  Record numbers are still active according to the latest survey taken.  Some 20% of all baby boomers now 65 and older still work.  Some may need the dough…but I’m betting most are like me and just enjoy what they do. 


Despite that…I wish I would have bought 5,000 shares of Apple stock when it first went up!



Apparently a fair amount o travelers are in to cemetery tours.  We saw a few when we were in Ireland…a LOT of graves in a tiny space was the deal.  But…I have no desire to pay for a tour of a cemetery.  I’ll be living in one soon enough.  Pay to come see me if that’s your thing.



A guy got tased outside a funeral home after a brawl.  Pay your respects…and then throw down.


I have a song I wrote with funny man Gerald Smith with one line in it that goes, “if you’re tailgating at a funeral home when you pay your last respects…then buddy I suspect…you’re a redneck”


Gerald…we were ahead of our time and didn’t know it.



Mariah Carey claims she bathes in milk.  Uh huh.  Hard to find her in the tub with all the Cheerios staked up and floating.



So at this huge outdoor music festival this week in Manchester, TN just south of Nashville…folks camp out for several days.  It gets hot…and dirty.  This year they have a Laundromat on the grounds and they will let you wash your dirty clothes for free.  So there ya go.


I used to emcee and do the on screen video work for a couple of festivals like that.  Multi Days…HOT…sweaty.  I had the luxury of having an air-conditioned room to go to at the end of the day.  But those experiences made me appreciate hard-core music fans that will stay out and endure that and LOVE the experience.


And right now with CMA Fest AND Bonnaroo going at the same time…there are a lot of hard-core fans perspiring.  Have fun y’all.  My AC is on 74 right now.



Because CMA Fest is here lots of old friends I’ve made through the years are in town.  That includes Todd and Holly Leiser both of whom I worked with at WUBE in Cincinnati when I first got started in major market radio.  Todd was GM for awhile…Holly head of sales.  Long retired now living in Florida and their motorhome which is here in Music City with them.  So I’m having a Cracker Barrel morning with them…and then will head to a friend house to do some vocal recordings where I’ll talk about some of the songs I’ve written and the stories behind them.


All of that will go into a radio internet show that will be aired later.  My thanks to Ginny Foley for making me a feature songwriter on this show.  I’m honored especially considering that I’m in a group of writers who have had HUGE hits that I admire.


And…our baseball team starts up a home series tonight…so I may be forced to catch a little baseball before the alarm goes off early for WSM tomorrow morning.


Did I mention I’m in that 20% of Baby Boomers I talked about earlier?


Have a great Tuesday!





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