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Hello Texas!

May 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello from Midland Texas where every back yard has an oil drill.  This is a late blog today because we’ve been busy.


I flew in late last night to begin our tour of six shows on the road with “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and the just graduated Riley Jean Scott.  Tonight we play the beautiful Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center…the second time we’ve played here.  We play in a gorgeous smaller theater the Rea-Greathouse.  From our stage we look UP at the audience as the seats go straight up making for a wonderful listening view.


This morning we promoted the show that’s being held at the gorgeous Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center tonight on Country Radio Station Lonestar 92 with host Gwen McCown.  We talked and played well over and hour this morning with Gwen who was really great and we expect to see her and her Mama at the show tonight.  At one point we talked about the song “Safe Haven” that I helped write about Lang’s late Father and Hillary’s grandfather and then I played just a verse of the song on air.  About two lines into the “My Pa Paw was a big ole man, held the world and me in the palm of his hands” Gwen reached for tissues and was crying big time…on the air.  It’s the greatest reward for a songwriter when emotions are touched that deeply from something you wrote.  Gwen lost her Grandfather not too long ago and the song really hit an emotional nerve for her and she just bared her soul on air about her Grandfather.


I’ve mentioned this before but when this song was written myself, Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry wondered who would possibly record this song if the Scott family had not because it’s so personal about their Grandfather-Father.  Turns out it touches lives all the time when I sing it as folks relate to their own losses.  It was just a great raw honest moment on the radio this morning.  Thank you Gwen for having us!



Get away days are always hectic and yesterday in particular as we head to deal with a flat tire on my wife’s SUV.  The tire blew out late Monday night near home and we had to park it until yesterday morning when we hired a wrecker to take it to a tire store.  There are no spare tires in up to a third of all vehicles on the road now…ours included.  For a big hole like she had, those little cans they give you to add air are of no use.  Sigh.


Long story short they found a piece of a VAPE inside the tire.  A first according to our tire guys.  So now I’m suggesting all of you who “fake smoke”?  Go back to cigarettes.


And that’s all the time I have today boys and girls and we’re gearing up for load in and then our first show of the tour tonight here in Texas.


Have a great Wednesday!



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