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Funny Writing...New Shows..."Live" On Facebook Tonight

May 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello 90 degrees today on what’s going to be a really busy Tuesday in Music City.



My songwriting appointment was with one of my favorite folks in this town Jimmy Fortune who will be on stage with me this coming Thursday night at the Listening Room Café here in town along with my “Hits & Grin” pal Steve Dean.  That is going to be fun!  And we start at 6 pm if you’re in town.


Lauren Mascitti joined Jimmy and me for the first time at Jimmy’s house.  I’ve been writing with Lauren for quite awhile and recently she and her fiancée Shawn Camp did a music cruise with a bunch of artists…one of those being Jimmy Fortune who fell in love with Lauren’s voice just like anyone does who hears her sing.  So I thought it would be a good combo and it was.


We did not write what I thought we would.  I would have bet we’d have written a ballad knowing those two but Jimmy wanted to write something “fun” and pulled a title out of his back pocket that was so good and funny that we had to write it…and we did.  I have a feeling that this song could be one that all three of us sing “live” during our shows that take us all over the country.  Just another great fun day with talented nice folks.



Yesterday a new show went up on my calendar for my “Hits & Grins” trio as we’ll be returning to one of our favorite “in town” venues…Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee.  Show time is 8:30 that night.  Really good vittles and a show combined.  It usually sells out so if you’re thinking about coming we do suggest you make a reservation.  All of the info on that show and others is on my website calendar here.


And I also found out that our “Hits & Grins” trio is going to once again perform at a very big showcase August 3 here in town where buyers from all over the country come in and listen to different acts and then decide who they would like to book into their theaters for their Performance Art Series.  We did this a few years ago and wound up with dates in California, Wyoming, North Carolina, Washington State, New Mexico, Texas, and several other states.  These dates would be for 2021 so yep…we’re working ahead here.



Now this will be cool.  In October Keith Urban and our Nashville Symphony will honor the late Don Williams with a three-night run of shows at our beautiful symphony hall featuring DonWilliams music.  I’m going to have to buy a ticket for this one, as I love the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams who never said a whole lot but never had to with the great songs he sang.  17 number one hits


Keith Urban had great respect for Don and you’ll see that if you watch this VIDEO of Keith making a cameo appearance on a song that was included on the next to last Don Williams album he made before he passing titled “Imagine That”.  Really fun to watch how Keith just kind of lit up sitting there and playing guitar with one of his favorite folks.



Watch this VIDEO of a very cool “trick ball” play that got a women’s college softball team into the championships.  I had to keep backing up the tape and pausing it to spot what happened exactly.  To help you out…keep your focus on the pitcher.  Pretty sly.



So a guy in Australia is out using his metal detector and finds a $69,100 gold nugget!  Pretty much paid for the metal detector right?  I always seem to see someone doing that on the beach whenever I’m spending time on the Gulf Coast.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen dudes out there in their hats, sunglasses, shorts, crocs and sometimes black socks waving their wand back and forth.  That inspired this song “Stylin’ On The Island” that I wrote with Brent Burns that he put on one of his albums.  Brent, who lives on the coast, had seen this image a time or two himself so it made it pretty easy to write.  Just remember folks…if you’re dressed like that on the beach…a songwriter may be watching.



Yep.  Now we have “belfies”.  You know what a selfie is I’m sure.  A “belfie” is a selfie snapshot of one’s booty.  Uh huh.  And those are now being posted on the beautiful World Wide Web for all to see.


I’ve got a song I do called “Get Over Your Selfie”…here comes part 2.



“Woman Claims She Can’t Find A Job Because Of Her Good Looks”.  I never had that problem…ever.  Why do you think I was on the radio for so many years?



Really busy day today.  First I’m writing a Memorial Day song for my syndication folks in New York.  Think spatulas and Bar B Que.


Then my writing appointment is with former American Idol star Janelle Arthur and a young talented friend of hers Jordan Rainier who sings and plays great guitar.  First time for this trio so I’m looking forward to what gets created today at Janelle’s house.


And then at 5 pm I’m poking my head in to see a little of Jenny Tolman’s set at “The Local” here in town.  Jenny’s playing with a full band and playing songs off her first album coming out in just a few days.  Although I don’t have a song on this project I do play the part of a weatherman.  Don’t ask.  I’ll tell you bout that at another time.


So I’m rooting her on and then moving down to Music Row for a “Live” Facebook show tonight hosted by my friend Rick Tiger who not only is a great songwriter but a wonderful storyteller.  YES…you can watch it at 7 pm tonight on the “Songwriter’s Pickin’ Corner” Facebook page beginning at 7 pm.  Tune in!


Have a great Tuesday yourself!




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