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New Orleans Vibe...Jimmy Fortune Joins Us...."Live" Facebook Show Sunday Night

May 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the weekend.



I had a first time writing appointment with Josh Shilling yesterday who is currently a member and lead singer of an incredible bluegrass group Mountain Heart.  Originally from Virginia and the North Carolina area he’s been in Nashville for several years and plays sessions (piano) and has been on the road and has been connected to lots of stars playing on many of their projects.  And man can Josh sing.


My publishing company Billy Blue set this co-write up so I’m thankful to Joe Dan Cornett for making this one happen.  First time co-writes are about getting to know each other a bit before we start trying to figure out what to write and during our “get to know each other” conversation Josh talked about being a member of a band called “The Embers” that are big in the Carolina’s playing their own kind of beach music which is a bit different than the Trop Rock kind of beach music I’ve been writing with my friend Brent Burns for years.  It’s “shagging” down in the Carolinas and the group Alabama played a lot of that in Myrtle Beach before they became big stars.  In fact, they referenced that in this HIT song of theirs.


So that got Josh playing the piano in that groove to show me what he was talking about…and the next thing we know we’re writing a song with that fun kind of New Orleans (Harry Connick-Delbert McClinton) type of thing.  So much fun!  The song I think is just really contagious and will be fun to produce for sure. 


Once again I silently thought “how lucky am I” to be in the same room with folks this young and talented?  And the way Josh sings…I feel like I got a great free concert.  We’ll be writing more in the future for sure.



My youngest brother Gene celebrated a birthday back in Missouri yesterday.  I texted him and he reminded me I’m still older.  That’s what brothers are for right?  Happy Birthday Gene.  I’m sure he celebrated with a catfish dinner.



So…next Thursday my “Hits & Grins” show with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier is at 6 pm here in town at the Listening Room where we had planned to film our show for our booking agency to use as promotional material booking our trio.


Things have changed as Victoria is dealing with a tragedy that occurred involving her best friend since 6th Grade in Illinois.  And unfortunately she’ll be back home in Illinois for a sad funeral.


So…we’re thinking of our sister in music for sure and Steve and I will carry on without her this coming Thursday.  And my friend and former Statler Brother member Jimmy Fortune was kind enough to say, “yes” to filling in for Victoria so do come see us.



Speaking of Jimmy.  He has a brand new Gospel CD out that the Gaither’s are promoting.  Last night by chance I was flipping through TV channels and found Jimmy and Bill Gaither on RFD promoting this great new CD.  My friend Sydni Perry (who’s out on the road with Carrie Underwood right now) was on the show too singing background harmony and playing fiddle on songs like “How Great Thou Are” and Jimmy’s big Statler Brother’s hit “Elizabeth”…the first song he ever wrote.  If you get a chance…watch the show as it will be repeated.  Here's and EXAMPLE.  And yea…Jimmy is likely to bring the house down Thursday night when he sings “Elizabeth” with Steve and me.



My wife Kathy can remember every detail about her dreams.  Enough so she could make a movie out them.  Me?  I NEVER remember dreams.  Very rare.  This morning I read a BBC column that says if you’re the kind to jump out of bed and go about your day…odds are you won’t remember dreams.  That would be me then.  The so called expert says if you want to remember more dreams, don’t jump right out of bed even if you’re awake.  Just lay there with your eyes closed a while longer and think about what you dreamt. 


My suspicions have been confirmed.  For now…I’m just too dang busy to dream.  And there’s gotta be a song in that!



The US birth rate is the lowest it’s been in the last 32 years.  Just my luck.  I bought lots of stock in Gerber.



In California you can check into the Taco Bell Hotel And Resort.  No kidding.  Holy Chalupa.  Hopefully the rates are as low as their food.



17% say our favorite travel destination would be…and I would have never guessed it…Australia.  Kangaroos, Wallaby’s and Speedos on Biondi Beach I guess are extremely attractive to a lot of us.


My Australian friend Kristy Cox has just recorded four songs I helped write on her upcoming album.  I keep hoping she’ll need to take her songwriter on tour with her Down Under. C’mon Kristy!



Maybe you can visit a brewery or bar that’s been converted into a bar.  Yep…there are a few of those.  Now…you would think the conversion would be the other way…right?  I wonder if the wait staff passes an offering plate for tips?



“Model With Massive Fake Booty Warns Against Illegal Butt Injections”.  Well there ya go.  Who knew butt injections could be illegal.  Stupid yes…but illegal? 


Why in the world Science has not come up with “intelligent” injections I don’t know.



Gonna be busy starting with a writing session with Irene Kelley whose new bluegrass album “Benny’s TV Repair” is out now with two songs on it that we wrote together including “Faster Than Angels Can Fly”.  It’s always fun sitting at Irene’s kitchen table writing with help from her dog and parrot.


And this weekend I’ve got some out of town friends in to do the “Nashville” thing so my wife and I’ll will try to find time to rendezvous with them for awhile. 



Don’t forget to go to the Linda Davis Facebook Page and watch our “Evening In The Round” live Facebook show that starts at 7:30 CDT…free!  We’ll be giving a little half hour mini concert…and we’ll tell you about our upcoming dates that start in a little over a week that will take us to six theaters in Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico.  Hope to see you online Sunday night!


Have a great weekend.







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