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Anniversary...Big Music Weekend...New Fawn

Jun 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Music City USA where country music fans are invading from all over the world...it’s hillbilly heaven here folks.



Man time flies.  My wife and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary today.  I married way above my raising for sure and I’m lucky to have her to share my life with.  We’ll have a quiet little celebration today…nothing big.  But I’ve already reflected on how my life changed the night I first laid eyes on my wife when she walked into a room with her sisters at a place called Julie’s Country Showcase in Cincinnati where our band was playing that night.  So really I should thank my second Mom and booking agent back then Dean Raymer for booking us into that nightclub all those years ago.  Happy Anniversary baby…I love ya more today than yesterday.






Saturday night our “Hits & Grins” trio with myself, Steve Dean and Victoria Venier played one of our favorite in town venues at Puckett’s in Franklin.  And we had some great folks join us.  Steve Tolman and his wife Kathy came out…they are the proud parents of Jenny Tolman who you’ve seen me blog bout here…one of my favorite co-writers along with her boyfriend producer-writer-player Dave Brainard.



Steve has a musical background too.  He played with a noted group back in the day…started at Disneyland in California playing in different groups and the Horseshow Review as well as the “Hoop De Doo Review” that some of you may have seen on your trip to Disney.  Steve these days is booking talent all across the USA…so it was great having him get out to hear our little songwriter trio.



And…my friend comedian Heywood Banks was in town with his wife Shirley.  Heywood has been sort of a comedic mentor to me back when I first started dipping my toes into stand up comedy and comedy song writing.  A funny funny man and we got him up to do a couple of songs and as always he’s pretty much brought the house down.





Our wives pretty much spent their time conspiring to get me up to the Detroit area where they live and have a separate vacation home right on Lake Huron.  And…since Detroit is one of six cities with Major League Baseball stadiums I have yet to see…there’s a pretty good chance we’ll get there sooner than late.


I managed to get Heywood on the WSM Morning Show on Friday…and some folks in the audience commented they had heard him that morning so that was cool.


Just a great show once again at Puckett’s.  We will be back there August 11.



And…I’ll be on WSM twice this week doing the morning show filling in for Bill Cody during CMA Fest week.  Tune in or watch…your choice.  Listen at wsmonline.com…or watch the show at watchheartlandtv.com 


Wonder why they don’t have makeup for radio guys?  I could use it at that hour.



I want to say congrats to my nephew Chris Whyte up in Maryland.  A few years ago he was in one of those fitness deals where you run a bunch of miles, then swim, then bike.  How those folks do that is beyond me.


He was in one of those…on his bike…and got run over literally.  Extremely lucky to be alive today.  He want through an amazing chin out determined rehab process…and not only got back up on his feet…this weekend…he got back up on that bike.


Ya just gotta admire that kind of determination.  If you fall down…get back up.  That’s the saying.  Easy to say…much much harder to do.  I think my nephew jus threw down an inspirational gauntlet to those who may face that kind of circumstance in their future…God forbid. 


Just amazing really.





All heck breaks out musically now here in Tennessee and the Nashville Airport will be BUSY.  CMA Fest this week is combined with a huge multi day outdoor festival just south of Nashville called Bonnaroo that folks also flock to from all over the world.  That festival features every form of music. This year WSM and the Grand Ole Opry will have big time presence there too so the staff is going to be very BUSY this week.  And that’s part of the reason I’ll be on air this week to help cover for those working those two big events.



Some folks are making a LOT of money off hillbilly music.  Those on Lower Broadway are filling up their bank accounts.  The guy who bought Tootsie’s for almost nothing several years ago when nothing was really happening on Lower Broadway (it was not a desirable place to be)…is now selling on average 11,000 beers per day.  You do the math.  Multiple venues rake in over 20 million per year.  And yet the musicians…many of them play for tips or a small small base.  Supply and demand.  Too many singers who want to get on stage drive the price down.



The lesson here is buy a place…don’t play in the place.



They tried to sell a Martin Guitar that Elvis owned and played in his movie “Girls Girls Girls” and nobody bid on it.  So now it will go up for sale privately I suppose since the public auction failed.


However…an empty prescription bottle of the King fetched a small fortune as did some clips of his hair.  Aww man…thank ya…thank ya very much.


I could play connect a dot with the chigger bites I’ve got right now after doing something I hate doing…pulling weeds. Proof that there’s nothing good that comes from working in the yard.  I hate doing it…AND I get a bonus of chigger bites.  And to this day…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dang chigger.  They be discreet.


Yesterday in our backyard a mama deer and a brand new fawn popped out of the tree line onto our yard.  We see lots and lots of deer there…and each new season we see the new babies.  But yesterday’s fawn obviously had JUST been born.  Shaky legs and Mama was licking her clean.  It was fascinating to watch them.  At one point the little one squeezed between the iron slats of our neighbors fence causing my wife to panic.  Nature takes its course…and I’m sure Mama and baby are back together.


It was just a moment to remind myself how simple things like that can make ones day.



This guy had too much time on his hands.  He took a pink Barbie Doll car and installed a dirt bike engine on it.  The little car can now go 70 mph.  So if you see a miniature Mary Kay looking car flying by you on the interstate…wave at Barbie…and Ken.



Someone is selling MEAT scented candles.  Perfect for Dad.  I’ll take the Bar B Que pork steak one please to light up my night.



A woman ordered a pizza…not because she really wanted a pizza…but she wanted the pizza delivery guy to come in and stomp a spider dead in her house.  I see me ordering more pizza for my wife in the future.



Did I mention it’s our anniversary?


Have a great Monday!







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