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Tweet Storm...Crocs...Funny Man In Town

May 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How in the world can it already be the last day of May?



My New York assignment had me writing about Roseanne’s tweet that led to ABC cancelling her TV show. So that led to writing a parody of the Blake Shelton hit “Honeybee” that morphed into “Roseanne Should Never Tweet”. 


That incident may pause some folks from hitting the ole “send” button too soon.  To paraphrase a line in the very funny “Doyle & Debbie” show here in Nashville “you can tweet for good or tweet for evil”.  Of course everyone’s idea of what’s good and not varies as in this case so there’s that.


As a writer…I’m not even that much concerned about all of that.  I’m just writing and crafting and trying to make New York and subsequently the listeners laugh or enjoy it.


I’m reminded of the song I wrote with Karen Taylor Good “I’m Going Under” which is about a baptism.   Only after we finished writing that song did I find out Karen is Jewish.  Still makes me laugh.  But it shows me that her thought was it’s a good idea…I’m a writer…I can write anything. 



My songwriting appointment yesterday was with Jenny Tolman and her boyfriend producer, player, writer Dave Brainard joined us which is always great.  What was on their minds?  Something fun…something maybe that applied to the Roseanne story…and something that would fall into a talking song aka “Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash that we referenced.  So we went down that musical road.  Thank you Roseanne for my musical day…I guess.  First time I’ve every used the word “Ambien” in a song.


There’s more work to be done on it…but it’s going to be fun.  Both Dave and Jenny have gotten into Roger Miller lately, which is great for me because Mr. Miller is my favorite songwriter all time.  So we channeled a little of Roger too into our session.



I want to share this little house concert VIDEO just taken of my talented friends Dave and Jenny.  They played at the Terry and Wanda Seay house concert recently.  Terry and Wanda LOVE songwriters so much they hold a regular songwriter round in their house.  They love it so much…they sold one house…and built a new one with a dedicated room for these intimate events.  Man…I wish we had a 100 of those type folks.




Anyway…Jenny and Dave did two songs on this VIDEO I helped write.  If you’re curious…fast forward and find “Skeleton” and “Clowns” which they do back to back on the tape.  It was the first time Jenny had sung our “Clown” song and it got a great reaction, which was great to see and hear. 



Quite the swing according to the weather folk.  We had the coldest April ever…followed by the hottest May ever.  I have no idea what that mean…but I’m bracing myself now for June.


With the warm weather come summer vacations and swimsuits and SPF.  Which makes me somehow realize that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen folks wearing Crocs.  I think they have finally gone out of the realm of being cool.  File that one under fashion I won’t miss.  I’ll put mine up in the closet next to my mood ring.





Armageddon maybe.  Kim Kardashian was in the Oval office with the President.  Proof that a Kardashian will and can just show up anywhere.  Does Orkin spray for that?



Someone has invented a peanut butter spray they claim will make broccoli taste good.  Spread it on…take a bite…get healthier.  Of course the peanut butter part of it probably has enough calories to take away all the good of eating something green…BUT…I’m in if it actually makes that stuff taste good. 


My wife is as healthy as anyone I know.  She watches what she eats and if you see her…you can tell she’s made smart choices.  Me?  Not so much. 


But…it has gotten so bad that I can no longer find milk in my refrigerator.  Not real milk.  Not even 2% milk.  I’ve got Almond, Coconut, Soy, Rice, and Flax…but nothing one could claim came from some farmer in Wisconsin yanking on an udder.  It’s come to this sadly.



“Smart Toilet Paper Could Be Used To Fight Obesity”.  I was not curious enough to open the article.  Don’t wanna know.



My songwriting appointment was cancelled today so I’m going to put the time to good use.  One of my very funny friends Heywood Banks rolled into town with his wife Shirley from Detroit and will be here a couple of days.  I opened comedy club shows a few times for my funny funny friend and he rarely comes this far south as he plays in the upper Midwest mostly.  A regular on the Bob and Tom Show…and talented.  He does stand up but plays and writes very funny comedy songs.  Here’s just one EXAMPLE you can check out. 




So it will be great catching up with those two today for sure.


Have a great Thursday!






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