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WSM Visit...CMA Fest...Show Tomorrow Night

Jun 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rainy first day of June.  I’ll be taking advantage of that umbrella I bought in Ireland today.



Nothing big on the calendar so Thursday was a day of catching up and getting set for the next few days.  CMA Fest is in town next week…hordes of country music fans, which mean the locals tend to avoid the area.


Much like folks in New Orleans avoid Mardis Gras I would think.  Every time CMA Fest comes around here stock in fanny packs and cheap cowboy hats go up, as every tourist seems to want those for some reason. 


Can’t beat Country Music fans.  Nope.  They will stand out in the hot sun in huge crowds forever just to party and scream and shout at their favorite hillbilly singers.  I think I’ve had some folks shout at me a few times in my career…but mostly they were shouting for me to get off the stage so the star could get on.  <g>  Welcome to Twang Town y’all.



That’s where I’m playing this Saturday night with my “Hits & Grins” trio with Victoria Venier and Steve Dean.  8:30 pm show and you need to make a reservation.  This Saturday night will be special because my long time funny funny friend Heywood Banks is going to drop in and get up and slay the crowd with something funny.  His wife Shirley who is a writer will be with him and that’s going to be great fun.  If you’re anywhere near…you should most surely come and not miss this.







And this morning…I’m taking my buddy to be on air at WSM around 8:30 where he will sit in with my Hall of Fame co-worker friend Bill Cody.  It’s going to be a couple of days of laughing for me for sure.





You’ll be able to hear me on WSM a couple mornings next week.  I’ll be filling in for Cody during CMA Fest week next Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:30-10 AM heard worldwide at wsmonline.com…and you can watch the show on Heartland TV at watchheartlandtv.com



This town has become such a hot destination that big time chefs have moved here just like the musicians do.  Bars, condos, hotels, restaurants continue to spring up like dandelions in a green field.


Speaking of dandelions.  They actually put some of those in the foo foo drinks in the upscale bars.  And foie grass too.  Then they will charge you 12-16 bucks for small glass of that stuff.  Very few times will you hear a songwriter order that…they can’t afford it.  But there’s a lot of money in this town now so everything keeps going up.  Property, parking, drinks.  Bring your platinum credit card when you come to Nashville.



I have no idea why someone has not approached Duncan Yo Yo to be the title sponsor for the stock market.  Down almost 400 points three days ago.  Thursday it’s up over 300 points.  And yesterday down 250 or so. 


I also think there should be a “Stock Market For Dummies” book put out for folks like me.



I was reading something this morning and “hole punch” came up.  I realized that not once in my life have I ever used a hole punch.  Does anyone still use those?


I’m thinking hole punch won’t be missed anymore than white out for typewriters or carbon paper.  Nope…there are some advantages to technological advancement.


Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I heard, “has anyone seen the hole punch”?




That’s starting to sneak up.  And the pressure builds trying to find Dad something he’ll like.


Lot of guys into grilling are into that Green Egg thing.  They swear by it.  If it’s the design that sells that thing…there’s got to be some other cool shapes of grills that could make one a fortune.


With that thought…I’m off to design on in this shape.  Should sell well to women who like grilling in their pantyhose.








Montel Williams was hospitalized after working out.  Uh huh.  See…that getting in shape thing is dangerous. 


Makes me a think a “Don’t Work Out Health Club” could be a thing.  Pay your membership fee and the place if full of TV’s and couches and Green Eggs to grill on. 


I’m not sure why I’m not wealthy with great ideas like these.



Off to WSM radio in just a few minutes as I mentioned at the top of today’s blog.  From there I go to write with Brady Seals who’s life has gotten really busy.


He’s half of “Seals and Crofts” 2…his partner being Lua Crofts the daughter of Dash Crofts from that great musical duo.  We’re going to try and write something that might fit them in the vein of great Seals and Crofts music…so that will be fun.


And Brady is the lead singer in a Tom Petty tribute group that’s full of outstanding musicians, as they’ll be doing shows singing songs from the great Tom Petty catalog. 


So happy for Brady’s run of success going on here, as he’s truly one of my favorite talented dudes in this talent enriched town.







Playing Saturday night with friends and special guests. 


Have a great weekend!



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