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Hail...Dipsticks...New Mexico Show Tonight

May 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s early morning in Midland, Texas where you can smell the oil.



Wednesday morning in Texas started with a great interview on Lonestar 92 Radio that I blogged about yesterday morning.  I failed to mention that while we were in studio torrential rain fell in buckets and then hail pounded the doors so loudly you could hear it inside the radio station.  The folks here in Texas are shaking their heads at the weird weather that’s going on that’s also affected large parts of the country.  Apparently we are in some kind of “stuck” weather pattern that ain’t good and more really bad weather is on tap for today for parts of the US including Ohio, PA and other states.  Hunker down folks.


The weather did not stop the first of six shows out here on the road with “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, Riley Jean Scott and myself.  We played in the Rhea Greathouse for the second time last night tucked inside the gorgeous Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.  Truly a beautiful facility.  And we had a Cracker Jack staff of folks who ran sound and lights and made our night so fun.  For those of us who sing there’s nothing better than walking into a concert venue that has GREAT sound folks.  Thanks you to the professional staff from A-Z there that helped shape this into a great night of music and laughs and conversation.


Because we were in OIL country I sang the “Dipstick” song that I don’t perform an awful lot anymore.  Talk about appropriate for that audience!  Midland is BOOMING because of oil with a lot of folks moving here to work in the oil industry and draw a pretty danged good check.  Because of that “boom” the locals tell us everything is HIGH in Midland.  Housing, food, and gas you name it.


All I know is they were great folks to get to know and visit with.  I ran into a woman after the show at a grocery store we stopped at who went to Central Missouri State as I did.  I had on a T-shirt with the college letters on it and she spotted it.  She too was here on oil business…in from Kansas City.  Ya don’t run into a lot of “Fighting Mules” folks.


It was just a very fun first show of six on the road.  Thank you Midland and thank you to a bunch of you who bought “Ugly Early” t-shirts and caps last night.  I don’t know what triggered that rush exactly…but thank you.



I’m the absolute worse and remembering important dates.  I can barely remember my own birth date.  That’s why I’m always grateful my daughter Heather was born New Year’s Eve night.  Makes that on easy.  I had forgotten that today would have been my Mom’s 90th birthday.  My sister Vickie reminded me by text as I sat back stage last night getting ready for our show.  Gosh.  It made for a few quiet moments as I had time to think about her and how her life ended at a very young age in an auto accident.  Life moves on…but some things you never get over totally.



Speaking of birthdays.  A couple came up to me who when they heard me say on stage that I worked in radio in Milwaukee a long time ago and shared with me that they had ridden their Harley’s to Milwaukee when Harley had a HUGE 100 year anniversary.  I was there that year.  You never saw so many bikes in your life.  They reminded me of something I had forgotten about completely.  The featured entertainer for that event was…Elton John!  We both agreed we love his music but thought it was kind of an odd choice for Harley.  The Stones, Travis Tritt, Hank Jr. a heavy metal band maybe…but Elton?  All I know is if Elton rides a Harley…his is “blinged” out.



A guy got bitten by a snake after the snake popped up in his toilet.  Uh huh.  When you’re butt gets bit by a snake from going about doing your duty…you my friend are having a really really bad day.  I now find myself looking carefully before I sit.



Snoop Dog is all in with investing the business of “legal weed”.  He will have “Uber Weed”.  Just what you think it is.  Uber will deliver your weed to the front door.  The bong will be an extra add on cost I’m sure.  Riley Jean Scott who is 18 and just graduated High School is out on this road trip singing with us.  Last night she ordered up back stage food before the show for us on her Uber App and they delivered the food to us in 30 minutes.  So now some folks will be able to order some “Willie” and munchies all arriving in the same car.  Is this a great country or what?



Okay…the British get my award for “weird new sport”.  Cheese Rolling…rolling down hill.  I can’t describe it as well as this VIDEO does.  Watch these folks tumble and tumble and tumble and you too will probably wonder if this might be an Olympic event some day.  Or not.  I’m pretty sure that some of the folks you see in this video can also be seen in those videos where the bulls chase human beings through the streets of Spain every year.



We travel from Midland, Texas to Artesia, New Mexico (yes…like in Artesian wells).  Artesia is also a big oil town so the “Dipstick” tune will return tonight to the stage.  We play at the Octillo Performing Arts Center for the first time and we’re all looking forward to that.  It’s also located near Carlsbad Caverns so with any luck we’ll have time to take that little tour before moving on from there.  Time to repack the suitcase and hit the road.


Have a great Thursday!



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